French and indian war
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French and indian war






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French and indian war Presentation Transcript

  • 1. French and Indian War Chapter 7 Sections 1 & 2
  • 2.
    • England and France came into conflict over land
      • English setters continued to move west into French lands
      • Conflicts occurred in the Ohio River Valley and along the Appalachian Mountains
  • 3.
    • Allies are the…
      • Algonquian
      • Huron
      • WHY?
    • Traded instead of taking Indian lands for farming
      • French trappers often adopted Indian ways and even married
      • English farmed and often ignored Indian land rights
      • English looked down on Indian culture and religion more than the French
    • Allies are the…
      • Iroquois Confederacy
      • Mohawk
    • WHY?
    • Iroquois are rivals of Algonquians
    • English offer cheap trade goods
  • 4. Each Side had Advantages
    • 13 colonies had a population 20 times greater than New France
    • Superior Navy
    • 13 Colonies were easier to defend
    • Some Indian alliances
    • France had a single government
      • One ruler made decisions instead of 13 colonial governments
    • France had stronger Indian alliances
  • 5. FORT NECESSITY 1754
    • George Washington and 150 soldiers go to claim the Ohio River Valley
    • Washington defeated a small group of French soldiers
      • Built a small fort (Ft. Necessity)
    • The French later capture Ft. Necessity
      • Washington defeated
    • Washington was released and took news of his defeat back to Virginia
    Ft. Necessity
  • 6. French and Indian War Events
    • 1755: Braddock’s Defeat
    • British soldiers led by the “Bulldog” went to capture Ft. Duquesne from the French
    • French and Indian sharpshooters killed or wounded half of the British; Braddock dies
    • Starts a string of victories for the French and Indians over the British
  • 7. French and Indian War Events
    • 1757-1758: William Pitt’s Leadership
    • Prime Minister William Pitt (Britain) sends Britain’s best generals to the colonies
    • Gains the support of colonists by promising to buy colonial goods at high prices
    • Lord Amherst gains control of the French Fort at Louisbourg
    • Delaware Indian alliance with France falls apart
    • British take Ft. Duquesne and rename it Ft. Pitt
  • 8. French and Indian War Events
    • 1759: British Conquer Quebec
    • General James Wolfe (Britain) lays seige to Quebec, led by Montcalm (France)
      • British soldiers swarm the Plains of Abraham at daybreak
      • In battle Wolfe and Montcalm are killed but Britain wins battle
    • British win the war by conquering Quebec
  • 9. French and Indian War Events
    • 1763: Treaty of Paris
    • British gain most of Canada
    • British gain land in North America in the west up to the Mississippi River
    • Spain lost Florida to Britain