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Coates Offshore Product Brochure

  1. 1. Products and ServicesGlobal rentalsolutions
  2. 2. Coates Offshore is a globalprovider of specialist rentalequipment to the offshoreenergy industry.Our core products of air compression and steam generation are designedto support the needs of major oil and gas operators and service companies inthe production of oil and gas, well testing, high pressure pipeline, rig repair,maintenance and drill cuttings handling.Operating the largest global co-ordinated fleet of air compressors and steamgenerators, the fleet is fully complemented by supporting equipment such as;// Gas booster compressors// Aftercoolers// Heat exchangers// Dryer packages// Sand filters// High and low pressure filter packages; and// Associated ancillary equipmentOur fleet is a combination of Zone II, Safe Zone and Rigsafe specifications.Air Compressors / Steam Generators / Heat Exchangers / Sand Filters / Air Treatment EquipmentAir filtration / Air movers / Breathing air packages / Flow metering and monitoring /Hose and piping packages – 3/4" to 4" diameter hose / Hose reels / Pressure control /Fuel storage tanks / Hose baskets and containers / Workshop containers / Nitrogen production 01
  3. 3. Service and OperatingPersonnelWe recognise our customers’ need for specialist advice to help them getthe job done right, on time and on budget. Therefore we have a globalteam of experts to deliver on the promises we make to our customers.Our fully certified team of service engineers and partners are available 24/7 on a day ratebasis to support our customers globally, whether it be for maintaining and/or operatingCoates Offshore equipment.
  4. 4. Why Rent?Over many years as equipment rental specialists to the oil and gasindustry we have developed expertise in managing the assets you need toget your job done and we believe that it makes sense for smart businessoperators to rent equipment rather than owning it.Renting equipment has many advantages over other methods ofmanaging equipment assets such as://Renting gives you access to a pool of //Eliminate equipment obsolescence and equipment. One piece can be replaced depreciation – Today technological quickly and efficiently therefore change is rapid and new equipment is minimising the cost of breakdowns. coming along all the time to help you get your job done safer and more efficiently.//When renting. You will always have Coates Offshore is constantly introducing access to the right equipment for the job new equipment to the fleet and therefore increase efficiency and safety therefore we can help you remain of your workforce. competitive at all times.//Eliminate Maintenance costs. Have you //“Variablise” your costs – As the energy ever stopped to calculate the industry, like most others, go through infrastructure costs of owning peaks and troughs in activity it makes equipment and employing service teams. sense not to carry large fixed overheads. Coates Offshore can look after this Renting allows you to link your costs to for you. your level of activity and therefore stabilise your profitability.//Renting equipment can help reduce investment. Therefore freeing up capital //Renting will improve your customer for your core business activities. service. Customer needs change over time and renting gives you the flexibility//Increase your borrowing power – to adjust to changing customer needs. Renting our assets can help remove liabilities from your balance sheet thus //Renting is good for the environment. improving the financial ratios that your By renting you are gaining access to a bank is looking at when deciding to shared pool of assets that are available approve finance facilities. to everyone and tend to be utilised more than assets owned and operated by a single business. Greater utilisation leads to greater efficiency in the use of resources and less waste – That can only be good for everyone. //Renting can help improve staff and contractor safety. Equipment supplied by Coates Offshore is well maintained and compliant with the latest legislative requirements. 03
