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  • 1. Through the process of constructing this product I had learnt numerous things aboutthe equipment, software, and hardware etc, technology in general.As my role as editor most of my learning was in the editing suite learning how to usethe software to edit the sequence though we as a group did participate during theshooting of the sequence.During the shooting of the sequence, I learnt how to set up the hardware. I foundsetting up the tripod and the light stands easier as I play the drums and the drumhardware has similar structure and is more reinforced than the light stands. Throughusing these lights I gained knowledge of which light would be suitable for the shotwe would need and each light emitted different colour light as well as brightness.We all put our ideas into theshooting process.After the shooting process wethen ended up in the editingsuite for editing the shots. Thesoftware we used for this was‘Final Cut Pro’ on Maccomputers. I had very littleknowledge of using the softwarebut after talking to the technicianAndrew I managed to pick up onthe controls very quickly. No-onehad used Final Cut Pro so luckily Iwasn’t the only one. While using Final Cut Pro I began to understand how each tabis linked and what I can do to make the sequence more dramatic. As I becamefamiliar with the software I then began to see what could be done to the sequenceto make it better. After the editing was done we used cross dissolve transitionbetween every shot as an after effect as well as opacity changes where two shotsare in one frame but the opacity of both shots is different so both shots are visible.