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COCC300: Inquiry Essay
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COCC300: Inquiry Essay


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This presentation was used with a CO300 Writing Arguments class. The presentation touched on the idea of using the free web to help evaluate information (the author's credentials in this case). It …

This presentation was used with a CO300 Writing Arguments class. The presentation touched on the idea of using the free web to help evaluate information (the author's credentials in this case). It also talked about using a reference book for background information as well as a jumping off point for finding other sources of information. Built in tools in the catalog were also mentioned.

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  • wow great nice tips that u have specified through presentation, the information which u have specified it really true inquiry the essay which is reliable to get a topic which has no duplication will help lot and lot thanks
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  • 1. COCC300 Inquiry Essay Quick (trust me... I’ve been doing this a while) Tips
  • 2. You’ve got an idea…now what?
    • Write it down
    • Seriously…on an actual piece of paper
    • Why haven’t you written it down yet?
    • Seeing something in writing makes a lot of difference in the long run
    • You’ll watch it morph as you tweak and change and ponder possibilities
  • 3. Stop and think about this…
    • Who cares?!
    • Seriously, who cares about your topic?
    • Which groups, organizations, individuals, entities, government bodies, etc., will have an interest in this topic?
    • Why am I asking?
    • They might have PUBLISHED something about your topic!
    • (By the way…jot down some ideas about “who cares” while you’re at it.)
  • 4. Getting started…
    • My example topic for the day is Gay Marriage
    • And my example behavior for the day is my imitation of some forms of undergraduate research
  • 5.  
  • 6.  
  • 7. What’s wrong with this picture?
    • Actually, it’s not all bad at a preliminary stage
    • Seeing what’s “out there” will inevitably lead to looking online
    • BUT…and this is a big BUT… the internet is “icing on the cake” when it comes to research
    • The “cake” is the library research
    • And I’ll prove it…
  • 8. Exhibit A
  • 9. Marriage Laws entry, pg. 885 “ Advocates of gay and lesbian marriages have relied on state and federal constitutional provisions, such as the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution, to argue that laws prohibiting same-sex marriages are unconstitutional. These challenges have generally failed, but the possibility of their success in one state – Hawaii – prompted the U.S. Congress to enact the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996.” Caption reads: “In 1975 a Colorado county clerk (right) interpreted state marriage laws as empowering her to grant a marriage license to a gay couple (left). (AP/Wide World Photos)”
  • 10. “ A fairly current book about this topic, I wonder if we have it?” Legally Wed: Same-Sex Marriage and the Constitution Turning to the next page in the REFERENCE BOOK we hit gold! A BIBLIOGRAPHY!!!
  • 11. RESULT! We own it! AND it’s Available! “ I wonder why these are linked?” Search SAGE (The Library Catalog) for this book
  • 12. Clicking on the call number is like browsing the shelves to the left and the right of the book you were initially looking at… you don’t even have to get up!
  • 13. “ What happens when I click the name of the author?”
  • 14. Voila! You’re checking to see if we have any other books by that author! In this case, eight. Sometimes scholarly authors will write several books about the same topic. Check by clicking the author’s name again.
  • 15. WOW! Looks like Mr. Strasser has been busy researching this topic! Some really current stuff as well. But who is Mr. Strasser? Dr. Strasser? Who knows…but VERY good question. THIS is a good time for that “icing” on the cake!
  • 16. This little trick limits results to higher education institutions. Let’s see if anything is written about Mark Strasser there…
  • 17. Looks like some consistent results! Let’s check this out.
  • 18. Looks like Professor Strasser has some serious credentials!