  5. 5. Air CompressorsCoates Offshore air rental fleet consists of a combination of ZONE II,SAFEZONE and RIGSAFE equipment.Coates Offshore air compressors have been built to DNV specification anddesigned with a compact footprint, a key driver with all Welltests, and toallow safe and easy access for operational and maintenance personnel.Zone II Compressors – ContainerisedAs a rental option the Coates Offshore Zone II containerised compressors are ideal foroperations such as well testing and oilfield applications in hazardous areas.The compact footprint, containerised housing, and forklift slots make it easy and costefficient to transport, whilst easy stacking ability further reduces use of deck spaceonsite. The internal access provides offshore personnel with safe operational andservicing capability.Coates Offshore Zone II compressors range from 750cfm to 1050cfm all with 590 litre fueltanks for up to 10 hours of operation at full load, resulting in maximised operational time.Customers benefit from latest Zone II technology, for operation in hazardous areas, heavyduty DNV 2.7-1 specification and reduced downtime with optional 24/7 support fromCoates Offshore Service Engineer Team.Features Performance• Rugged, reliable marine engine with Flow Working Fuel Fuel FullLoad high ambient cooler design Pressure Tank Consumption Running• Designed for offshore stacking - internal cfm m3/min PSIG barg litres litres/hr hours access for operation and service CPA 750 XHP C ZII 750 21.3 300 20.0 590 63.0 9.4• Pyroban exhaust gas cooling, inlet shut CPA 875 C ZII 875 24.8 150 10.3 590 59.0 10 down and flame trap CPA 900/200 C ZII 900 27 200 13.7 590 63.0 9.4• All pneumatic starting, control and CPA 1000 C ZII 1050 29.7 125 8.6 590 62.0 9.5 tell-tale fault indication *At full flow and pressure• Designed for Zone 2 hazardous area operation Specifications – BP200, OCMA Mec1, EEMUA 107 Length Width Height Weights• Heavy duty, fully bunded, DNV2.7-1 mm mm mm kg (dry) kg (operating) offshore container• Compact design - transport three framed CPA 750/300 C ZII 3990 2250 2210 8100 8200 in a 40ft shipping container CPA 875 C ZII 3990 2250 2210 8100 8200• Emergency shut down and refuelling CPA 900/200 C ZII 3990 2250 2210 8100 8600 from deck level CPA 1000 C ZII 3990 2250 2210 8100 8200Options• Aftercooler, filtration, drying• NORSOK spec. for Norwegian applications• Extra high ambient cooling package• Dummy flame traps• Yellow alert shut down connection - 24V and 110V (others)• CE marked and fully ATEX compliant (EN1834-1)
  6. 6. 05
  7. 7. Air CompressorsZone II Compressors NORSOKThe Zone II NORSOK Compressor ranges from 875cfm to 1050cfm with 590 litre fueltanks for up to 10 hours of operation at full load, resulting in maximised operational time.It has all the benefits of the Zone II containerised compressor with the added NORSOKstandards specification for Norwegian applications.Features PerformanceAll containerised (DNV 2.7-1) Models Flow Working Fuel Fuel FullLoad• Rugged, reliable marine engine with high Pressure Tank Consumption Running ambient cooler design cfm m3/min PSIG barg litres litres/hr hours• Designed for offshore stacking - internal CPA 875 C ZII N 875 24.8 150 10.3 590 59.0 10 access for operation and service CPA 1000 C ZII N 1050 29.7 125 8.6 590 62.0 9.5• Pyroban exhaust gas cooling, inlet *At full flow and pressure shutdown and flame trap• All pneumatic starting, control and Specifications (Shipping) tell-tale fault indication Length Width Height Weights• Designed for Zone 2 hazardous area operation mm mm mm kg (dry) kg (operating) – BP200, OCMA Mec 1, EEMUA 107, CPA 875 C ZII N 3990 2250 2210 8200 8600 Norsok Z-015 CPA 1000 C ZII N 3990 2250 2210 8200 8600• Heavy duty, fully bunded, DNV2.7-1 offshore container Specifications (Deck Footprint)• Emergency shutdown and refuelling from Length Width Height Weights deck level mm mm mm kg (dry) kg (operating)• Gas detection CPA 875 C ZII N 5590 2250 2210 8200 8600• Fire suppression CPA 1000 C ZII N 5590 2250 2210 8200 8600Options• Aftercooler, filtration, drying• Extra high ambient cooling package• Dummy flame traps available• Yellow Alert shutdown connection - 24v, 110v or 240v• CE marked and fully ATEX compliant (EN1834-1)
