Want to learn more about solavei unlimited


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Get the truth about Solavei and their unlimited rate plan for iphones or any smart phones. Is it really Unlimited?

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Want to learn more about solavei unlimited

  1. 1. Want to Learn More About Solavei Unlimited Rate Plan forIphones?Ok lets get right to it. When you talk about Solavei unlimited rate plan for Iphones , itsimportant to understand what choices you have. There are really only two. Its either a 2 yearcontract with one of the major carriers such as T- mobile, Verizon...etc...Or Prepaid serviceslike Solavei, Boost Mobile, Net10..etc. Ok I guess there is a third option which is the Prepaidservices from the actual Major carriers as well...(my bad). And lastly, when we talkabout Unlimited Rate Plans for Iphones or any smart phone, we are talking about unlimitedTalk, Text and Data...because hey...why get a smart phone without all the capabilities right?Solavei Unlimited Rate Plan for Iphones: Majorcarriers 2 Year ContractsThe most expensive of the bunch. They lock you in for a 2 year contract.The upside: You get your shiny new Iphone or Smartphone at a reduced rate. Depending on thephone anywhere from FREE to $200.The downside: From there you will pay a substantial monthly rate, anywhere from about $110-toover $200 included taxes. The biggest reason why is because thats how they subsidizethat pretty new Iphone that they give you for a lot less than the full $650 youd have to pay if youjust bought the smartphone outright. Oh and dont forget a nice hefty profit too. Someones gottapay for all that advertising :-)Solavei Unlimited Rate Plans for Iphones: PrepaidServices Then next on the list is the Prepaid Services. These companies haveaccess to the networks of major mobile carriers while setting its own price for service. So,depending on the phone you purchase, you may be using AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon’snetwork. In a way, it’s sticking it to the major carriers anyway.
  2. 2. Upside: These unlimited rate plans usually range from $45 to about $70 per month. Since theyuse the major carriers networks, the reception is going to be the same based on that carrier.Whileusing Tmobiles network under Solavei, I never noticed any difference in cell reception fromwhen I was actually under T-Mobiles banner, however, the benefits of the major carriers comefrom access to high-speed 4G data. Some of the prepaid services have it...and some dont. In mycase, Solavei does provide the 4G service as well.Downside: Like I mentioned above, some of the prepaid services do not have 4G capabilities. Ifyou really want to get the most from your smart phones....4G is a must. Secondly, althoughpaying a super low rate for service is awesome, when it comes time to getting a new smartphone, since theres no contract guest what???? U get to pay full price for your phone. Now ifyoure not that uptight about your smart phone, you can always find good deals on refurbishedones :-)The Solavei DifferenceNow with Solavei, you actually get a Significant difference in overall product and servicebecause they have literally launched a Mobile Social Commerce Network. Its the first of itskind and what it includes is this:1. Online Bank Account with Solavei Visa Card from Bank of America.2. Solavei Point of Sale Discounts3. Cash Back Opportunities 2.5%-12%4. Referral Partership Program with Equity Sharing5. Home Based Business Tax Advantage6. Website and Marketing Materials7. Vacation Promotions8. 4G Unlimited Talk, Text and Data Mobile ServiceAll This for only $49/month. I think in terms of a mobile service and features, I dare say youcant go wrong with this service. You literally get the opportunity to have free service and bringin an extra $1000/month by sharing the service. Just for comparison purposes take a look at yourother options below. Having Trouble Vie wing it..Just Click On Image To Enlarge
  3. 3. Solavei Unlimited Rate Plans for Iphones: BYOBThe last point Id like to bring up is the the BYOP option which is Bring Your Own Phone. Again another service that you dont find with other services. One of the additional benefitsto Solavei Unlimited Rate Plans for the Iphone is that you have the option to bring youre owniphone or any other smart phone you have. Great feature but you have to have an Unlockedphone.Unlocking is an extremely easy concept to explain. Unless stated otherwise, cell phonespurchased from carrier retail stores are “locked” to that specific carrier. For instance, a Iphonefrom Verizon won’t work on an AT&T calling plan. The Sprint Iphone won’t work on T- mobile. But dont fret..you can unlock your phone usually without any issues. The easiest way is just tovisit one of these online locations and have them do it. The cost is minimal and you get to FREEyour phone from those restrictions.Heres the bottom lineIf you want to pay less for your actual phone, then get in a contract. Just rememberthough... in a 2 years span on average youll end up paying well over $1200 easily forphone and service. But hey, I understand paying more each month so when upgradetime comes the cost of a new phone doesnt seem devastating. This might seem like acrazy concept..but here goes...Instead of spending all that money, just put the moneythat youd be paying on that long-term contract away each month and when the timecomes, youll have enough to pay full price for 3 smart phones and still only pay $49 aMonth.With Solavei youre going to get a whole lot more for your $49/month than any otherplan out there period. With a Real opportunity to get youre service for FREE as well asget huge savings on everything else. If you want to learn more about the service justclick on the Solavei Unlimited Rate Plan for Iphones link.
  4. 4. Hope this was helpful. If so, please comment below and let us know.Reggie Brutuswww.CreateSuccessFromHome.com