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Stm open accesss market

  1. 1. Understanding STM Publisher IndustryPresented by
  2. 2. STMpublicationsBusinesspublicationsLegalpublicationsThe publishingIndustryOthers
  3. 3. BusinesspublicationsLegalpublicationsThe publishingIndustryOthersSTMPublishingMarket in IndiaMedknowIs one of the leadingplayers of
  4. 4. MedknowIs the leading player ofSTMPublishing marketWhat is???
  5. 5. MedknowIs the leading player ofSTMPublishing market
  6. 6. MedknowIs the leading player ofScientific, Technical MedicalPublishing market
  7. 7. What is STM Publishing?STM Publishing also publishes for what is known as the "Professional"markets as well as the academic markets - ie. practicing professionalssuch as doctors, accountants and lawyers, as well as those studyingthese disciplines.The vast majority of STM publishing is now available online, with 96% ofSTM journals accessible electronically.
  8. 8. What STM Publishers exactly do?Scientific, technical and medical (STM) publishers are trusted partners ofthe international research community in these activities and anindispensable link in the chain of registering, certifying, formalising,improving, disseminating, preserving, and using scientific information .
  9. 9. establishing the author’s precedenceand ownership of an ideacommunicating the findings to itsintended audienceensuring quality control through peerreview and rewarding authorspreserving a fixed version of the paperfor future reference and citation.
  10. 10. Journal Pubhlishing Cycle
  11. 11. Who are these guys?STM publishers produce academic journals and frequently have publishingarms that also produce peer-reviewed niche publications including textbooks,monographs, scholarly reference, and professional education titles.
  12. 12. Delivery Medium –JournalsBooksOnline servicesNewslettersDirectories,Other (audio, video and CD-ROM)
  13. 13. The Process
  14. 14. Business ModelCommercial Model Open Access ModelSubscription based:what has changed in recentyears is the ability oflibraries, researchers andnot-for-profit publishers toorganise themselves inpromoting their vision ofscholarly publishing.Free available for access:Baseline is that science is apublic enterprise whosearticles should be freelyavailable on the Internet,for anyone without anylimits.STM Business Model
  15. 15. Open Access Model (OA) is the practice of providing unrestricted access viathe Internet to peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles.OA Self Archiving OA PublishingAuthors publish in anyjournal and then self-archive a version ofthe article on someother OA website.Authors publish in an openaccess journal thatprovides immediate OA toall of its articles on thepublishers website.Open access (OA)
  16. 16. The winds of change in STM publishingIn late 2007 SAGE entered into an agreement with the Hindawi PublishingCorporation to co-publish a portfolio of open access medical titles under theimprint SAGE-Hindawi Access to Research.Then in October 2008 Springer Verlag acquired BioMed Central in the sameweek that OASPA was officially launched.Since then, Springer Verlag has launched Springer Open, a suite of open accessjournals. SAGE was one of OASPA’s founders, and Springer joined theorganization last year.Wiley-Blackwell – In September 2010 Wiley-Blackwell announced that a SeniorOpen Access Marketing Professional, Natasha White, had been recruited.This announcement was followed up on February 1, 2011 with a press release tointroduce Wiley Open Access, a new program of open access journals.* Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA)
  17. 17. Challenging Critics…Some of the early criticism of open access publishing pointed to a lack ofsustainable business models.In this context it is also worth noting that since 2007 the Public Library of Sciencehas demonstrated a positive financial result, and BioMed Central becameprofitable.The financial stability of these publishers can be added to that of HindawiPublishing Corporation and Medknow. Smaller enterprises such as CopernicusPublications and Co-Action Publishing have also demonstrated that open accessmodels can provide the basis for a successful small or medium enterprise.
  18. 18. Where STM industry stands today?The annual revenues generated from STM journal publishing areestimated at about $8 billion in 2008, up by 6 -7% compared to 2007,within a broader STM publishing market worth some $16 billion.About 55% of global STM revenues (including non journal STM products)come from the USA, 30% from Europe, 10% from Asia/Pacific and 5%from the rest of the worldThe combined markets for science, technical and medical (STM)publishing grew 3.4% to $21.1 billion in 2011.
  19. 19. Number Counts..There are estimated to be of the order of 2000 journal publishers globally.The main English language trade and professional associations for journalpublishers collectively include 657 publishers producing around 11,550journals, that is, about 50% of the total journal output by title.Of these, 477 publishers (73%) and 2334 journals (20%) are not for profit
  20. 20. Facts..Oxford University Press (OUP), a department of the University of Oxford, isthe worlds largest university press, publishing over 4000 new titles a year.
  21. 21. The growth trends…"The growth trends for the science and technical segment are found ine-book production and increased output from emerging foreignmarkets, notably India which is expected to be on par with most G8nations by 2017,"
  22. 22. Leading Mediums -In the scientific and technical segment, journals lead the deliverymedium with nearly 42% of the market,while online services (electronic products that link content with othertypes of data, software and solutions) came in second, but posted thefastest growth at 6.4% in 2011.
  23. 23. major players in IndiaReed Elsevier India,Sage Publications,CBS Publishers & Distributors Pvt Ltd,Medknow Publications,McGraw-Hill Professional India,Nature India,Springer India,The Indian Academy of Sciences (IAS),Thieme Medical Publishers Inc,Wiley IndiaHeernet Ventures
  24. 24. India excels due to astronger domesticpublishing history,a more entrepreneurialculture andlarger resource poolavailability
  25. 25. In India
  26. 26. Glimpses of two top players
  27. 27. Thank YouPresented by