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This presentation was made for attendees of the WLMA/OASL joint conference in Portland Oregon, Oct. 2008.

This presentation was made for attendees of the WLMA/OASL joint conference in Portland Oregon, Oct. 2008.

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  • 1. Keeping Up and Keeping Track of the Best Free Web Resources Sam Wallin OASL/WLMA Joint Conference in Portland October 9-11, 2008.
  • 2.
    • Great Free Resources
    • Use Delicious to keep track
    • Use Bloglines to keep up!
  • 3. The Environment
    • High School Environmental Center – US EPA
      • Site designed by the Environmental Protection Agency to explore topics related to the environment and also to provide ideas and resources for environmental activism.
    • ToxTown
      • Environmental Health Concerns and Toxic Chemicals Where You Live, Work and Play
  • 4. History
    • Women In History – Historic Figures
      • A site started by a library in Ohio, with a lot of great, short biographies of famous American women in history.
    • American Memory from the Library of Congress
      • Great place to look for primary source photographs from American history.
  • 5. Politics
      • Election 2008 – Youth Radio
      • Youth Radio has young adults writing short articles, recording audio and video on the subject of the current election campaign.
      • IFES Election Guide
      • Results of past elections around the world, with statistics, voter turn-out and major candidates.
  • 6. Science
    • Encyclopedia of Life
      • Project to make a comprehensive, free database of all the species on Earth.
    • PBS - Wired Science
      • Lots of fun videos showing science experiments
    • Periodic Table of Videos
      • Short videos showing what each element in the periodic table, plus anecdotes and history.
  • 7. Resources
    • WorldCat
      • The resources of thousands of libraries around the world at your fingertips, with tools to help you get those resources through your local library.
    • Librarians Internet Index
      • Index to thousands of great websites, chosen by librarians with students and researchers in mind.
  • 8. Delicious
    • Delicious is a social bookmarking site.
    • Bookmark websites and keep track of them for free online.
    • Share lists with others
    • Access your bookmarks from any online computer
  • 9. Bloglines
    • Bloglines is an RSS Reader.
    • RSS is a signal that tells you there’s something new at a web site.
    • Using Bloglines, you can keep track of what’s new at your favorite sites, all in one place.
  • 10. Thanks!
    • You can find all the resources in this presentation online at Delicious .
    • You can find the presentation itself online at Slideshare .