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Partnerships And Goal Alignment
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Partnerships And Goal Alignment


Some thoughts on the challenges of goal alignment between consultants and clients

Some thoughts on the challenges of goal alignment between consultants and clients

Published in Economy & Finance , Business
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  • I just threw some ideas together about the challenges of aligning goals between consultants or service providers and clients. If you have comments I’d love to hear them at BetterProjects.net.


  • 1. Partnerships and goal alignment
  • 2. This is you
  • 3. This is you, and the things you know
  • 4. This is you, the things you know, and your client
  • 5. And the things your client knows
  • 6. This is your client’s goal
  • 7. And this is your goal
  • 8. They seem to be aligned. Well done.
  • 9. But you actually have a bunch of goals
  • 10. And so does your client
  • 11. It’s kind of like your orientation, or the direction you are heading
  • 12. And your client has one also
  • 13. And while you main goals are aligned…
  • 14. You aren’t exactly on the same page
  • 15. There is overlap, but there are also differences
  • 16. You know it’s good to be aligned with your client
  • 17. But you aren’t
  • 18. You can tackle this issue in different ways ?
  • 19. You can change your locus so that you are more aligned with your client
  • 20. You can expand your scope so that you are more aware of their goals and motivations
  • 21. You can contract a more appropriate resource
  • 22. You can accept the variations
  • 23. Given your client’s goals
  • 24. And what you know
  • 25. What would you do?
  • 26.  
  • 27. www.betterprojects.net Micky