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Holiday Jess

  1. 1. Federal Holidays
  2. 2. How Does a Holiday Become a Federal Holiday?? No matter how much we wish it to be true, we can’t just randomly make up a holiday and get it on every calendar in every average American household. No, just, no. Your “Holiday” needs to be sent into Congress. You need legitimate reasons for your holiday to become a real holiday that really means something. You also need a date. If the holiday is a good idea, and Congress approves, then, it is sent to the senate. It is debated on for a long, long time. The president takes a look at it. If he agrees, a bill is passed. You can even see what president passed each holiday. Therefore, Burger Day is pretty pointless and wouldn’t be passed. So, don’t even THINK about it.
  3. 3. A Day of Remeberance, AKA, Memorial Day Most people, when they think of holidays, they usually think of “Christmas” or “Independence Day”. Not many think of “Memorial Day” right off the top of their heads. This holiday recognizes those who died at war, or in our nation’s service. No one is really positive when and where “Memorial Day” originated because of many claims. But whoever suggested “Memorial Day” tapped into man’s need to honor the dead. It worked without a hitch.
  4. 4. And When Was It First Observed? It was proclaimed by General John Logan an May 5th, 1868. It was first observed on May 30th, 1868. They wasted no time in honoring our dead. Yeah, it’s that good. The first state to officially notice it was New York in 1873. The northern states noticed it by 1890. Now, because of the “National Holiday Act of 1971”, it is celebrated in almost every state in the United States on the last Monday of May.
  5. 5. Now, for Something New. As I watch old-time movies, I see young people actually respecting elderly people. Do I usually see that everywhere else? Ha! No. I think we should take a day to remember that seniors really help us by passing on talents to us. Here is an ex ample; when we were little, one of the greatest j oys of going to Grandma and Grandpa’s is to bake cookies with Grandma and learning how to work with Grandpa. Where did that appreciation go? How About Senior Citizen Appreciation Day?
  6. 6. If We Were to Pass it, When Would it Be and Why? For the date of my holiday, I would chose August 3rd. And why? Well, there are no holidays in August, so there are no holidays to muddle up our minds with upcoming holidays. As August comes around, we will be getting ready for it as opposed to another holiday in the same month. Senior Citizen Appreciation Day
  7. 7. So? Why Should We Pass It? As I mentioned it on the first slide, when we were all kids, we literally worshiped our elders. And back then, even adults worshiped elders. I noticed nowadays that happens a solid NEVER. We just don’t respect them anymore. This day will help us remember those good-ol’-days. And, we don’t have to just give a little card to grandparents, we should also give cards or little presents to seniors in a senior citizen home. That may seem like a lot for some, but, hey, don’t you think we should be doing this already? BANG!
  8. 8. The Day of The Holy Rosary A lot of people pray the rosary monthly, or weekly, or even daily! Well, not a lot of people in my generation at least. I believe more people should take a day to remember that rosaries exist! It is a fact we are allowed to pray the rosary in other places than church. We have our own private places for calming activities too. They are a great way to build hope and to feel better when we are sad. So why don’t we use them?!
  9. 9. And What Day Will This Holiday Be On? For my holiday, I need something perfect that isn’t just some random day or month. So I decided that this day would be great. I would think something in a warm, gorgeous month. The flowers are out and that means roses are everywhere. Therefore, it will be in June. And for a day, I would choose the seventh because in Mary’s time, 7 was sort of a “magical number”. It meant “infinity” . Perfect enough? You tell me.
  10. 10. Now, Why Should Someone Pass This? Besides remembering the rosary, my holiday would also be a great time to get together with friends. After saying the rosary, you can go to lunch or do some other socializing activity. Another thing you can do, is buy an “Our Lady” stature and but a rosary on it. It is a great way of showing respect to our religion. Afterwards, you are happier because, as I said before, the rosary builds hope. ON that note, another idea is to give rosaries to poor people and show them how to pray it. It will help those in poverty, and why don’t we want that? What do you have to lose? You certainly have a lot to win.
  11. 11. Notes Project Federal holidays; January New Years; Martin Luther King ; February Valentines Day; Groundhog Day; Presidents Day March Easter; Good Friday, April April Fools Day, Patriots Day May Memorial Day ; Mothers Day June Fathers Day; Flag Day July 4th of July September Labor Day October Halloween, Columbus Day November Veterans Day; Thanksgiving December Christmas, Hanukkah
  12. 12. 1 Federal Holiday. 2 How does something become a federal holiday? 3 Pick a current federal Holiday 4 When did it become a holiday? Why? 5 Create a holiday! 6 When it would be and why? 7 Convincing Argument 8 Create a new religious Holiday 9 When and why? 10 Convincing Argument Due November 2nd