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L. Donachie L. Donachie Presentation Transcript

  • Anne Frank By Lauren Donachie
  • Introduction
    • Hello, my talk is going to be about Anne Frank and her life during World War II.
    • Annelies Marie Frank was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
    • She was the youngest daughter of Otto and Edith Frank.
    • Her diary, which was later published by her father is among the most enduring documents of the 20th century.
    • Her diary documents her life in hiding from 12 June 1942 to 1 August 1944.
  • About Her Family
    • Anne’s mother, Edith, was born on January 6th 1900. She was one of 4 children born to a Jewish family.
    • Anne’s father, Otto, was born on May 12, 1889 in Frankfurt am Main. He was also one of 4 children born to a Jewish family.
    • Anne has one older sister, Margot Betti.
    • Otto Frank and Edith Holländer were married in Aachen on May 12, 1925.
    • During the First World War Otto was a Lieutenant in the German army.
  • Leaving Germany
    • Adolf Hitler becomes the head of the German government on January 30, 1933.
    • He immediately begins discrimination of the Jewish people.
    • In the summer of 1933 Anne’s father flees Germany to go to Holland to set up business. Her mother and sister follow.
    • Anne joins her family the following year.
  • World War II Begins
    • In 1939 World War II officially begins after Hitler’s German Army invade Poland.
    • The Frank family feel safe until the German Army invade and occupy Holland in 1940.
    • Jews are now no longer allowed to own businesses and all children must attend Jewish only schools.
    • All Jews are forced to were a yellow star of identification.
    • On July 5 th 1942 Anne’s sister, like thousands of other Jews, received a summons to depart to a labour camp in Germany.
    • The Frank family moves into the Secret Annex the next day.
  • In Hiding
    • The Secret Annex was located in one of Otto’s company buildings.
    • The entrance is hidden by a moveable bookcase.
    • Fritz Pfeffer and the van Pels family join them.
    • They are all helped by Otto’s 4 employees.
    • They supply them with food, clothes, books and
    • all other essentials.
    • In November 1942, Anne starts to write in her diary
    • which she received in June for her 13 th birthday.
  • Captured
    • In the summer of 1943 Germany orders the arrest and roundup of all Jews. They are all transferred to camps to be killed.
    • In June of 1944 they hear of an Allied invasion to defeat the German Army. They hope they will be free soon.
    • On August 4 th 1944 the family are found and captured.
    • Anne’s diary is rescued and smuggled out by two of the helpers.
    • In September they are transported to Auschwitz concentration camp.
    • All Jews not fit enough to work are killed immediately in the gas chambers. All 8 of the prisoners from the Secret Annex are spared.
  • At The Camps
    • The men and women are separated into different parts of the camp.
    • Anne, Margot and their mother were made to work outside doing heavy manual labour.
    • In October 1994 the Germans move all fit people out of Auschwitz.
    • Anne and Margot are moved to the Bergen-Belson camp.
    • Their mother is left behind and dies a few months later.
    • The Nazis order the destruction of the Auschwitz gas chambers to hide the was crimes they have committed.
  • The Final Chapter
    • Margot suffering from exhaustion dies of Typhus in March 1945.
    • Anne dies of Typhus within a few days aged just 15.
    • The Bergen-Belsen camp is liberated by the British Army only a few weeks later.
    • Anne’s father Otto is liberated from Auschwitz in January 1945 by the Russian Army.
    • The end of the war is declared in May.
    • Otto is the only one of the 8 people from the Secret Annex to survive the Holocaust.
  • Afterwards
    • Otto attempts to track down his family but finds out that that they all dead.
    • He meets up again with one of the helpers during their hiding. He is given Anne’s dairy and documents.
    • When he finally brings himself to read them he is surprised to find out Anne’s thoughts through her writing.
    • The family convince Otto to publish the diary to
    • enable others to learn of what happened during
    • the war.
    • Anne Frank’s diary is first published in 1947.
  • Afterwards
    • In 1954 the building containing the Secret Annex was due to be demolished.
    • Locals protest against this and establish a foundation to save it.
    • In 1957 the Anne Frank House foundation save and plan to restore the building in Anne’s memory.
    • In 1960 the restored hiding place opens to the public as a museum.
    • Visitors have grown since it’s opening and it is now visited by nearly 1 million people each year.
    • On August 19 th 1980 Otto Frank dies age 91.