Building Social Applications using Zembly
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Building Social Applications using Zembly



This is a lightning presentation given by Brian Ko to our team detailing the new Zembly framework.

This is a lightning presentation given by Brian Ko to our team detailing the new Zembly framework.



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Building Social Applications using Zembly Building Social Applications using Zembly Presentation Transcript

  • Building Social Applications using “zembly” Brian Ko
  • Topics
    • Popularity of Social networking
    • Impact of social networking to software
    • development
    • What is “zembly”?
    • Things you can build/publish using “zembly”
    • Summary and current status
  • Social Networking Phenomenon
    • Social networking is rapidly growing with more than hundreds of millions users
    • > Facebook, MySpace, orkut, LinkedIn, Meebo, Friendster, Twitter...
    • Primary means of mass communication among 13-30 years old generation
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  • Why Do You Care (as Developers)?
    • Social networking offers developers unprecedented opportunities to build social applications that can reach millions of users overnight.
    • Different metrics are emerging for determining value of an application
    • > “Size and features” to “How much usage it gets”
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  • Emerging Changes in the Software World
    • Participation model to the software development is changing
    • > “Traditional models involving mostly software developers” to “new models that involve everyone”
  • Emerging Changes in the Software World
    • The social platforms have emerged as viable development and deployment platform
    • > Applications are being developed and deployed over the popular social platforms
  • Why Social Platforms
    • Provides application development and deployment right on the web
    • > Removes the complexity of deployment process
    • Exposes social networking facilities to applications as ready to use services or widgets
    • > Profile, friends, rating system, etc.
  • Why Social Platforms
    • Builds an Eco-system of applications, developers, and users
    • > Applications deployed are becoming the part of the Eco-system, thus enhancing the value of the social platform
  • Where is the future Application Growth? 8
  • Where is the Future Application Growth?
    • Non-traditional apps
    • > Widgets, Social apps, iPhone apps, Mashups, Situational apps
    • Characteristics of these apps
    • > Usually small
    • > Developed by casual developers
    • > Quick to build, easy to deploy
    • What causes this trends?
    • > Popularization of the social platforms: Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, Meebo, Orkut, etc.
  • Zembly
    • “ zembly” is the place to create social applications, together
    • > “zembly” allows users to easily create and host social applications of all shapes and sizes, targeting the most popular social platforms on the web
  • Zembly
    • Think of “zembly” like Wikipedia for social applications
    • > a wiki for live, editable code that is more than just about trivial widgets, but rather about full-fledged social applications that can tap into the social graph and reach millions of users.
  • Browser-based development
    • IDE-based editor running in the browser
    • (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, FBML support
    • Dynamic API search & invocation
    • 1-click publishing onto the web
    • Automatic hosting
  • Zembly Enables Social Programming
    • Collaborative creation of social applications
    • Fine-grained reuse of artifacts
    • News feed, Contacts, Custom profile page, Messaging, User ratings, Favorites, Comments
  • You can create these with Zembly
    • Services
    • Widgets
    • Appplications for
    • >Facebook, Meebo, iPhone, OpenSocial, Orkut, MySpace
  • What is a Service?
    • Contains business logic
    • Written in JavaScript
    • Can be published so that others can call it
    • > “zembly” creates a deployable web service and deploys it in it own container
    • Can take parameters
  • Creating a Service
    • Write business logic in JavaScript
    • > Using IDE-like JavaScript editor: code completion,
    • syntax checking, format, code snippet, change history
    • Set up parameters
    • Find and use other services
    • Handle error conditions
    • > You can use built-in validation
    • Test the service
    • Publish the service
    • > Version control
  • What is a Widget?
    • Widgets provide a user friendly component that you can embed in a web page
    • Made of
    • > (X)HTML
    • > CSS
    • > JavaScript
  • Example: Creating BuddyWeather 18
  • Creating BuddyWeather 19
  • Summary
    • “ zembly” is a Wikipedia of social applications
    • Using just browser, you can create and publish services, widgets, Facebook apps, Meebo apps, OpenSocial apps, iPhone apps, Google gadgets, and other social applications
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