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A vision for india Mind Map

A vision for india Mind Map



Blog Post: http://www.mindmapinspiration.com/a-vision-for-india/...

Blog Post: http://www.mindmapinspiration.com/a-vision-for-india/

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    A vision for india Mind Map A vision for india Mind Map Presentation Transcript

    • A vision for IndiaThis idea isn’t just a vision for India it is a vision for the World inspired by India and my desire to see an end to Worldproblems in my lifetime. Desiring an end to World problems is no more unrealistic than the creation by man of them.To cure manmade problems we need manmade solutions.Manmade solutions only come about through the creation and sharing of ideas and preferably on a large scale. Multiplebrains, the greatest computers on Earth, pulling together http://www.mindmapinspiration.com/pulling-the-planet-together-mind-map-paul-foreman/, can and will be the solution to World problems originally created by man.So this mind map is not shared as an absolute cure, only an idea which could work and I expect others to explore itfurther and perhaps develop more ideas; better ideas – ideally solutions so good they cannot fail.I see images on television of people living in “slums” as we call them – manmade “ideas” and I see alternatives; new“ideas”, new ways of living, new possibilities, also manmade.What might be done if starting from scratch?How about pre-built housing in ready-made units or flat-packs with simple construction designs?How about modern energy sources and water collection incorporated into the design?How about some of the buildings or perhaps larger versions designated as Schools, clinics, shops, offices as well ashomes?How about management of a system like this, with training courses, videos explaining the building, construction andmost vitally of all maintenance and management so that the system is regulated and continues?How about charities uniting to help fund managed solutions like this?How about solutions as projects – “Project solution”?How about this type of idea becomes a worldwide challenge, global involvement, togetherness, unity; an example of howmankind can undo the manmade problems with manmade solutions?How about nations uniting and leading by example?
    • How about this kind of idea representing a lesson and exercise in starting again from scratch?How about other possibilities if this idea were expanded?How about better ideas than this?What could be added?What could be changed?How could it improve?That’s a lot of questions because questions are needed – questions are the forerunners of progress.I hope I live to see an end to manmade problems with the introduction of manmade solutions.We have the brains, the technology – and the potential. We have the brainpower and manpower.We have the potential to celebrate human achievement through collective effort. We have the ability to pull together.We have the ability to cure manmade problems with manmade solutions.Billions of people sharing billions of ideas?Anything is possible!
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