How to Increase Web Site Conversions with Persuasive Design


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Whether you have an established website, are launching a new one or seeking ideas for a redesign, how do you know what works best for increasing conversions? Does user experience design interfere with your search engine marketing strategies? What design changes can you make now that will bring an instant conversions lift? This fun session provides tips, tools and action items to build a successful website that both search engines and your visitors will love.

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How to Increase Web Site Conversions with Persuasive Design

  1. 1. Conversion Web Design Presented by: Kim Krause Berg Usability Analyst, Internet Marketing Ninjas Founder & Administrator, Cre8asiteforums March 19, 2014
  2. 2. Conversions Start With a PlanConversions Start With a Plan
  3. 3. Why Conversions?Why Conversions?
  4. 4. What You Think It IsWhat You Think It Is You = • Make more money • Get more subscriptions • Increase form submissions • Increase sales leads • PPC landing pages • Something my SEO wants me to do
  5. 5. What They Think It IsWhat They Think It Is Site Visitors = • Do they have what I need? • Are they genuine, credible? • Do they provide excellent customer service? • Prices? • Opt-in/opt-out signup • Are they spying on me? • Will I be able to read it? • Where did they put the stuff I want? • Can I access their site from my phone? • Can I use a screen reader to use their site? • Can I get in and out in a hurry?
  6. 6. Persuasive Conversions DesignPersuasive Conversions Design Is Purposeful DesignIs Purposeful Design Gibbs Rule #57 “Give them what they want, when they want it, how they want it, why they want it, and where they want it.”
  7. 7. User Experience
  8. 8. Confusability – Hey. NoConfusability – Hey. No ExcusabilityExcusability
  9. 9. Brand and CredibilityBrand and Credibility
  10. 10. User Experience = Make Your Site Easy to Use
  11. 11. Customer ServiceCustomer Service
  12. 12. Web Site RequirementsWeb Site Requirements
  13. 13. Gather ConversionsGather Conversions RequirementsRequirements What is the top business requirement? Who is your target market/visitors? Mobile? Directory? Why choose your site? What keywords to people use to find your site? Accessibility? Social? Prioritize main user tasks
  14. 14. Mobile?Mobile? According to the PEW Research Internet Project ( sheet), as of January 2014: 91% of American adults have a cell phone. 55% of American adults have a smart phone. 32% of American adults own an e-reader. 42% of American adults own a tablet. 44% of cell owners sleep with their phones next to their bed 25% buy online in their sleep (I made that up.)
  15. 15. Search Engines & SocialSearch Engines & Social
  16. 16. Search = Findability= Usability = Increased ConversionsIncreased Conversions I FOUND IT! What matters to you? • Search Engine Rank • PR scores • Landing pages that convert • Authority • Brand reputation
  17. 17. Social BuzzSocial Buzz Make this count.Make this count. Add your social networks to your web site and provide a reason for visitors to “Follow”.
  18. 18. AccessibilityAccessibility
  19. 19. ConversionsConversions
  20. 20. #1 Tactic: Provide the Answers#1 Tactic: Provide the Answers at the point of the questionat the point of the question • Before the slider, add introductory text and a heading • Add action words to navigation link labels • Make calls to action obvious • Avoid gray colored text • Test for color contrasts • Use common terms • Remove distractions • Provide proof
  21. 21. Common Designs thatCommon Designs that DecreaseDecrease ConversionsConversions • “Mystery” links • Unidentified links • Readability • Understandability • Navigation/Poor IA • Functional/Errors • Credibility • No page consistency • Rendering on various devices • Load time • Ads • Moving images • Calls to action below page fold
  22. 22. Conversions and Accessibility Color contrast - -contrast-compare.php
  23. 23. Tools for Accessibility and Mobile Firefox and Chrome Extensions for web development; remove images, accessibility, color pickers Free Mobile Emulator
  24. 24. InformationInformation Architecture/NavigationArchitecture/Navigation
  25. 25. Persuasive Design =Persuasive Design = Communicate Sense of PlaceCommunicate Sense of Place • Choose keywords for content headings • Research taxonomies. What terms do your target visitors use? • Breadcrumb navigation • Scrolling……..easy to hide call to action • Anchor text must meet user expectations (where are your taking them?)
  26. 26. IA ToolsIA Tools 1. Mock Flow – Chrome application 2. Balsamiq - 3. Slickplan -
  27. 27. SEO and Usability forSEO and Usability for Persuasive DesignPersuasive Design – Yes.Yes.
  28. 28. -marketing-ebooks/natural-website-conversions.html-marketing-ebooks/natural-website-conversions.html Free Download With under five seconds to make a connection with site visitors, your web site must present value, trust, authority, ease of use, main tasks, and answers to top questions, inspire and motivate. This book explains how to decrease site abandonment and bounce rates, increase page views and conversions and send happy signals to search engines. File type: PDF
  29. 29. Copywriting = KarenCopywriting = Karen ThackstonThackston
  30. 30. Calls to Action – Make Them Easy toMake Them Easy to FindFind
  31. 31. Remember: “Users” Are People with Feelings, Experiences, Opinions, Learned Behavior 1. Interpersonal: loss of dignity, insult, humility 2. Psychological: confusion, discomfort, frustration, boredom 3. Understand your visitors’ goals and motivations 4. Show them the way 5. Provide value (but don’t overwhelm) 6. Learn more:
  32. 32. People and Sites to Stalk • books/ • Susan Weinschenk • Roger Dooley • Tim Ash • Bryan Eisenberg • Udemy – Courses! • Steve Krug – “Don’t Make Me Think” • Shirley Tan – “Ecom Hell”
  33. 33. Tracking ConversionsTracking Conversions • Tracking code • Google Analytics • User testing • Server logs • Free Tools - Invest in: Usability and Conversions site reviews
  34. 34. Find Kim Krause Berg Internet Marketing Ninjas Usability and Persuasive Design Audits Plus, Shopping Cart, Software Application, Mobile, Accessibility Testing • • •