The Most Realistic Flight Simulator ever


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The Most Realistic Flight Simulator ever

  1. 1. ==== ====check this out for most realistic flight simulator ever ====There is a lot of talk about how Pro Flight Simulator is better than the Microsoft flight sim, and maywell be the best flight sim to date. Reviews go on about how detailed the experience is and thevast number of aircraft available. Well that is pretty much the review of everyone selling gamesand simulators. So, how does the average sim flight fan rate the game and what is theirexperience? After all the real test of how great any simulator is, lies in how well the fans of sim likeit and just how it plays. Lets explore it from the standpoint of a flight simulation fan in search of arealistic flight experience.With most flight Sims, those played on a PC may lack some realism because many are notcompatible with controls similar to those used in aircraft. Controlling a flight using a keyboard isnot quite as real an experience as using foot pedals and yolks. Pro Flight Simulator overcomesthat drawback by allowing for interface with many of the popular Top Gun controllers whichadmittedly add to the realism of the experience. Speaking of compatibility, it works for almost allversions of windows (expected) and for Macs as well (not as expected).Flight sim fans usually have the larger high def monitors, and for the Pro Flight Simulator, a bigscreen experience is definitely recommended because of the highly detailed realism of the outdoorscenery (synched with Google maps) and the cockpit view. For the Flight Sim Fan in search ofrealism Pro Flight Sim may well be able to deliver far better than any simulator previously.There was a lot of talk about the download of the Pro Flight Simulator being a large one. That issimply solved by upgrading to the CD version. However the download is well worth it in terms ofthe visual and control accuracy this flying simulator delivers. It can be synched with Google maps,and has realistic scenery, airports and can reflect real time weather conditions.Of course those features are probably not as notable for the avid flight simulation fan as the factthat cockpit controls and the instrumentation react realistically. Some lag in instrumentation isalways present and is reflected in the instrument panels of this simulator. The magnetic compassis subject to real time influences such as aircraft body forces, the gyro actually drifts as it would inreal instrumentation.Pro Flight Simulator may well be the best flight sim yet for the true flight sim fan. It has the realismthat avid fans desire from their sim games. The beginner may find the selection of aircraft almosttoo overwhelming for them so, although the price is right, the selection excellent in terms of aircraftthe all too plentiful choices can be completely overwhelming. Take it one stage at a time and enjoythe experience because for the Sim fan it is as to real flight as it comes.
  2. 2. Jeff has revealed all the main features inside the Pro Flight Simulator in his latest website. Findout more about it from the Pro Flight Simulator review so that youll understand if its worth whatyoure paying for.Article Source: ====check this out for most realistic flight simulator ever ====