WO Websites vs Blogs


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Meeting with teachers to promote blogs over websites

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WO Websites vs Blogs

  1. 1. Websites and Blogs? We already do that, so why are we having this Inservice?
  2. 2. Show me the Data. • 32 Faculty Members So then why.....?
  3. 3. ...are there....? • 5 faculty members not even listed at all • 4 have nothing linked to their names • 1 noWOISDemployed with longer • 24 out of 32 are linked to the internet through websites or blogs WOW ? !
  4. 4. 24 out of 32? Let’s run with that. From our Staff Directory: • 18 of the faculty names are connected to Websites • 6 names are connected to Blogs • 13 out of 24 names appear on Google Searches 3 of the 18 websites are duplicates. Should we count those? As a parent seeking information, would you?
  5. 5. That’s great! So what’s the problem? • Some users have not logged in since 2007 • Upcoming events? Easter Parties? • Still have last year’s students pictured as this year’s class • 12 Broken links • 31 blank pages are linked directly to teachers’ websites So what IS the real problem? *time *training *our nature *stage of development *glitches
  6. 6. Examples of Website Glitches on our Sites • Maines • Gatlin • VanBrocklin • Busha
  7. 7. • Move to a Blog - FAST • Make your website static and link to your blog on an additional page or on a blogroll • Update your website - check your links. If you aren’t going to develop the pages, delete the links. • If you have a blog, add widgets. Go global. Use it as a teaching tool, not just as a journal. Blogging can much more than writing. • ASK Questions! Sign up for help.
  8. 8. • Keystrokes • C-O Connections • Mrs. Barlow’s Class • Mrs. Belcher’s Class Blog • Mrs. Corbell’s Classroom Blog • Music Notes • Mrs. Richeson’s Classroom • Mrs. Saccoccio’s Class Blog • Koonce’s Korner • Don’t Get Testy
  9. 9. All of this sends a message to our parents, our community, our world. What message is your website or blog sending? What message do YOU want to send?
  10. 10. The message that we should all want to send is that even though we are teachers, we are all learners.
  11. 11. Our goal is to create a community of life-long learners in our students. • We create learning opportunities for the purpose of making connections. • We create connections to promote communication. • We work to improve communication to enable collaboration. • When we can successfully collaborate, only then can we create--solutions, resolutions, improvements, . . . This is a Community, a Global Community. This relationship building gives authentic meaning and purpose to learning. There is your MOTIVATION.
  12. 12. Before you know it, you will be up and out the door!
  13. 13. Pam’s Group Nina’s Group Barlow Busha Babb Gatlin Sharp Belcher Corbell Barton Hoyt Smith Benson, K. Jenkins Breeden Lakin Stolle Benson, L. Kimbley Crossland Noll Walker Galloway Powell Ray Wallace Richeson Young Saccoccio Maines VanBrocklin Salter Koonce Timm