Webinar Best Practices: Driving Demand with Digital Events


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Webinar I did recently with OMS and Adobe on webinar best practices -- enjoy

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Webinar Best Practices: Driving Demand with Digital Events

  1. 1. Driving Demand with Digital Events July 10, 2013 Craig Rosenberg www.TOPOhq.com @funnelholic
  2. 2. #OMSummit
  3. 3. Why Webinars? 1. Demand Generation -- High-converting offer 2. Content -- One webinar creates multiple content assets 3. Engagement -- You don’t know if someone read your whitepaper, but you do know if they watched your webinar. 4. Data - Invaluable prospect insights to score or create relevant sales messaging 5. Urgency – Time sensitive versus “I’ll get to it when I get to it” offer 6. Multi-faceted -- Great for brand, thought leadership, demand generation, inbound marketing, etc 7. Proven -- They work. © 2013 TOPO “People view webinars as an hour of free consulting” Loren MacDonald, SilverPop #OMSummit
  4. 4. Recommended Content Strategy © 2013 TOPO Content Type Frequency Gated? Blog posts 5 times/week No Ebook 1/quarter Yes Webinars 1-2/month Yes Whitepapers 1/month Yes Infographic 1/quarter No “Create a content cadence by delivering content at the same day, same time, same place” Scott Albro TOPO #OMSummit
  5. 5. The Webinar Platform Components Registration Development Attendee Development Production Conversion Multi- Channel Distribution © 2013 TOPO Landing Page Reminders Engagement Topic Development On-Demand Content Lead Management Buyer Personas Topic Creation Speaker Development #OMSummit
  6. 6. Topic Development 1. Determine target buyer (s) 2. Set attendance goals 3. Decide on a topic – Remember: Wide topics = larger attendance vs. targeted topics = smaller attendance (which may or may not be bad) 4. Recruit speakers – Remember: Buyers prefer to hear from peers and experts © 2013 TOPO Same rules of content marketing apply with webinars – buyer first, product last or never #OMSummit
  7. 7. Determine the Target Buyer(s) © 2013 TOPO #OMSummit
  8. 8. The Topic Should Not be About You © 2013 TOPO Translation: Learn ALL about me. IT will be awesome. We will spend the whole time discussing me and how I might be able to sell you something. I bet you can’t wait! Via @HJSewell #OMSummit
  9. 9. The Topic Should be About the Buyer © 2013 TOPO Side Note: Picture of Presenter Valuable and helpful topicRole-Focused #OMSummit
  10. 10. Test Provocative Topics © 2013 TOPO #OMSummit
  11. 11. Star Power Brings Audience © 2013 TOPO 101 Rotten Tomatoes $261,930,436 6 Oscars 9 Oscar Nominations $49,230,772 #OMSummit
  12. 12. Analysts, Bloggers, and Thought Leaders are the Stars of B2B © 2013 TOPO #OMSummit
  13. 13. Multiple Stars = More Potential Audience © 2013 TOPO •Panels •Roundtables •Multi-speaker presentations #OMSummit
  14. 14. Registration Development 1. Set attendee goals 2. Create a promotional plan 3. Use multi-channel distribution with email as top channel 4. Create landing pages built to convert © 2013 TOPO Use every tool at your disposal to drive registrations #OMSummit
  15. 15. Create a Promotional Plan © 2013 TOPO Tactic Best Practices Percentage of Registrations Email Campaign 3 email sends: 3 weeks, 1 week, 1 day 75-100% Corporate website •Banners and links throughout website •Pop-ups •Events resource center 5-15% (Depending on traffic and placement of advertising) Social Sharing •Begin sharing immediately •Ask speakers, employees, etc to share •Create Google+ event page (Facebook page secondary) 3-5% (Note: Social sharing often boosts email and website promotions) Promotional Blog Posts •Write great content on related topic (not an advertisement) •Ask speakers to write posts 2-4% Promotional Video Do video content leading up to the event 1-2% Phone (Sales) Allow sales to promote to their prospects and customers <1% (But will be highly targeted and is a great tactic for sales to generate conversation) #OMSummit
  16. 16. Blog Promotion © 2013 TOPO Use prominent cross- sell Post can be written on your blog or guest posts on other blogs #OMSummit
  17. 17. Video Promotion © 2013 TOPO Video interviews with speakers with URL in “Bottom Third” •15 minute interview •Cut into 3-4 short video previews •Post to blog, website, Youtub e •Promote socially #OMSummit
