Postcards from SXSW 3.10.13


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Postcards from SXSW 3.10.13

  1. 1. Brand Integration of the DayUBER PedicabsUber is a convenience cab service that allows consumers to request a cabvia SMS or App. It’s an extremely efficient service that allows you to trackvehicles by GPS. Uber enabled a large group of Pedicabs (Bicycles withtwo-person carrying carts attached to back) and sent them out throughthe packed streets of Austin during SXSW festival.InsightPedicabs rule SXSW. Uber realized this and instead of bringing moreexhaust to the space with cabs, they connected to the Pedicab scene inAustin. Fun and smart. 2013
  2. 2. Vibe of the Day: SunglassesSummaryYep, the sun is finally out at SXSW. Despite the excitement over the pastcouple of days, the weather has been downright gloomy. Today isdifferent. Today it’s shadesville. And we’re not talking your traditionalRay-Bans. No color of plastic frames has been left unturned. Brandedsunglass giveaways galore have hit the streets.InsightWe all feel the mood the weather can have on groups. And the mood of alarge group can vastly alter the atmosphere at an event. Within the agency,we’ve all noticed to energy that seems to flow from everywhere when thesun is out, and similarly feel sapped when the sky is gray. People areaffected by weather at different levels, but we shouldn’t discount how itmight affect our creative process and energy we bring into our workday. 2013
  3. 3. My Awesome Event of the DayA Conversation with MSNBC’s Rachel MaddowAmong other things, Rachel Maddow discussed her book, “Drift.” Anexamination of how the way we go to war as both a country and a societyhas changed in the past 30-40 years. It is not so much of a hassleanymore. Our political leaders have made decisions that make use of forceeasier and less controversial.Insight“We used to be a country that went to war. Now we are a country thatsends a military to war and we have very little to do with it.” - RachelMaddow 2013
  4. 4. Brand Integration of the DayHBO/Game of ThronesHBO’s Game of Thrones promoted its upcoming Season 3 premiere in avariety of ways at SXSW. Unveiling limited edition Mondo posters, pedi-cabs designed like the Iron Throne, meet-ups, and a 21st Century photobooth where anyone (yes, even a guy in cargo shorts) could take theirrightful place on the Iron Throne. At least for a couple of minutes.InsightObviously, there were plenty of GOT fans at SXSW. So HBO took fulladvantage of this captive audience, allowing fans to fulfill their fantasy ofhaving a picture taken on the Iron Throne that was immediately emailed tothem (so they could share with all their friends), and printed out as asouvenir. Also, it’s tough to look kingly in cargo shorts. 2013
  5. 5. Vibe of the DaySummaryPop culture is culture. Huge groups of people collect around relativelysimple things. The session “#catvidfest: Is This the End of Art?” dissectedhow the Walker Art Museum staged #catvidfest and garnered 10,000attendees, as well as international media attention. Maybe I shouldn’t use“dissected” in a post about cat vids.InsightAustin360 summed it up this way: “Cultural institutions shouldn’tunderestimate the power of pop culture programming in bringing innew audiences.” The insight: Neither should we. 2013
  6. 6. Brand Integration of the DayMashableMashable set up Mashable House, a tent across the street from theConvention Center, where attendees could chill, connect, and mostimportantly, meet their favorite internet memes. Like grumpy cat.InsightMashable is a key source for staying current in online tech anddigital culture. Don’t be afraid to have fun with your True North. 2013
  7. 7. My Awesome Event of the DayGrumpy Media Guy meets Grumpy CatGrumpy Cat live and in…”person”…was the runaway attraction of at leastthe first two days of the show. So much win!InsightAs I’ve heard Marshall say….guys…let’s not over-think this. 2013
  8. 8. Brand Integration of the DayGroupMeIn somewhat of an ironic twist, the app I am using the most on this trip isalso feeding me. The GroupMe app has been bringing our C-K teamtogether daily here at SXSW, while their branded tent is bringing peopletogether over grilled cheese and beer.InsightThe trend towards apps that bring people together physically is alive andwell at SXSW. It tends to quiet my cynicism that we would rather stare at ascreen than a face. GroupMe not only facilitates human connections withtheir group texting, content sharing & location app, but have brought theirbrand to life and their users together with comfort food. Nothing replaces ameal with friends, an insight that wasn’t lost on GroupMe. Cheers. 2013
  9. 9. Awesome Event of the DayResponsive Design at Every AngleEmily Wengert VP, User Experience Huge, Jacob Surber Sr Prod Mgr HTMLDesign Adobe, Sophie Shepherd Web Designer Happy Cog, Trent WaltonFounder Paravel discussed challenges theyve faced as more of more projectsbegin incorporating responsive design. From new processes, client education,the relationship between developers and designers and the mobile-first debate,the panel discussed how they have charted this new territory.InsightWe are exploring the development of a responsive site for a client. One of thebiggest takeaways from this panel was the critical nature of the relationshipbetween developers & designers, side-by-side. Developers are getting morecreative. Designers are gaining code literacy. Wireframes are designed inHTML. How does this work when your developers are outside of your agency?Can that collaboration truly take place? 2013