  8. 8. Zone II Compressors - FramedFeatures Performance• Rugged, reliable marine engine and Flow Working Fuel Fuel FullLoad efficient air end Pressure Tank Consumption Running• Pyroban exhaust gas cooling, inlet cfm m3/min PSIG barg litres litres/hr hours shutdown and flame trap CPA 750 F ZII 750 21.3 150 10.3 310 51.0 6.5• AMOT pneumatic controls and tell-tale CPA 750 F ZII R 750 21.3 150 10.3 670 51.0 13 fault indication *At full flow and pressure• Designed for Zone 2 hazardous area operation Specifications – BP200, OCMA Mec1, EEMUA 107, etc. Length Width Height Weights• Heavy duty offshore protective frame - BS7072 or DNV2.7.1 mm mm mm kg (dry) kg (operating)• Integrated full capacity bund/drip tray CPA 750 F ZII 3810 2160 1885 5900 6000• Compact design - transport three framed CPA 750 F ZII R 3810 2160 1885 5900 6000 in a 40ft shipping containerOptions• Aftercooler, filtration, drying• Stacking jigs with locking mechanism• Extra high ambient cooling package• Dummy flame traps• Yellow alert shutdown connection - 24V and 110V (Others) 07
  9. 9. Air CompressorsSafezone CompressorsAs a rental option the Coates Offshore Safezone compressors are ideal for use in safeareas. All units are containerised resulting in easy transportation, on-site stacking andaccess for operation and service.The Safezone compressors range from 900cfm to 1800cfm. The 900cfm can provide up to11 hours of operating at full load on a more compact footprint whilst the 1500cfm has a1950 litre fuel tank for up to 13 hours of operating at full load, providing increased capacityand operational time.Features PerformanceAll Containerised (DNV 2.7-1) Compressors Flow Working Fuel Fuel FullLoad• Heavy duty, fully bunded DNV2.7-1 Pressure Tank Consumption Running offshore container cfm m3/min PSIG barg litres litres/hr hours• Designed for stacking in use - ISO Blocks CPA 1000 C SZ 1050 29.7 125 8.6 695 62.0 10.7 for ‘locked-on’ safety CPA 900/200 C SZ 900 25.5 200 17.1 695 61.5 11.3• Rugged, reliable mechanical marine CPA 1800 C SZ 1800 51.0 200 17.1 1950 142.0 13.7 engine and ‘high ambient’ cooler CPA 1500 C SZ 1500 42.5 500 34.5 2150 162.0 13.3• All-pneumatic starting, control and *At full flow and pressure tell-tale fault indication• Compact footprint - transport three in Specifications a 40ft shipping container (Only on Length Width Height Weights certain models) mm mm mm kg (dry) kg (op) kg(gross)• High capacity on-board fuel tanks CPA 1000 C SZ 3990 2250 2210 7500 7900 8200Options and Accessories CPA 900/200 C SZ 3990 2250 2210 8000 8000 8200• Remote shutdown and refuelling from CPA 1800 C SZ 6058 2438 2896 16400 17000 17000 deck level CPA 1500 C SZ 6058 2438 2896 16400 17000 17000• Air treatment - aftercooling, filtration and drying• Exhaust extensions for multiple installations
  10. 10. Rigsafe CompressorsCoates Offshore has an extensive Rigsafe Compressor fleet ranging from 130cfm to 1600cfm, including both framed and containerisedsolutions to meet customer needs.The 900/350 Rigsafe is now available in both a framed and containerised solution. The containerised 900/350 C RS provides customerswith a robust, reduced footprint option whilst also enabling easier access for operation, servicing, and maintenance. The CPA 1600 C RS is anideal model for deployment in harsh environments. Still retaining a minimal footprint, the 1600 can handle extended running times andcapacity. With a standard cooling package the 1600 can cope with higher ambient temperatures in locations such as Africa and Latin America.When double stacked the 1600 C RS compressors provide an internal access way for personnel; ensuring safe and easy access forcontinued operation and servicing within harsh environments.Features Performance Flow Working Fuel Fuel FullLoadAll frame-mounted/containerised safe Pressure Tank