Moving Image Education (BEd 3)
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Moving Image Education (BEd 3)



Presentation given to BEd 3 class at Moray House about MIE. 01.11.12

Presentation given to BEd 3 class at Moray House about MIE. 01.11.12



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Moving Image Education (BEd 3) Moving Image Education (BEd 3) Presentation Transcript

  • Moving Image Education AtholeMcLauchlan Bearsden Primary School
  • Who am I?• Primary teacher for 10 years• Former projectionist at Cameo Cinema• Lead Practitioner with Creative Scotland(formerly Scottish Screen)• ET / WALL-E / JUNGLE BOOK / GOONIES / STAR WARS / PONYO• My nose wiggles when I talk…
  • What is MIE?• 21st Century literacy skills to interpret and use moving image texts 3 strands• EXPLORE• ANALYSE• CREATE• Interdisciplinary learning – MIE is the glue which binds the subjects together• Cooperative learning• New devices blurring the gap between old and new literacy skills? Game, film or book? Or something else?
  • CfE
  • “Drama is life with the dull bits cut out.” Alfred Hitchcock
  • shining-romantic-comedy/ The Shining Trailer (mash up)
  • EXPLOREWhat was different?Anything puzzling?Anything surprising?How did the soundand dialogue createatmosphere?
  • Scottish archive films
  • Cliff In ScotlandScotland On Screen
  • No Easy Way 2(Allan Wells) Scotland On Screen
  • No Easy Way 1(Allan Wells) Scotland On Screen
  • Jogging in the Seventies Scotland On Screen
  • Analyse 3Ss and 3 CsSound Setting StoryboardCharacter Camera Colour
  • AnalysePPSS grid from ‘Tell Me’ by Aiden Chambers Puzzles Patterns Surprises Similarities
  • Analyse: 10 Film Strategies1. Making Predictions 6. Making Comparisons2. Sound and Image (similarities)3. Freeze Frame 7. Looking for Patterns4. Shots in Sequence 8. Generic Translation (camera shots / 9. Summarising storyboard) 10. Evaluating (film5. Asking Questions review and reflection) (Bloom’s Taxonomy) NO WRONG ANSWERS!
  • films for classroom use
  • Baboon On The Moon tutorial Short film from Screening Shorts website
  • Laughing Moon TutorialShort film from Screening Shorts website
  • The Lucky Dip tutorialShort film from Screening Shorts website
  • CREATE: Inspiring writing• Scripts • Storyboards / Comic• Poems / songs • Advertising – posters• Newspaper / blog / • Missing scenes reports / interviews • Lists• Short stories • Diary / letters• Prequels / sequels • Website creation• What happened next – writer’s craft
  • Point of View shots and writing
  • Lighthouse Keeper filmLink to diary entry based on the clip
  • Night Train filmUsing Scotland On Screen archive footage
  • Tay Bridge Disaster filmUsing Scotland On Screen archive footage
  • CREATE: Guerilla filmmaking
  • CREATE: No Resources• Drama• Puppet shows• Act or present in front of the screen• Create sound effects, music, dialogue (nature films) (archive film)
  • CREATE: Digital Storytelling• Photos (camera and internet)• PowerPoint slides (export as jpegs)• Artwork (animatic) Software• Apple iMovie - editing• Windows Moviemaker - editing• Audio Network – copyright free soundtrack and effects (Glow – National Site – External Reources)
  • Climate Change filmUsing exported PPT slides and Audio Network sound
  • Willie WastleAnimatic film inspired by Robert Burns
  • CREATE: Video Camera• Fixed Camera• Storyboarded Film (variety of camera shots)• Documentary• Short drama• Quiz Show (eg. Question of Sport)• Music Video• Talent Show• Advert• Demonstration (science)
  • Filmmaking Process Link to example of class process• Inspiration and motivation (topic, Enterprise, competition)• Brainstorming ideas (audience / purpose)• Presenting ideas (teacher as Producer)• Groups make individual films (shared theme)• Groups responsible for one part of the jigsaw of a whole class film• Assign roles and skills but fluid structure (pupils need to explore and play different roles)• Process is more important than the outcome!
  • Post Filmmaking• Editing• Advertising / merchandise• Enterprise event – showcasing film• DVDs
  • Filmmaking Benefits (end credits!)• Skills based learning• Cooperative learning• Active learning• Enterprise• CfE four capacities• Motivating / challenging and memorable
  • Interdisciplinary Learning: JapanLinks showing how MIE was used to link various curriculum areas on the theme of Japan.• Exploring and analysing film texts and inspiring writing• Creating animations• Creating Japanese inspired video games and presentations• Creating a Japan website showcasing films and classwork
  • WWII Documentary Clip Fixed camera
  • The Singing Street clip Scotland On Screen archive
  • We Can PlayStoryboarded film – inspired by Singing Street
  • Sgt. RossStoryboarded film and original script
  • CREATE: Animation• Primary Teacher’s dream!• Flip book animation (postit notes)• Pixilation• Stop motion 2D (flat background and characters) - found objects, shapes, leaves• Stop motion 3D - plasticene, lego, playmobil
  • 3D Stop Motion Animation
  • 2D Stop Motion Animation
  • Postit note animation 2D stop motion
  • Origami animationUsing the pixilation technique
  • Tangram animation 2D stop motion
  • Emigration animation2D stop motion and found footage
  • Circus animation2D stop motion and song
  • The Katzis animation 3D stop motion
  • Mission To Mars animation 3D stop motion and live action
  • Steven Spielberg once said he ‘dreamed for a living.’I like that. Dreams and imagination can bepowerful classroom tools if used wisely.
  • EXPLORE: Resources• (Glow)• (Glow)• (Glow)• (Glow)• (short films)• (nature)• (archive film – only downloadable in schools)• (archive film)• animation)• (class clips)• (BFI clips – only accessed in schools)• (sophisticated ebook)• Vimeo and YouTube
  • ANALYSE: Resources•• in-practice/teachers-stories (Ten schools share good practice in the teaching of MIE)••• (Bill Boyd)• n (READ THIS!!!)•
  • CREATE: Resources Software Hardware• PowerPoint • Digital Blue cameras• ComicLife • Video camera• I Can Animate • Flip camera• CrazyTalk • Smart phone• iMovie • Digital camera• Windows Moviemaker • HD Web camera• Audio Network (copyright • Lots of PVA glue and paint free music on Glow) • Children • Dreams • Imagination
  • A link to a year of teaching MIEA link to my Vimeo class filmsContact: Questions?