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  • 1. Front Cover & Contents Page<br />I like the idea of using 2 bold contrasting colours with black/white. As the backdrop of the image is white I must use black as the third colour so it is visible. From my research into music magazine covers I know that it is a convention to use quite bright, bold colours and occasionally several font effects such as drop shadows.<br />1) Grape Purple, Strawberry Pink and Black<br />I could use the pink and purple for all of the cover lines and masthead, then perhaps use the black for highlighting, shadows and extra information such as the issue date. I like pink and purple together, however the colours could make the magazine look cheap. Also as the target audience of my magazine is boy and girls, the pink and purple could make the magazine look too girly. <br />2) Dark Purple, Lime Green and Black<br />These colours go together well with the black, and none of them appeal more to a specific gender. However, if I were to highlight a cover line black, or use a drop shadow in order to make the words stand out, the dark purple will not be seen as it is too dark. <br />3) Red, Spring Green and Black<br />I like the combination of colours, but the fact that they are often associated with Christmas puts me off. Christmas is definitely relevant to my magazine as it is the December issue and there are several references to it, however I think that using a festive colour scheme could make my magazine look tacky.<br />4) Turquoise blue, Strawberry Pink and Black<br />This is a good colour scheme as the colours contrast well, they’re bright but not too girly, and have a winter feel without being tacky. As you can see below the colours stand out even more when highlighted black. <br />DANCE<br />MUSIC<br />I think I will use the pink for my masthead and lead article; blue and pink for cover lines and the black for highlighting and drop shadows. I will use the same colour scheme for the contents page. <br />