The top 10 TV shows for VFX


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Discover the TV shows that pushed VFX to new heights in the last 20 years

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The top 10 TV shows for VFX

  2. 2. We’ve brought together 10 shows, spanning more than 20 years of television, which showcase the very best in VFX. Enjoy!
  3. 3. THE X-FILES • Series run: 1993–2002 • VFX by: Digital Magic • VFX Supervisors: Glenn Campbell, Laurie Kallsen- George, John C. Wash and Deena Burkett • Standout episodes: Rush, First Person Shooter 10
  4. 4. The X-Files won a Primetime Emmy for ‘Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Series’ in 2000 for the episode ‘First Person Shooter’. FUN FACT: THE TANK AT 3:35 IN THIS VIDEO IS TOTALLY CG!
  5. 5. BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER • Series run: 1997–2003 • VFX by: Zoic Studios • VFX Supervisor: Loni Peristere • Standout episodes: Beneath You, Dirty Girls, Chosen (finale) 9 LONI PERISTERE ON THE SECRETS OF BUFFY ‘DUSTINGS’
  6. 6. “Joss Whedon and his team thought BIG for the final episode of ‘Buffy’, so we assembled some of the best artists in the industry to achieve this vision.” Loni Peristere, VFX Supervisor at Zoic Studios
  7. 7. DINOTOPIA • Series run: 2002–2003 • VFX by: Framestore • VFX Supervisor: Mike McGee • Standout episodes: Marooned, The Big Fight, Crossroads 8 CLICK HERE TO SEE THE DINOTOPIA TRAILER!
  8. 8. Dinotopia’s VFX supervisor Mike McGee on setting up Framestore CLICK HERE FOR MIKE MCGEE INTERVIEW!
  9. 9. FIREFLY • Series run: 2002–2003 • VFX by: Zoic Studios • VFX Supervisor: Loni Peristere • Standout episodes: Serenity (pilot), The Train Job, Ariel, Objects in Space 7 CLICK TO WATCH FIREFLY SHOWREEL FROM ZOIC STUDIOS!
  10. 10. “Joss and I met in 1997 at his office for an official review of Digital Magic’s first Visual Effect for "Buffy", a vampire dusting!” Loni Peristere, VFX Supervisor on Firefly
  11. 11. BAND OF BROTHERS • Series run: 2001 • VFX by: Cinesite • VFX Supervisor: Ken Dailey • Standout episodes: Day of Days, Replacements, Crossroads, Bastogne 6 SEE HOW SOME OF THE 700+ VFX SHOTS WERE CREATED!
  12. 12. “It’s desaturated. There’s not much colour in it. It’s as though you’re back in the 1940s with a 1940s camera actually shooting stuff for real.” Ken Dailey, VFX Supervisor at Cinesite
  13. 13. HEROES • Series run: 2006–2010 • VFX by: Stargate Studios • VFX Supervisor: Mark Spatny, Christopher D. Martin, Eric Grenaudier • Standout episodes: The Second Coming, The Butterfly Effect, Five Years Gone 5 CLICK TO SEE SOME OF THE GREAT VFX IN HEROES!
  14. 14. “In the destruction of Tokyo you see the people, you see the cars, you see buildings, and all of those elements are CG.” Eric Grenaudier, VFX Supervisor at Stargate Studios
  15. 15. THE WALKING DEAD • Series run: 2010–Present • VFX by: Stargate Studios • VFX Supervisor: Victor Scalise, Jason Sperling, Darrell Pritchett • Standout episodes: Beside the Dying Fire, Days Gone By 4 WATCH THE SEASON THREE VFX BREAKDOWN NOW!
  16. 16. “For the zombie getting sliced in half we have to generate organs and intestines, but we try and make it as natural as possible with the practical elements.” Martin Hilke, Lead Artist at Stargate Studios
  17. 17. FALLING SKIES • Series run: 2011–Present • VFX by: Zoic Studios • VFX Supervisor: Andrew Orloff, Curt Miller, Dan Dixon, Blaine Lougheed • Standout episodes: Live & Learn, The Armory, Worlds Apart 3 ANDREW ORLOFF OF ZOIC STUDIOS TALKS SKITTERS AND MORE!
  18. 18. “We decided early on to use performance capture. This allows Noah (Wyle) to perform against a stand in actor, who we later remove from the scene.” Andrew Orloff, VFX Supervisor at Zoic Studios
  19. 19. GAME OF THRONES • Series run: 2011–Present • VFX by: Pixomondo, Mackevision, Spin, MPC, Rodeo, Scanline, Bluebolt, Peanut and more • VFX Supervisor: Joe Bauer, Jörn Großhans, Doug Campbell, Rainer Gombos, Juri Stanossek, Angela Barson, Adam McInnes and more • Standout episodes: Valar Dohaeris, Valar Morghulis, Fire and Blood 2 SEE THE VFX OF WESTEROS!
  20. 20. Watch the Pixmondo VFX breakdown for season 2 now! WATCH PIXMONDO’S WORK ON SEASON TWO!
  21. 21. BATTLESTAR GALACTICA • Series run: 2004–2009 • VFX by: Atmosphere Visual Effects and Zoic Studios • VFX Supervisor: Gary Hutzel • Standout episodes: 33, The Hand of God, Exodus: Part II, Daybreak: Part II 1 CLICK TO SEE SHOWCASE OF BATTLESTAR’S AMAZING VFX
  22. 22. “The style of camera work was the biggest mark the show had. It had to feel as if there was someone really there following along and shooting the action.” Emile Smith, VFX Supervisor at Zoic Studios
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