Enterprise Social Networks - Enabling a Productive Workforce


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Business is more competitive than ever.
By integrating business management tools with Web 2.0 technologies we can collaborate more effectively for improved business results.

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  • With all the take these days about social networking, many people are trying to understand
  • The 21 st Century is already proving to be an extremely dynamic and is presenting companies and organization with challenges that they have never faced before… The only constant is change so we need new, innovative tools to compete and be successful.
  • Research from top analysts to management gurus proves that our employees are do not have the resources needed to meet the dynamic challenges we face today and our communication methods are failing
  • Because we have been limitation… Email - MIT first demonstrated the Compatible Time-Sharing System (CTSS) in 1961 computer to computer
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  • What makes it an ESN (Enterprise social network vs. a CSN – Consumer Social Network) Who uses it – employees, business partners, clients Why they use it – knowledge management, client engagement, connecting with target markets, better service, efficient collaboration, sales, etc. How they use it – HR has HRMS features and a company intranet to help build a great culture, other executive can connect, manage knowledge and leverage tools like TeamWork (I.e. MBO) to manage projects, etc. and DocuVault to document management) The tools allow business users to: find out about each other form teams, groups or communities collaborate on the same work objects discuss and comment on their work organize work from their perspective identify relevant work discover people with common interests learn from others' expertise
  • Enterprise Social Networks - Enabling a Productive Workforce

    1. 1. Enterprise Social Networks Enabling a productive workforce Craig McAndrews, Director of Sales BroadVision OnDemand craig.mcandrews@broadvision.com
    2. 2. “ The world is flat” Highly distributed, global & diverse Hybrid workforce Permanent, contingent, outsourced Dynamic teamwork One position – many projects Global competition Price, Time, Resources Multi-generational workforce Conflicting behaviors and abilities The 21 st century workplace presents new challenges. Innovative solutions are required to succeed.
    3. 3. Research shows that we are not prepared to succeed Corporate employees spend 1/4 of their time looking for information, costing as much as 25% of staff costs ? Interactive Data Corporation
    4. 4. We need more! Our existing toolset can only take us so far…
    5. 5. Eliminate the obstacles
    6. 6. Your employees & Business units Your partners Your clients Embrace the power of networks
    7. 7. Businesses require more than just connections Individual Team Company Personal Project Business Purpose Relationship Enterprise Social Network
    8. 8. Business Management Tools Network Information Tools Collaboration tools Blogs Micro-blogs/ Forums Podcast RSS Feeds Employee Recognition Shared Calendars Collaboration Communities Team Management Document Creation/ Sharing
    9. 9. <ul><li>Improve your business on every front </li></ul>
    10. 10. Innovation Revenue Growth Cost Savings Project performance Better decisions Collaborating for business results