Outdoor LCD and its applications


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En esta ponencia se pueden conocer las múltiples e interesantes aplicaciones del LCD en espacios exteriores.
Ponente: Dikram Tawitian Head of Sales & Marketing

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Outdoor LCD and its applications

  1. 1. Dikran Tawitian, Infinitus ltd., Head of Marketing and SalesOutdoor LCD systems and applications
  2. 2. Digital signage solution is strong as its weakest linkOutdoor LCD based project special considerations:o Property owner allowanceo Power and internet deliveryo Local regulations:• Loudness• Brightness outputo Insuranceo Safety certificationo Quick reaction when systems brake downo Cleaning
  3. 3. So what can digital signage do for you!?3 purposesGenerate revenueso Sales of advertisingo Promotion of products and servicesEnhance customer experienceo Decreasing stress levelso Saving timeo Creating „servicescape“Build brando Communicating brand messages to targetaudiences2 content delivery typesInformation on demandInformation on the flyMix of bothBasic advantages of outdoor LCD communicationCatching attention via HD visuals and/or interactivity at the streets24/7/365 operationEvading information clutter of indoor communication
  4. 4. Outdoor LCD applications are “out there“Every day more deployments are occuring all around the globeTransportation, DOOH advertising, QSR, Shopping mall, Retail, Municipality tourist info networks andfacility wayfinding applications are growing fastestDOOHadvertising -Gas stationTransportation Quick serviceresturantShopping mall City info DOOHadvertising –„classic“DOOHadvertising –Innovative HWapproachDOOHadvertising –with traits ofCity info
  5. 5. Outdoor LCD applications are out thereEvery day more deployments of larger scale are occuringDOOH advertising1.680 unitsCity tourist info network75 unitsGas station DOOH400 units
  6. 6. Application: DOOH advertisingLocation/Integrator• New York/ NAPurpose• Revenues - Sales of advertisingSystems used• 1.680 x 55“landscape double sideAdd-ons and upgrade• noneContents• AdvertisingAttention• Largest local large format outdoor LCD DOOHadvertising network
  7. 7. Application: City infoLocation/Integrator• Gdansk, Poland/ DDS PolandPurpose• Enhancing experience of inhabitant and tourists• Revenues - local business and governmental organizationsSystems used• 75 x imotion 46“portrait single sideAdd-ons and upgrade• Touch screen, NFC, UPS, antigraffiti , alarm, LED bulb, ControlMotion AdvanceContents• Way finding (map, object search)• Municipal institution and sights promotion• Local business and event promotion• General information (time, weather,etc.)Attention• Largest modern city info point network in Europe and wider with 75 outdoor and175 indoor units• Contents can be sent to user mobile devices
  8. 8. Location/Integrator• Cardiff, Wales/ Digital Media SystemsPurpose• Revenues - Event promotion• Brand building - WMC philosophySystems used• 2 x imotion 65“ portrait double sideAdd-ons and upgrades• Ultra high bright 2.500 nit LED backlit LCD panels, ambient lightsensor, antigrafitiContents• Future events, shows and WMC activitiesAttention• Intercepting passersby before entering into indoor signage clutter• 24/7/365 working HD resolution powerful visualsApplication: Cultural venue
  9. 9. Location/Integrator• Casablanca, Morocco/ Impact netPurpose• Promotion of upcoming titles and brand buildingSystems used• 1 x imotion 46“ portrait single sideAdd-ons and upgrades• White colorContents• Upcoming movies• Special offers• Branding• Event announcementsAttention• Sun readability with direct sun load (peak performanceof Samsung 1.500 nit/4.000:1 contrast panel, AR coatingfor lowest reflection)Application: Retail
  10. 10. Technology – Hardware perspectiveIndoor LCD Semi-outdoor LCD Full-outdoor LCDLocation Controlled temperature environment Shaded outdoor or high ambient lightindoor areasSun exposed outdoor areasIntended operation As needed 24 / 7 / 365 24 / 7 / 365Exposure to outdoor environment Non existent Moderate HighTemperature issue Non existent Moderate• Moderate temperaturefluctuation and maximumtemperatureHigh• High temperature fluctuationand maximum temperatureHumidity issue Non existent Moderate/High HighDust/Dirt/Pollution particles issue Low/Moderate(in certain environments)Moderate/High HighVandalism issue Low Moderate/High HighEngineering complexity Low Moderate HighInteresting fact: Sun exposed LCD panels operating in 30°C ambient air temperature will have on surface LCD temperature of 85°C. That isdifference of 55°C, mostly caused by solar radiation, and certainly a fact nobody can afford to overlook.
  11. 11. Quickly about issues of full-outdoor LCD systemsThere is more to such systems than sun readability, as they are 24/7/365 exposed to outdoor effects and public access, such as UVprotection, vandal resistance, remote system health status supervision, failure alerts, self-protection features, etc.
  12. 12. Full outdoor is a Shady marketo Outdoor LCD systems market is quite confusing with many suppliers offering solutions of much different quality to system integratorsand end customerso It is important to understand better requirements of electronics to be able to differentiate between options and evade danger of wastingresourceso This is somewhat normal to expect to happen on new forming young markets as potential is high and many see opportunity in entering abusinessFinland Slovenia Germany USA
  13. 13. Attention!!! Tech specs are trickyFew outdoor LCD systems suppliersLocation Germany Morocco USAExposure to sun Full-outdoor/no direct sun exposure Full-outdoor/directly exposed to sun Full-outdoor/ no direct sun exposureSystem type All-in-one/ semi-product IP 65 All-in-one IP 65 All-in-one IP 65ThermalmanagementVentilation HVAC VentilationAir circulation Open loop Closed loop Closed loopLCD brightness Rated 1.500 nit Rated 1.500 nit Rated 2.000 nitLCD contrast 4.000:1 4.000:1 NA
  14. 14. Thank you very much for your attention!