Change Happens: Improv for an Unpredictable World


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THINK IMPROV's presentation from SXSW Interactive 2012.

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"You're fired."
"The test results are positive."
"We're out of beer."

Change happens - how you handle it is up to you. Improv can help. In past SXSW workshops, we've explored how the lessons of improv comedy apply to everyday life and business. This year, we'll focus on how improv can increase your adaptability - a critical skill in today's workforce, not to mention, key to maintaining your sanity in our unpredictable, fast-changing world. Learn how the skills actors and musicians use to invent on the fly can help reduce stress and make you a positive, unflappable leader, no matter what your career path, station in life, or zodiac sign.

Come join us for a session filled with games, laughs, and interactive discussion grounded in real-world examples. You'll leave armed with skills you can use the next time the world throws you a curve ball (i.e. immediately).

Marcus Aurelius said, "The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it." We couldn't agree more.

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Change Happens: Improv for an Unpredictable World

  1. Change Happens:Improv for an Unpredictable World#improv4all@thinkimprov@amanda_hirsch@tfish77
  2. Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes  Jot down a change in your life that you’re dealing with or have dealt with recently. Could be large or small. (This will be on the quiz later.)#improv4all
  3. Amanda & Jordan Hirsch Improvisers Married Married improvisers
  5. Improv Buzz Malcolm Gladwell Biz schools New York Times, Fast Company SXSW
  6. What is Improv? Improv, n.: 1. A performance-based art form wherein a show is created spontaneously in front of an audience. 2. A heightened version of everyday life.#improv4all
  7. And now, the news…#improv4all
  8. The Bad News: Sh*t Happens Life defies your expectations (i.e. the script in your head). Going off-script is hard. It’s easy to lose your way. Stress .#improv4all
  9. The Good News: Improv Can Help You…  Expect the unexpected.  Adapt effectively to change.  Lead & inspire.  Reduce stress.#improv4all
  10. The Best News:  You’re already improvising.  You can learn to improvise (i.e. live) better.#improv4all
  11. Expect the Unexpected  Reset your frame.  Recognize you’re in an improv show.  Proceed accordingly.#improv4all
  12. Adapt to Change: “YES, AND…”  Accept the reality of what’s happening (“YES”)  Build upon that reality (“AND”)  Resistance is futile#improv4all
  13. Adapt to Change: Know Your Objective  Circumstances may change… but your objective can remain the same.  Find a new way to achieve your goal.  “Hold on to your shit.”#improv4all
  14. Lead & Inspire  Bring “yes, and” to the party (or meeting room).  React quickly – trust yourself and others will trust you, too.#improv4all
  15. Thank You  Questions?  Please rate us!#improv4all
  16. A Helpful Reminder“If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs…Yours is the earth and everything that’s in it” - Rudyard Kipling, If