2011TAKS Writing Specific Training


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These slides are used with 4th grade TAKS Writing specific training.

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  • 2011TAKS Writing Specific Training

    2. 2. *Check the counter beside the sign-in computer to see whatcolor White Oak shirt to wear. Be sure to wear your School IDBadge.* Set up the room in which you will test the day before thetest. Cover or take down any information that might beuseful to students on the test. Uncover door windows andprop open doors without windows. Mrs. Dickson and I willmake walk-throughs to check rooms around 2:45.*Post Testing signs outside your door and hang your red/green card on your door frame.*EVERYONE will receive a cell phone oath sign in sheet. HaveEVERY student sign the sheet and then sign the sheet YOURSELF.Hang it out with your paper attendance. This is for all classes –NOT just classes which are testing.*There will be NO ENHANCEMENTS for any grade level.The LIBRARY will be closed as well.*Absolutely NO cell phones, ipods, ipads, mp3 players,computers, etc. will be on until ALL tests are returned to thevault. Attendance will be taken by pencil and paper.
    3. 3. *Count and sign out your tests from me at the vault before7:55. You may not leave them anywhere unattended – even inyour locked classroom. *Have small groups ready to leave the room with their test administrators at 8:15. Hand the tests and answer documents to the adult and not the student. HALLS SHOULD BE CLEAR AND BEGIN TESTING BY 8:30. * For the first testing, each student will be furnished with a pencil pouch containing 2 pencils, a sharpener, and an eraser. Remember to take them up and store them for the next test. At that time, only one pencil per student will be furnished. *Active Monitoring – Remember Monitor Students at all times. Active Monitoring is actively engaged in moving about the room aware of every students actions. It is not reading, grading papers, or doing any other activity other than watching students. You may NOT LOOK at a students test for any reason. *Keep your Red Book of Procedures on your desk during all testing.
    4. 4. *For students who receive “Other Methods of Response”, testadministrator will mark answer document with the student verifyingeach answer choice. Test administrator MUST write “Transcribed by(NAME) because student used an Other Method of Response as anaccommodation.” (page 179) There is no oral administration forWriting.*Test administrators may read the writing prompt ONLY if thestudent requests and must read it to the individual student.*NO SHARPIES!*ALL FIFTH GRADE WILL USE THE BATHROOMS ON THE PRIMARYLEVEL. Be aware that there will be no monitor assigned to thishallway.*ALL FOURTH GRADE WILL USE THE BATHROOMS IN THE 4THGRADE HALLWAY.*During the 9:45 break, Alisha Kimbley will move to the restroomacross from the cafeteria to handle the increased number ofstudents taking restroom breaks. Mary Underwood will redirect theoverflow to the downstairs bathrooms. At 10:30, we will resumeusing the bathrooms upstairs with two bathroom monitors present.
    5. 5. *Sausage biscuits will be outside your door when the 9:45 bellrings. Have students stop, place answer documents inside testbooklet, and close booklet. Move the tests to the front of the deskor take them up if you wish. Students may NOT talk during thebreak. We have a very limited supply of water available forstudents who did not bring water.*Lunch will be served in the cafeteria after 3rd and 5th gradeshave finished. Take up testing materials before lunch and returnto me in the vault. Place answer documents inside test booklets.Arrange test booklets with the greatest number ON TOP so thatwhen I turn them upside down I can count from least to greateston the back sides.*Students will skip a seat between each other. All test administratorsand monitors will remain on lunch duty to actively monitor thestudents. There should be no talking.*Writing specifics can be found in the Test AdministrationDirections Manual on pages 3 - 11.*Students may NOT read until ALL test booklets in that room havebeen returned to me. Students may not read at lunch. This appliesONLY to the Writing TAKS testing and clarification has been verifiedwith Region VII.
    6. 6. *When your entire class has finished testing, arrange yourtest booklets in sequential order with the greatest numberON TOP. Place the answer documents in alphabeticalorder. Return your seating chart along with your tests.*YOU WILL SIGN THE TOP PORTION OF YOUR SPECIFICOATH TODAY AND LEAVE IT WITH ME. Then after testing,you will need to sign the second portion when you returnyour tests.
    7. 7. You are great teachers! In fact, there is no one better. You have done your best. Now it is time for our students toshow how great they are by giving it their best.