Social Media: Inspiration and Resources for Public Media Stations


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Case studies and info to inspire local PBS and NPR stations to use social media in meaningful recommended resources for continued learning.

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Social Media: Inspiration and Resources for Public Media Stations

  1. 1. Social Media: Inspiration and Resources for Public Media Stations Presentation by Amanda Hirsch Twitter: @amanda_hirsch
  2. 2. My Social Media Cred Blogging since 2005 “ Digital native” with 1,500+ Twitter followers Consultant to PBS, NPR, non-profits Co-host of weekly Public Media Chat on Twitter Expertise in online storytelling, including presentations to: National Press Club, National Film Board of Canada, American Press Institute, Online News Association
  3. 3. So Far This Year, I’ve Used Social Media To: Meet an author whose book I’m reading Build connections between theaters in my personal network Spark a discussion on art and authenticity
  4. 4. Steal My Ideas! Use Social Media to… Met an author whose book I’m reading Built connections between theaters Sparked discussion on art and authenticity Provide access to station talent (& other local figures) Connect organizations in your network to create online communities (ex: arts) Facilitate discussion about key local issues
  5. 5. “ Our current funnel goes something like this: Blast out marketing, see who responds, ask them for money, send them a receipt, ask them for more money.” “ The new funnel should work like this: Go out to where people are talking about our issue online, listen , reflect back on what you’re hearing, invite small acts of engagement, thank people and tell them the difference their small acts made, listen some more, invite them to speak, then ask for bigger acts.” - Katya Andresen Chief Operating Officer, Network for Good
  6. 6. Recommendation: Have a blog (or multiple blogs, depending on your content strategy) to anchor your social media activity
  7. 7. “ I have icons for Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, etc. on my website and my blog, but very (few) people click on them on my website. Many do on my blog. Why? I think because my website is classic old school marketing (which is still necessary and serves its own purpose) while my blog has a face, a name, a personality, an opinion . People want to ‘Friend’ and ‘Follow’ humans with emotions and opinions , not marketing bots.” - Heather Mansfield, Blogger/Guru at NonProfit Tech 2.0 Why Blog?
  8. 8. So, Who’s Doing It Right?
  9. 9. March of Dimes Online community independently raised tens of thousands of $
  10. 10. Indiana Public Media Social media community gets a new radio show on the air.
  11. 11. Humane Society Financial: Over $500k to date via Facebook Growing email file: A single Facebook action alert garnered 1,000 email addresses Results Worth Barking About
  12. 12. Basin PBS Smallest PBS Station …BIG Brand Impact
  13. 13. Steal Their Ideas! Use Social Media to… Raise money. Nurture relationships with devoted fans. Modernize your brand image. Convene community to discuss critical issues. Get real-time program feedback.
  14. 14. Experiment. Study Results. Experiment Again. & Keep Learning…
  15. 15. Recommended Books
  16. 16. Recommended Sites Nonprofit Tech 2.0: A Social Media Guide for Non-Profits Beth’s Blog We Are Media Mashable’s Social Good Channel (For beginners)
  17. 17. Social Media for Public Media! Weekly Public Media Twitter Chat Mondays, 8-9pm ET How to participate: Public Media Facebook Group
  18. 18. +Great Archived Webinar: “ Beyond the Buzz: Why Public Media Needs Social Networking” By Deanna Zandt and Jessica Clark, July 2010 for the National Center for Media Engagement
  19. 19. Most of all… Don’t watch social media from afar. Be an active participant yourself. Understand it from the inside , then use what you learn (and the connections you make) to help your station.
  20. 20. See you online! Twitter: @amanda_hirsch Email: