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Portfolio of work 2010.

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  1. 1. Photography •• Dr. Paras Hello The job of a visual What is the next best To reach those outer communicator is thing, form follows boundries it takes a simple really. find function, and design strong foundation a practical solution by committee are and courage to risk to explain, entertain, avenues designers take crossing the line. Yet, or express. And so to arrive at the final a pioneer does not like craftspersons, destination. But have I leave behind its roots, we labour over type, arrived? Am I following rather steps to the push pixels, mix in convention? Or did i side to help those who color, pave concepts, blaze a new path? The follow. There are no to ultimately lay frontiers of design are short cuts to any place foundation for brands. ever expanding. worth going. Dr. Raymundo G.Paras Jr. MD Inc. Dr. Raymundo G. Paras Jr. MD Inc. Providing a Fighting Chance Diplomate American Board of Emergency Medicine Fellow American College of Emergency Physicians FT 1 B 645 Calle Aragon 37 LM One Orchard Road Providing a Fighting Chance Oak Park, Ca, 91377 Eastwood QC United States Philippines mobile: 818 929 8577 email: jsarap33@yahoo.com robert mangrobang • Visual Kommunicator | 3
  2. 2. Design •• The Providence Black Repertory Company any ertory Comp iden ce Black Rep The Prov B FLAT Est 1996 SUICIDE IN Su WAITER Sa IS DEAD • DUMB Th F SISWE BANSI W FEB 02 FEB AL SHOWTIMES JAN 31 FEB 01 Su Sa PBRC GENER W Th F 29JAN 30 8 3 HOURS 19OCT 20 8 OCT AND BOX OFFICE 18OCT 7 7 16OCT 17 OCT 3 FEB 09 FEB ; FAX 401 621-7141 8 8 FEB 07 FEB 08 TEL 401 621-7122 For Parking. 7 7 05FEB 06 8 3 OCT 26 OCT 27 8 OCT Please Allow Time 24OCT 25 7 FEB 15 FEB 16 FEB 23 8 3 7 8 12 13FEB 14 3 TICKET PRICES Waiter, NOV 02 NOV 03 NOV 8 8 Dead/The Dumb Heat. 31OCT 01 7 Siswe Banzi Is 3 FEB 22 FEB 23 FEB and Blade To The 30 8 8 20FEB 21 Suicide In B Flat, A Kwanzaa Song. 7 19 8 3 See below for NOV 10 NOV 8 NOV 08 NOV 09 7 pbrc@aol.com PREVIEW 06NOV 07 8 3 FEB 01 MAR 02 MAR PRESS PREVIEWS: & Thursday……........ $9 7 8 26 27FEB 28 3 8 T 401 351 0353 • F 401 621 7136 NOV 16 NOV 17 8 NOV First Wednesd ay 14NOV 15 7 13 3 MAR 26 MAR 27 MAR Providence, Rhode Island 8 8 24MAR 25 7 276 Westmin 3 02903 REGULAR: 23 8 ster Street $15 NOV 23 NOV 24 NOV 8 ............................. 7 Thursday - Saturday 20 21NOV 22 3 MAR 02 MAR 03 MAR 8 Season starts 8 31MAR 01 n starts Octob 7 ˚1126 30 3 PERMIT N MATINEES: 8 er 17th! US PAID People's Matinee" 12 & 7 8 All Sundays - "The an CHILDREN ....... $10 MAR 09 MAR 10 MAR SENIORS & .................................. are $Pay-What-You-C 07MAR 08 POSTAGE be purchased prior UNDER..….......... 06 3 8 ORGANIZATION (Tickets must matinee date) GROUPS. 7 8 drama PRICES FOR NON-PROFIT to the preferred DISCOUNT arrangements, catering advice, Starts is Season can Call for specialreceptions. Stage set Days Matinees" and pre-show call: 401 351-0353, ext 501 Student "School school group Mayer be made per special at For more info ............................$10 for Elizabeth or Julia $10 Groups of 25 or more....... Prepare arrangement. Call 107.............…........ JOY Shepard ENthe ext. 401 351-0353, Pitts-Wiley ay HEAT ured Holid BLADE TO THE Su Our Treas ction Returns F Sa Pinter Th When the black rep moved content information. a visual system for posters, Produ W APR 20 APR APR 18 APR 19 Fugard SONG A KWANZAA g Arts 16APR 17 8 3 Center for Performin follow. 7 8 College, Nazarian e. More info to 7 APR 26 APR 27 APR ying set Rhode Island Avenue, Providenc t an electrif you to 24APR 25 BECOME 600 Mount Pleasant 23 3 we presen er .......…......…$20 8 e Season as , and empow ............ 7 8 ADMISSION…... g you at our SON 003 Theatr in, engage MAY 02 MAY 03 MAY GENERAL SEACRIBER! our 2002-2 to enterta d to hostin to announce guaranteed We look forwar t. Our new .........$15 30 31APR 01 3 12 & UNDER 8 from their downcity space Developing a concept based playbill guides, direct We are pleased NEW LOCATION– experience! & Entertainment Distric and a new CHILDREN 7 8 our theatrical SENIORS AND of plays at a new and unique ence's Arts larger stage, se a new MAY 10 MAY participate in of downto wn Provid with more seating, a to showca SUBS 06MAY 07 MAY 08 MAY 09 3 at the heart f-the-art comfort We are excited Rep. We anticipate " ............…. $10 8 8 new home and family. MATINEES: 7 provide state-o gather with friends tions at the Black "School Days Matinees. SEASON TICKET MAY 16 MAY 17 MAY facilities See above Student ONLY cal produc 14MAY 15 to enjoy and and quality theatri Above 13 3 our new home! 02 TH EATER GROUPS. See 8 IS café/lounge 8 drama, music,to stage. See you at 20 PRICES FOR 7 season of DISCOUNT $FiFtY MAY 24 MAY 25 MAY from street to their bigger, two story, off the stenciling, high mail flyers, and calendars your arrival 22MAY 23 N Sa 3 03 S E A S ODEAD Th F 21 8 c Director W 8 Donald W. King, Artisti Su M T 18DEC 19 DEC 20 DEC 21 DEC DOLLARS 7 MAY 31 MAY 01 JUN 8 29MAY 30 EACH! 17DEC 15DEC 16 10 10 8 3 DEC 28 8 BANZI IS 10 7 8 SISWE 10 DEC 28 DEC 26DEC 27 07JUN 08 JUN N T S ts 25 2 8 06JUN TICKET DEC 24 04 JUN 05 JUN 8 3 tar 22DEC 23 8 THE DUMB WAITER 401 621 7122 YOUR each 8 8 Includes one pass to facility, the stage, costumes, contrast images of the cast evoking a concept called 2 7 nS TO A HOT 2 production of the season! 4 TIX SONG A KWANZAA NOW P R E S E SEASON 29DEC CALL Seaso 2 SUICIDE IN B FLAT E SID INCRIBE NOW BLADE TO THE HEAT props, and offices were members contrasted with “The State is Set, Prepare SUBS boxed up and stenciled with deep rich tones to develop for Drama.” 4 | Robert Mangrobang • Visual Kommunicator robert mangrobang • Visual Kommunicator | 5
  3. 3. Brand identity •• diwa acupunture and herbal medicine Web •• Diwahealth.net Working closely with the essence or natural healing spirit. Creative direction into modern abstraction, tones, layered effects, and brings all the graphic licensed acupuncturist, to power, nurture our well- echoed this approach; focusing the client favored this twist natural imagery all pay elements together to present develop the company’s visual being, and foster our natural on natural elements, clean to Chinese tradition adding respect to the rich Chinese the company’s services and system, Diwa aspires to bring connection and balance be- lines, and positive movement. to the uniqueness in the tradition for Diwa’s identity portal for industry insight. forth and awaken the body’s tween the body, mind, and When presented explorations market place. The deep rich system. The online presence 6 | Robert Mangrobang • Visual Kommunicator robert mangrobang • Visual Kommunicator | 7
  4. 4. Brand identity •• Patriot Memory Marketing and Packaging •• Patriot Memory As their introduction into year in the highly competitive customers a wide selection the consumer market, Patriot memory market, production of memory options. Design Memory is a brand extension increased and demanding efforts focused on print of PDP systems. The mark brand stewardship called materials for marketing and was illustrated as a positive, me to art direct full-time promotions, advertisements, bold, new line of memory the Patriot Memory brand. tradeshow booths, and products positioned as stable, Focusing on building brand packaging inserts. The compatible products for equity, increasing market online campaign consisted computer system integrators share, consumer confidence of a website, flash banners, and gaming enthusiasts. the product line was defined review sites, and user forums. Well received only after a and expanded offering 8 | Robert Mangrobang • Visual Kommunicator robert mangrobang • Visual Kommunicator | 9
