Angelica and damien


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Angelica and damien

  1. 1. Angelica and Damien By Lyndi Barruw and Olivia BuddHampstead Fine Arts 2011 Care of Hampstead Fine Arts college 02075860312
  2. 2. INT. GIRLS BEDROOM.A girl is asleep in her bedroom. It’s incredibly tidy andneat. The camera begins to zoom in on her alarm clock goingoff it’s 6:44. You see her open her eyes. ANGELICA One, two, three, four. lying in bed looking stressed, using her hands tosmooth out her hair and whips it to the side. ANGELICA I’ve done it wrong.She sets the alarm again to 6:48. You watch her close hereyes and lay in bed incredibly still. (Then the camera panthe room.) The alarm goes off again. The camera zooms in toher mouth as she speaks: ANGELICA One (deep breath), two (deep breath), three (deep breath), four(deep breath).She sits up in bed and takes a pink heart post it note andwrites the opening titles starting with Director- LyndiBarruw and Olivia Budd. When she’s writing this there issoft classical music playing in the background. She looks atthe post it and decides its not neat enough. She then walksto her desk. She opens her drawer to find pens all colourcoordinated has producer written already in the drawer andplaces her pen back, she gets another post it and writes thedirector again. She then puts the other post it note frombefore in a clear plastic bag and puts it in the spotlessbin.INT. BATHROOM.The camera cuts to inside the bathroom watching her wash herhands with steaming hot water. She then dries her hands witha towel that is on top of a pyramid or rolled towels andputs anti bacterial hand gel on.INT. BROTHERS ROOM.Pan his room showing how messy and unhygenic it is. Clotheseverywhere. Old food lying around. Rubbish everywhere.Ripped posters. He dribbles in to a cup of water thats onthe floor next to his bed. Then you hear his alarm which isbadly tuned radio station. He smacks the alarm then rolls (CONTINUED)
  3. 3. CONTINUED: 2.over and goes back to sleep. You pan the room. Back to thesleeping boy who starts feeling the floor for his alarmclock. He opens his eyes and looks at it the clock. DAMIEN (sighs)He takes a sip of his dribble water makes a strange face.Then stumbles out of bed and steps on a plate of leftoversof mashed potatos. Then wipes his foot on a bob marleyt-shirt on the floor. Then sniffs a pair of ripped unionjack boxers and puts them on.He picks up a receipt of thefloor and writes Damien and Angelica played by.... then onthe other side of the receipt is the producers name. He thenscrunches it up and throws it on the floor. He takes hiscoat and puts it on revealing a bright red stain on theback. Then takes a polo with a hair on it stuck down, that’slying on the desk and eats it. Then walks out the door.INT. HALLWAY.Both siblings stand by the front door and collect theirbags. She puts her perfect,clean bright blue back pack onand he picks up his tatty green musically badged bag andthey both walk out the door.