Consumption Runningarea compressors• Heavy duty offshore protection frames - cfm m3/min PSIG barg litres litres/hr hours BS7072 and DNV2.7-1* CPA 130/100 F RS 130 4.0 100 6.9 40 5 8• Integral, Full fluid capacity bund / CPA 400/170 F RS 400 11.3 170 12.0 215 33 7 drip-tray within frame CPA 750/150 F RS 750 21.3 150 10.3 462 45 10.3 CPA 750/170 F RS 750 21.3 170 12.0 340 49 7• Air start with fully pneumatic controls CPA 825/170 F RS 825 23.4 170 12.0 540 54 10 and operation (Coates standard) CPA 760/300 F RS 750 21.3 300 20.0 600 62 9.7• Chalwyn valve, spark arrestor and CPA 900/350 F RS 900 25.5 350 24.0 680 70 9.7 anti-static fan belt CPA 900/350 C RS 900 25.5 350 24.0 1050 70 12 CPA 1050/125 F RS 1050 29.7 125 8.6 538 51.9 10.4Options CPA 1060/125 F RS 1060 30.0 125 8.6 540 54 10• Battery start - with either electric or CPA 1300 C RS 1300 30.7 150 10.3 1030 81.0 12.7 pneumatic controls CPA 1600 C RS 1600 31.7 150 10.3 1030 103.0 10.0• ISO Block corners for locking double- *At full flow and pressure stacked units Specifications• Remote ESD - shutdown control Length Width Height Weights• High ambient cooling package mm mm mm kg (dry) kg (op) kg(gross)• Air treatment - aftercooling, filtration, CPA 130/100 F RS 2165 1300 1255 1200 1250 1500 drying, storage and distribution CPA 400/170 F RS 3480 1900 1766 3800 4000 6500• Also available on wheels for shore-based CPA 750/150 F RS 3990 2250 2210 5200 5600 6500 application CPA 750/170 F RS 3900 2200 1900 5500 5800 6000 CPA 825/170 F RS 4800 2400 2518 6200 6700 8500* note Except 1300 and 1600 which are containerised CPA 760/300 F RS 4800 2400 2518 6500 7000 8500 CPA 900/350 F RS 5340 2620 2918 8500 9100 9500 CPA 900/350 C RS 5340 2250 2510 11200 11800 13000 CPA 1050/125 F RS 4300 2400 2518 6000 6500 6700 CPA 1060/125 F RS 4800 2400 2518 6200 6700 8500 CPA 1300 C RS 3990 2250 2210 11000 11500 13000 CPA 1600 C RS 5334 2250 2510 11200 11800 13000 09
  11. 11. Steam GeneratorsCoates Offshore has an extensive fleet of steam generators providingoutputs up to 5.8 million btu. Coates Offshore steam generators are idealfor well testing operations and maintenance.A remote emergency shutdown facility is available ensuring instant safeshutdown should methane, propane and H2S gas or a similar hazard bedetected or encountered.Features Performance• Three-pass, wet-back design boiler with Saturated Working Max Steam Fuel Fuel low external temperatures Steam Flow Pressure Temp Consumption Tank• Boiler designed to ASME or BS boiler MBtu kg/hr* PSIG barg ºC litres/hr litres vessel codes CPS 4.5 MBtu C RS 4.5 2000 150 10.34 186 142.7 1035• Containers built to BS7072 and DNV 2.7-1 CPS 5.8 MBtu C RS 5.8 2720 150 10.34 186 193.4 1035• Compact self-contained design - size of *Saturated steam output is based on a closed system installation with full hot water returns a 20ft shipping container Water consumption without returns to hot well are 2000 litres/hour (4.5MBtu) and 2720 litres/hour (5.8MBtu).• Water, condensate returns and fuel storage tanks mounted within the Specifications container Length Width Height Weights• Internal spark arrestor mm mm mm kg (dry) kg (operating)• Remote emergency shutdown facility CPS 4.5 MBtu C RS 6058 2438 2896 11,000 14,000• Steam package ships with a certified CPS 5.8 MBtu C RS 6058 2438 2896 11,500 14,000 steam hose and fittings package• Coates steam operators are also competent in the operation of compressor installations Service and Utility Requirements • The burner and pump require a combined power supply of ~ 20kVAs • Power supply can be 380-440V and 50 or 60 Hz • Coates steam generators are certified for manned operation offshore and engineer support is required for monitoring performance and refuelling and for rigging and de-rigging. 11