  5. 5. Marketing •• Robert Half International Companies Marketing campaign •• Nike / EA Sports CO NR OY RD BOSTON 8.31.2008 Join your team now at nikeplus.com CAMBRIDGE SIDE GALLERIA BACK BAY BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS TURNPIKE UNIVERSITY (Opposite) Working with (Above) Anticipating promotional Marketing Managers, client demands, mktg events, Nike’s Copywriters, and Creative hired me to come multi-city event The Human Directors to concept, design, aboard to handle the Race, and the product launch layout, and produce marketing production requirements for of EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA materials for the various the range of event signage, Tour 2009 Game launch for business divisions of Robert and marketing promotions the Nintendo Wii and XBOX Half International. for two of their largest 360 game consoles. 10 | Robert Mangrobang • Visual Kommunicator robert mangrobang • Visual Kommunicator | 11
  6. 6. Identity •• Aspect Development Summit Conference Marks and Logos •• Various 1 2 3 4 5 6 This invitation-only event hosted in Palm Springs 7 8 9 consisted of logo, Forbes magazine advertisement, invitation, best practices award, a custom-made padfolio and 60-page conference guide Data Pictures Music Video Video Hi Speed Digital Mobile MP3 Pocket for attendees of Aspect Camera Cameras Camera Phones Players PC Developments Summit 1999 10 Best Practices Conference. 1. Friends of Grace Logo. 2. Patriot Memory 3. Splash Promotions 4. Investing in Excellence 5. Shea Hammond Direct 6. Diwa Acupuncture and Health Medicine 7. MCI Destination Ovation 8. Make your Mark 9. Pat Bird Company 10. Patriot Memory Icons 12 | Robert Mangrobang • Visual Kommunicator robert mangrobang • Visual Kommunicator | 13
  7. 7. OVERVIEW PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE E D U C AT I O N The role of a designer is ever changing. Principal/Consultant~ Rhode Island School of Design~ My specialty lies in creating alluring Kaliber Design Kommunications MFA Graphic Design 2002 with Honors visual communication and combining August 1997 ~ Present other emotional and physical senses San Jose State University~ to inform, entertain, and ponder. Visual Designer (Contract)~ B.S. Graphic Design; FanSnap.com minor in Photography 1996 For over 10 years, I have worked June 2008 ~ Present professionally wearing many hats from production artist, senior Senior Graphic Designer (Contract)~ designer, art director, project Robert half International BACKGROUND manager, and brand evangelist to June 2006 ~ June 2007 consistently bring concepts to Growing up in Northern California reality. The variety of marketing Art Director~ afforded exposure to many types and promotional materials I have Patriot Memory of recreational activities. I enjoy designed for have ranged from September 2003 to March 2006 snowboarding, mountain biking, extensive marketing campaigns, water sports, and sprint triathlons. including tradeshows, and industry Senior Graphic Designer~ At an early age, I was heavily events, to personal invitations. My Aspect Development influenced by the SF music scene hands-on approach and goal directed September 1998 to November 1999 earning money deejaying through design gives inspiration for clients college. I have since moved on and team thinking. My passion for Graphic Designer~ incorporating sound recording design has lead me back to school Professional Exhibits & Design and audio mixing to my passion. to complete a body of experiments July 1997 to April1998 focusing on the value of sound/audio into visual communications as part of my masters degree. This out of the TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE WEBSITES box thinking adds value to my creative process and ultimately to the design • Adobe Creative Suite 4 www.diwahealth.net experience. • Adobe After Effects CS4 www.intransa.com • Macromedia Flash CS4 Currently, I am principal owner and • Microsoft Office 2008 creative director for kaliber design • Discreet Cleaner 6 kommunications. Client List WORKING KNOWLEDGE OF C O N TA C T • Nike • WindowsXP / Vista Robert Mangrobang • Jamba Juice • Web Publishing Represented by Aquent • EA Sports • Interactive Design San Francisco / Silicon Valley • VSP • Digital Audio • Mills College • Website Management 2820 Calvin Court • Patriot Memory • Offset Printing Fremont, CA 9453 • Promotional M: 415 309 5006 • Rapid prototyping 14 | Robert Mangrobang • Visual Kommunicator
  8. 8. “There are no short cuts to any place worth going” ~ beverly sills 16 | Robert Mangrobang • Visual Kommunicator