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Article in ZDNet from 1999 on one of my endeavors.

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Zdnet 1999

  1. 1. Inter@ctive Week: The First (And Last) Word On Net Kiosks wysiwyg://996/htp://www.zdnet.com...tories/news/0,4164,2310969,00.htm1 Reviews News Downtoads Shop AnchorDesk r yOU the Top News Updated September 21 , 1 999 1:49 PM ET ";MEIIM Excite(OHome Goes News & Views Wireless Home The First (And Last) Word On Net I AT&T Nabs $100 Million News Scan Ooinion Kiosks Home Depot Pact Soecial Reports By Denise Culver, Special to Inter@ctive Week, Net Aid: Bio Concert. Print Issues Biq Site Inter@ctive Week @Net Index L SandDioer To DeveloD August 9, 1999 10:03 AM ET Value-Added Streaminq Topics Services B2B lf you have questions - any questions at all - about lnternet kiosks, you need look no further than L Wireless Provider B2C Voicestream Acouires Communications Kiosks.org, a Web site dedicated to interactive pay Aerial Communications DesktoDS stations. Infr@structu re L Sendmail 3.0 For NT Java Run by Craig Keefner and his wife Carolynn, the Web Released Networkinq site contains a wealth of kiosk news, trends, 5 PSINet Picks Uo Servers advertisements and information. Keefner started Acquisition Pace Strateqv & Policv Kiosks.org four years ago, after successfully running an L PSINet Buvs 4 Overseas Web Computino lnternet news group on the same subject. Kiosks.org Service Providers members - primarily companies that make lnternet kiosks or their components - pony up $250 for the privilege of submitting information. I E-rnaif thist The site enables Keefner, who works full-time as a programmer for Northwest Airlines, to serve as a I Prinrthis! middleman between Kiosks.org members and J prospective customers. Keefner says the site now gets about 100,000 hits per month, a number that steadily ___l Savethi*l has grown since July 1996, when the site received only H ffi EFonrarrd uy 5,400 hits per month. "Thats one of the reasons we had to start charging people to be on the site," Keefner says. "lt got to the point that I had to have some way to judge the Investor Advertising credibility of the companies that were submitting Supplements information." Web Host 7 Symbol Last Change Web Host 6 Keefner says his interest in Net kiosks dates back to E 1062r.28 -19632 Nasdao 2838.26 47.89 Web Host 5 1993, when he worked with retailer Dayton Hudson as CTI Trends 2 @xet 308.3 -1.98 a programmer. One of his jobs there was to write the 91211992:20:00 PM EDT Web Host 4 Data delayed at least 20 operating system for the Club Web interactive kiosks Web Host 3 minutes found in Target stores. CTI Trends Web Host 2 Investor News Web Host 1 Although Keefner no longer writes such programming for kiosk companies, he tracks kiosk trends through the 9121199 11:20:14AM PT Web site. ln the past several months, he has received E-Mail Alert increasing numbers of requests from pay phone service . 2HRS2GO: Corel out .,...-.................... . ......... i providers for information on lnternet kiosks. of trouble, but :.*-"*"*-*"**"**;t qrowth still needed fE.t!?,:ffi "lts a sexy topic," Keefner says. "Pay phone providers already have the relationships with the retailers and the Is there a silicon ffiri*l contracts for pay phones at those locations, so kiosks are a natural extension." linino from Taiwans earthouake? IPO E.oiohany. the ffi Apply for a Keefner says he receives numerous requests for information on kiosk-pay phone combinations, as well as kiosks that are bulletproof or weatherproof. Internets next frontier? Earninos. uporadesI of 2 9l2ll99l:22PM
  2. 2. Inter@ctive Week: The First (And Last) Word On Net Kiosks wysiwyg://996/http://www.zdnet.com...tories/news/0,4164,2310969,00.html Apply for a Earnings, upgrades subscription to "A lot of pay phone providers are realizing that they not enouqh for Inter@ctive have an advantage in the lnternet kiosk race, and Cabletron shares Week. theyre looking at all the possibilities," he says. "Who MIDDAY MARKETS: Its FREE! knows whether someone will develop a kiosk that could Techs drift lower Click Here! survive on the streets of New York City? Who knows whether people will sit and talk on a pay phone if its Aoole falls on profit connected to an lnternet kiosk that will let them surf or warning Related Sites play games while theyre talking? The point is that pay Investor PC Week phone providers are thinking through the possibilities. Sm@rt Reseller Itll probably take about 12 months for us to start seeing I@W E.MAIL ALERT the results of all the thinking, but its definitely going to Want to stay on top of all ZDNN the news and special happen." features on Inter@ctive Week Online? Then subscribe to the l@W E-Mail Alert. Post Talkback ,* -, *- I no comments have been posted yet re -1 Sponsored Links IT Pros ComputerJobs.com: The Employment Web site For IT Pros! Unique PC See the new all-in-one NEC PowerMate 2000 microdesktop SAVE! Free shiopinq on orders over $50 @ Staoles.com! very Cool Coin sized COLOR video camera sensation at Xlo.com Books Take $10 off vour next purchase at barnesandnoble.com Notebooks FREE USB Keyboard&Mouse with Micron TransPort NXI ZDNet Featured Links Freebies 5O FREE downloads -- this weeks top free files! Bargains! Shop the Basement for best buvs on comouter oroducts Cool Stuff Our quide to the qreatest qizmos and qadqets:Equio! Magazine Offers Click Here Great Deals on the Best Computer and Gamino Maoazines --, Reviews I News I Downloads I Shop I MyZDNet I Games IZDTV I Forums B#"t AnchorDesk I PC Magazine I PC Week I Help! | Yahoo! lnternet Life Use of ZDNet is subject to certain Terms & Conditions Please read ZDNets Privacy Statemenl-(reViewedtEfTRUSTe). Copyright (c) 1999 ZDNet. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of ZDNet is prohibited. ZDNet and the ZDNet logo are trademarks of Ziff-Davis lnc.2 of2 9l2ll99l:22PM