  18. 18. Landing Pages that Convert © 2013 TOPO 1. Introduce the speakers 2. Date, time of event and how to join 3. WIIFM (What’s in it for me) – An hour is a long time, make sure they know why it is worth their while 4. Be clear about what the webinar is about 5. Make registration form obvious 6. Keep registration fields as light as possible #OMSummit
  19. 19. Attendee Development © 2013 TOPO •Set an attendance goal (30-50% of registrations) •Develop a promotional plan to drive attendance •Begin promoting attendance immediately upon sign-up •Use multiple channels including ICAL, email, social, voice, and text •Email: 24 hour reminder, 1-2 hour reminder, and 15 minute reminder •Social: Start the #hashtag immediately If you build it, it doesn’t mean they will come #OMSummit
  20. 20. Reminders are Critical to Attendance © 2013 TOPO Via @noyes_jesse http://blog.eloqua.com/reminders-boost- webinar-attendance/ #OMSummit
  21. 21. The Effectiveness of Voicemail Reminders © 2013 TOPO Via @andrewspoeth http://blog.marketo.com/blog/2011/04/5-ways- to-increase-webinar-attendance.html #OMSummit
  22. 22. Text Messaging Reminders © 2013 TOPO TEXT ALERT #OMSummit
  23. 23. Social Reminders © 2013 TOPO Get the hashtag working immediately to build momentum Have thought leaders get people pumped on the event #OMSummit
  24. 24. Engagement © 2013 TOPO 1. Develop a #hashtag for the event , announce it at the beginning and ask people to tweet – Speakers should engage with Tweets post-event 2. Create 1-2 polls during the event to keep people engaged 3. Question and Answer: – Prepare 5-6 questions before the event – Leave 10-15 minutes for Q/A – Encourage people to ask questions throughout the event – Don’t worry if no one asks questions Most content is a one-way interaction, webinars are a conversation Webinars are a classroom – don’t just present, engage #OMSummit
  25. 25. Social Engagement © 2013 TOPO 1. Don’t make the hashtag too complicated 2. Make it prominent at the start 3. Put it on every slide 4. Have someone on staff running the conversation #OMSummit
  26. 26. Poll Best Practices © 2013 TOPO 1. Make each question as simple and direct as possible. 2. Avoid nuances and colloquialisms. 3. Offer a reasonable and consistent number of rankings (5 is recommended). 4. Ask only one question at a time and one or two per event. 5. Allow neutral or opt out responses. 6. User-test your survey. http://www.connectusers.com/tutorials/2009/02/effective_polls/index.php #OMSummit
  27. 27. Conversion © 2013 TOPO 1. Webinars create a long-lasting content asset – Use the on-demand version as long as reasonable. – Create a resource center on your website to house webinar assets. 2. Create once-publish many – Lots of potential content from webinars 3. Develop a post-webinar follow-up plan with sales Rule #1: Webinars create at least one demand gen asset if not more Rule #2: Have a follow-up plan in place before you launch the webinar #OMSummit
  28. 28. Create once, publish many © 2013 TOPO One webinar = • 1 whitepaper • 2-3 blog posts • 9 videos • 2 Slideshare downloads #OMSummit
  29. 29. Remix Webinar into an Ebook (Cool Idea) © 2013 TOPO #OMSummit
  30. 30. Have a Follow-up Plan © 2013 TOPO 1. Send email with on-demand instructions to registrants – Create different messages for attendees versus non-attendees 2. Score and route leads based on engagement – Nurture no-shows – Score highly engaged attendees higher and do immediate follow-up 3. Provide sales with data in order to personalize and customize follow-up – Give sales the slide deck as an asset for follow-up If you don’t have a follow-up plan, leads will sit on the shelf #OMSummit
  31. 31. Sample Sales Follow-up Plan © 2013 TOPO # Business Day Step Description 1 1 Score leads Lead is scored based on pre-set parameters before alerting sales/inside sales. Lead scores help determine which leads are followed up first. 2 1 Assign lead New leads are assigned to inside sales for follow up. 3 1 Send on-demand email Send email to registrants with on-demand instructions, create different messages for attendees/no-attendees 4 1-15 Call Campaign Three calls/emails over 1.5 weeks 5 Ongoing Nurture Move leads into nurture campaign. #OMSummit
  32. 32. The Webinar Platform Components Registration Development Attendee Development Production Conversion Multi- Channel Distribution © 2013 TOPO Landing Page Reminders Engagement Topic Development On-Demand Content Lead Management Buyer Personas Topic Creation Speaker Development #OMSummit
  33. 33. @funnelholic www.blog.topohq.com