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This presentation is all about Cult Branding...

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Cult branding

  1. 1. CULT BRANDS create customers that love them so much that they won't do business with anyone else.
  2. 2. BRAND : It is an idea or image of a specific product or service that consumers connect with, by identifying the name, logo, slogan, or design of the company. CULT BRAND : It is defined as a phenomenon where customers display an usually strong emotional involvement with a particular brand. ∗ High degree of customer loyalty ∗ Amplified sense of owing the brand What are Cult Brands?
  3. 3. Brands V/S Cult Brands BRANDS Cult Brands
  4. 4. ∗ Destructive cults harm, hurt, manipulate, and often brainwash their members. The leader of a destructive cult doesn't really care about the well being of the members. ∗ Benign cults help fill the emotional needs and wants of their followers in a positive way. They and their followers enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship, with both receiving a real sense of satisfaction, accomplishment, belonging and enlightenment from the relationship. Destructive and Benign Cults
  5. 5. MASLOW’S HIERARCHY OF HUMAN NEEDS CULT BRANDS become integral to their customers’ lives by linking their products and services to higher level needs.
  6. 6. Consumers want to be part of a group that’s different. ∗Our society is addicted to communication. ∗We not only enjoy being part of groups made of like- minded individuals, but we all enjoy being different and standing out from the rest of the pack. #1 – The Golden Rule of Social Groups
  7. 7. You can be weird together and basically feel weird no more.”
  8. 8. Cult brand inventors show daring and determination. ∗Consumers are tired of being bombarded with products and services that all look the same, feel the same, and act the same. ∗They want surprises. #2 – The Golden Rule of Courage
  9. 9. “This odd little egg shaped car is just plain ‘Ugly.’ It won’t sell.” - Early Critics
  10. 10. As the best-selling car in history, the critics were wrong
  11. 11. Cult brands sell lifestyles. ∗ They make us happy. They cheer us up when we're down; they help us enjoy life. ∗Not only do they provide escape, but the companies develop and sell tools that allow followers to pursue their dreams and celebrate new lifestyles. #3 – The Golden Rule of Fun
  12. 12. Jimmy - The King of FUN
  13. 13. Listen to the choir and create cult brand evangelists ∗Serves the customers they already have. They don't try to attract hypothetical new customers. ∗They look to the congregation, value their opinions, and reward them. Do extraordinary things for them. #4 – The Golden Rule of Human Needs
  14. 14. Cult brands always create customer communities. ∗Brand companies continually find new ways to give back to their customers for their passion and devotion. They remain humble and personable. ∗They develop strong relationships through developing and supporting customer communities. #5 – The Golden Rule of Contribution
  15. 15. Weekend Rides
  16. 16. Cult brands are inclusive ∗Cult brand companies don't build imaginary profiles of ideal customers. They don't' discriminate. ∗Exclusivity doesn't exist. #6 – The Golden Rule of Openness
  17. 17. Cult Brands help their customers fulfillCult Brands help their customers fulfill feelingsfeelings,, dreamsdreams andand aspirationsaspirations that are timeless andthat are timeless and agelessageless
  18. 18. Cult brands promote personal freedom and draw power from their enemies ∗Cult brand draw strength and unity from identifying and targeting an archenemy-a group that conflicts with the company's values and goals. #7 – The Golden Rule of Freedom
  19. 19. Vans embraces the “outcasts.” They champion their lifestyles.
  21. 21. ∗ Consumers want to be part of a group that’s different. ∗ Cult brand inventors show daring and determination. ∗ Cult brands sell lifestyles. ∗ Listen to the choir and create cult brand evangelists ∗ Cult brands always create customer communities. ∗ Cult brands are inclusive ∗ Cult brands promote personal freedom and draw power from their enemies Seven Golden Rules