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John Paul 11 John Paul 11 Presentation Transcript

  • Definition of Forgetting:
  • Now I am going to ask YOU a question: Did you forget me?
  • If you did, I am going to remind you who I was
  • I am LolekAnd this is my story I was born on May 18, 1920 in Wadowaice, Poland
  • This is my mother, Emilia She went with God,but gave me the best gift,
  • My parents died when I was small And I had to walk alone...
  • I met my BEST FRIEND when I was only 8 years oldAnd I never forgot Him
  • I was a joyful youngster, I liked soccer, swimmingand was a very good student
  • When I grew up Iliked to do theatre,and my friendswanted me tocontinue …
  • I lived the horrors of the World War llI could not go to school openly because of the NazisWe had to do it secretly
  • I surrendered my life to MY FRIENDand in turn I received so much more…
  •  One day, I was appointed to be the leader of your church and then my life and hopefully yours was changed.
  • I had to work hard But I was supported by all I usedall the tools available
  • There were people who believed that I was wrong but…
  • I made some friends…
  • Just a few…
  • I fell once..
  • But with love, I stood up And forgave
  • I realized that I was not alone there were people who shared my love for others
  • And my love for children
  • And for the young people,who I went towards so many times. In the end they were coming to me
  • I traveled and I met YOU
  • WE were together many times
  • I tried to identify myself with YOU
  • But that time is over…
  • I would have liked to continue with youbut it was time to go see MY FRIEND And say… MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
  • I saw peopleshed tears for me
  • They were so sad
  • I saw them suffering …
  • Don’t feel that you are walking alone. I never did!
  • I prayed for YOU
  • And for YOUR sins
  • I continued in my prayers & meditation
  • We must remain strong
  • See HIS greatness, compared to the smallness of problems
  • And I thank YOU for being with me!!!
  • Thank you for showing me how much YOU needed me !!!!!!
  • Because I also needed YOU
  • And I will be watching over YOU
  • I will never forget YOU
  • Remember me smiling !!!!!
  • Help my brother, who willcontinue with the work of Christ
  • That he might not forget…
  • I am not going… I will leave…but I will remain with YOU
  • Jean Paul II 2nd Anniversaryof his meeting with God
  • Please pass this e-mail.