How to succeed with your online business


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This presentation was delivered by Yvette Adams, the founder and CEO of The Creative Collective at the Brisbane AusMumpreneur Conference in March 2012 held on the beautiful roof top room at Rydges Southbank, Brisbane.
Specifically designed to help Mums in business reach their full potential, the Brisbane AusMumpreneur Conference included workshops with leading business experts in the areas of Marketing, Publicity, Business Planning, Work life Balance and much more.
The Brisbane AusMumpreneur Conference also included inspirational Mumpreneurs sharing their success stories, the Mumpreneurs Showcase Mini Expo and Fantastic Networking!

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  • So you can choose to participate.... or bury your head in the sand and pretend it ’ s not happening. But we all know the consequences of ignorance.
  • How to succeed with your online business

    1. 1. How to Succeed WithYour Online Business YVETTE ADAMS THE CREATIVE COLLECTIVE @creativecollect
    2. 2. START UP PHASE:How do you set up an online business??Quick answer? Better answer•Domain name •Business plan including digital marketing strategy •Correct business structure•Website •Domain name, business name registration & trademark •Professional website that you can update easily & quickly •Online systems and procedures
    3. 3. STOP! Before we go any further:What do you want out of your life?• Time with my children – beach, walks in the parks• Time with my partner – no kids, quality, talking• Holidays – international travel once a year, long weekend + at least 3 times a year• Time with my girlfriends – wine & nibbles• Music – time to download, enjoy, share• Fitness – healthy, strong, high energy• Relaxation & self care – day spa treatments, massages• Personal development – time to read, grow, learn, experience
    4. 4. Fittingit all inDate nightFitnessKidsSleepSocial
    5. 5. The tools and equipment you’ll need to succeed A decent computer – laptop v PC Back up system – dropbox Virus protection AND spyware protection (AVG & Malware Bytes) Browser – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google chrome Email address Internet connection Microsoft v Google Apps Accounting software, wiki system, CRM, emarketing Efax? VOIP? Smart phone
    6. 6. How much to What SEO pay? features? Hosting? Updates? Design Analytics What platform? Who should do it?
    7. 7. But don’t just design for the web…
    8. 8. Building websites is a lot like building housesThen if you want to sell on it, you better go to market!
    9. 9. Top tips in start up phase Establish a schedule, communicate it with those around you and stick to it! Get the best technology you can afford – but avoid buying software outright or getting stuck in plans Invest in a website, and work at it until you get it right Always be looking for ways to build a database Social media is an excellent place to get started too - test markets, price point, target market, gain feedback (polls, surveys), check what posts get most likes/clicks etc Only buy what you REALLY need
    10. 10. GROWTH PHASE:How do you build your brand and make money???• Leverage your time • Systemise & procedurise• Focus on ROI marketing everything• Commercialise your • Track & measure website everything
    11. 11. Ways to commercialise your website• Google Adsense• Affiliate marketing• Ads – on site and email broadcast• Sell products• Sell your knowledge – ebooks etc• Blogging & articles with hyperlinks
    12. 12. Leverage your timeOutsource what you don’t enjoy, aren’t good at, and don’t havetime for. Train yourself to constantly think – could someone elsedo this? Work VAs experience students Interns Contractors Franchisees Trainees
    13. 13. ROI Marketing• Do I think I will get the money back and MAKE money from the marketing activity that I am investing in?• Will I break even?• Am I happy to do it for ‘building the brand’ / brand awareness
    14. 14. Online Marketing Strategies• Banner ads• Emarketing• Affiliate marketing• SEO – search engine optimisation• Blogging• Facebook ads• Google Adwords• Article writing• Press releases• Social media
    15. 15. More ways to grow your online business.. Optimise your website and dominate keywords you want to be found for Be a content making machine – blogs, videos, podcasts Apply for tenders & grants Collect testimonials & case studies to prove your worth Seek speaking & writing opportunities Diversify your income streams Continue to communicate with your database – autoresponders, broadcasts Form alliances/merge/acquire Target new markets Licence/white label/franchise
    16. 16. Top tips in growth phase Build the brand using ROI marketing PR, emarketing & awards submissions worked for me Keep procedurising EVERYTHING! Leverage your time – always! Get training in what you don’t know enough about Build your networks – my one coffee a week policy Surround yourself with a good team – lawyer, accountant +++
    17. 17. MATURITY PHASE: Preschooler / prep Consolidate! What is working, what is not? Competitor analysis Revamp your brand Keep working on your website Keep marketing
    18. 18. Accept change, embrace it &progress, or be left behind…
    19. 19. TREND #1: Smart phonesSmart phones: anything BUT a phone!
    20. 20. TREND #2: The rise of the tablet
    21. 21. TREND #3: Apps
    22. 22. TREND #4: More online retail
    23. 23. TREND #5: Social media
    24. 24. Some more compelling stats…TREND #5: Social media
    25. 25. TREND #5: Social media
    26. 26. TREND #6: More online video
    27. 27. TREND #7: More sharing
    28. 28. TREND #8: More broadband access
    29. 29. FACT: The Digital Wave is alreadyhere…. Which wave are you riding?
    30. 30. Free Government funded webinars[DEEDI initiative]
    31. 31. BYO laptop sessions - $197 for a full day• Common problem: attendees Locations participate in seminar and return to •Sunshine Coast business and struggle to execute – •Mackay time & confidence •Brisbane – 27 March – Twitter,• Solution? Live, highly interactive and 2 Apr - Facebook instructor led laptop sessions – working on their accounts live with support on hand Topics •Linkedin •Twitter •Facebook •Google+ •Wordpress •Pay per click •Video marketing •And more! byo
    32. 32. Social media success squadBut it all changes so fast!How do you keep up to date?You could spend hours upon hoursof studying OR participate in our Social Media SuccessSquad and get:•Monthly webinars with our social media specialist –includes key updates + opportunity to ask questions andlearn in group format•Access past recordings on topics – 8 now available•Extensive resources in secure zone•Private Facebook group – network with others and asksocial media questions – share successes•$47/month
    33. 33. • 12 week program – most of it online• 12 webinars – all recorded – watch when it suits you• 12 eLessons – emailed weekly• Private Facebook group• Members only area full of resources• Accredited unit – BDBEBU501A - Investigate and design e business solutions• AND a rebate valued around $200 to keep!!! ALL THIS FOR ONLY $250!! – live later today!