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Estar presente, pasado y futuro review
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Estar presente, pasado y futuro review



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  • 1. ESTAR - TO BEYo – ESTOY I am Nosotros – ESTAMOS We areTú – ESTÁS You are Vosotros – ESTÁIS Y’all areÉl He is Ellos They(m) areElla – ESTÁ She is Ellas – ESTÁN They(f) areUd. You are Uds. You all are Estar is an IRREGULAR verb in the presentPresent tense!
  • 2. LOS USOS1. Emociones 3. Cosas •Estamos felices. temporarias •Estoy triste hoy. La sopa está • caliente.2. Localidad 4. Progresivo •Paco está en México. Tú estás bailando. •
  • 3. ESTAR– FUTURE TENSE WeYo – ESTARÉ I will be Nosotros – ESTAREMOS will beTú – You Y’all Vosotros – ESTARÉISESTARÁS will be will be He/She TheyÉl Ellos will be will beElla – ESTARÁ Ellas – ESTARÁN You You allUd. Uds. will be will be The endings are added to the infinitive ESTAR!
  • 4. Ejemplos del Futuro: Este verano estaremos en México.  This summer we will be in Mexico. Yo estaré feliz cuando termine esta clase.  I will be happy when this class ends. En diez años Paco estará viviendo en España.  In ten years Paco will be living in Spain.
  • 5. ESTAR– PRETERITE TENSE I We Yo – estuve Nosotros – estuvimos was were You Y’all Tú – estuviste Vosotros – estuvisteis were were They Él He/She Ellos were Ella – estuvo was Ellas – estuvieron You all Ud. You were Uds. were ESTAR has an irregular stem in the preterite: ESTUV-Past Tense Used for specific events in the past.
  • 6. Ejemplos del Pretérito: Ayer estuvimos locos.  Yesterday we were crazy. Estuve en Madrid anoche.  I was in Madrid last night. Remember that the PRETERITE is a completed action in the past. Note: these have a defined period of time
  • 7. ESTAR– IMPERFECT TENSE We Yo – ESTABA I was Nosotros – ESTÁBAMOS were Tú – Y’all You were Vosotros – ESTABAIS ESTABAS were They Él He/She Ellos were Ella – ESTABA was Ellas – ESTABAN You all Ud. You were Uds. were Used for ongoing events in the past.Past tense (Dates, times, descriptions of how things USED to be)
  • 8. Ejemplos del Imperfecto: Yo estaba cansada todos los días.  I used to be tired every day. Paco estaba durmiendo cuando sonó el teléfono.  Paco was sleeping when the phone rang. Ellos estaban en la misma clase cada año.  They used to be in the same class each year. Note: these describe how things used to be or something that was happening in the past