  12. 12. 10K Heat ExchangerCoates Offshore heat exchangers, used to heat a number of fluids foundin oil and gas production, consist of a pressurised shell containing a setof process coils. Steam is piped from an external steam generator intothe shell to heat the process fluid flowing through the process coils.Coates Offshore range of portable frame mounted 10K heat exchangersare often used in conjunction with surface well testing applications andpipeline cleaning worldwide to complete the package of heat transferduring well test and chemical cleaning operations.Features Performance• 4.5mbtu ‘sour’ service Capacity Working Working• Frame built to DNV 2.7-1 Pressure - Steam Pressure - Product• Coil Design -20 - +120 Celsius Mbtu PSIG barg PSIG barg• Steam Inlet / Condensate outlet 2” CHE–4.5 10K–RS 4.5 148 10.2 10000 670 WECO Fig 206• Inlet / Outlet Product 3” WECO Fig 1502 Specifications• Inlet / Oulet Valve 4” Length Width Height Weights• Rupture Disk and Safety Valves fitted• Service H2S NACE MR-01-75 mm mm mm kg• Fully automatic temperature control CHE–4.5 10K–RS 7191 1980 2590 12,000• Maximum Steam input 10barg @ 186 CelciusOptions• Inline choke valve• Product line crossovers• Comprehensive service pack
  13. 13. Sand FilterCoates Offshore rental fleet of sand filtration units are provided toenhance the well test packages in common use in the oil and gas industry.They improve well analysis during testing operations through the effectiveremoval of sand and other solids.Features Performance• Modular and rugged filter design Working• Standard 200 micron filter cartridge Pressure supplied Sand Filter 10k 200mic PSIG barg• Annular flow and sand storage CSF 10K F RS 10,000 689• Safe and quick cleaning features• Vertically positioned gate valves Specifications (to avoid gate obstruction) Length Width Height Weights• Fitted with back up valves mm mm mm kg• Frame built to DNV 2.7-1• H2S Service CSF 10K F RS 4100 2135 2630 9,500Options• 400 micron filter elements• 600 micron filter elements• 800 micron filter elements• Dedicated service container• Dedicated support container• Additional valves 13
  14. 14. Air TreatmentEquipmentRemoval FiltersCoates Offshore provide a range of compact free-standing filter unitscapable of filtering compressed air in industrial applications.The units will handle flows up to 3000 cfm and high pressures to1500 psig. Varying sizes available.The filters are fully pneumatic, enabling use in hazardous areas -petrochemical and offshore - and are unaffected by extreme operatingconditions. Filter units are included within our regular pressure vesselinspection programme and are pre-release checked prior to mobilisationon every hire - assuring you of optimum performance. Most skid units areequipped for both fork lift and crane lift capability.Features Performance• Compact skid design Free Air Working Pressure• 2-Stage filtration for optimum Capacity Range performance in all conditions cfm m3/hr PSIG barg• Pressure range to 100barg HP100/3000 3,000 5100 1-1500 0-100• Suitable for hazardous area u se• Design Code ASME VIII Div 1 Specifications Length Width Height Weight mm mm mm kg (operating) 970 580 810 145
  15. 15. After CoolersA range of Coates Offshore after coolers are available to handle all CoatesOffshore compressors with pressure ratings up to 25 barg, rated flow to2000cfm and are capable of cooling discharge air to 10°C above ambient.Air motor fans are fed by an integral lubricated air supply making thepackage suitable for hazardous area operation. The protective cageprevents both mobilisation and site damage, improves stability andenables equipment to be positioned by either fork truck or crane.Features Performance• Compact skid-mounted and caged Coates offshore Aftercoolers are sized by their mass flow capability with operating conditions of: designs Inlet Air Temperature: 90°C Heat of compressed air• Fork slots or lifting slings for placement Ambient Air Temperature: 25°C The temperature of the surrounding air (cooling air flow)• Pressure range to suit many applications Approach Temperature: +8 to 10°C How near to ambient air temperature the compressed• Service support across the world air is cooled to. Aftercoolers can be used at any pressure up to their maximum pressure rating. Specifications Max Design Pressure Max Air Flow Drop Pressure Consumption cfm psi PSIG cfm 800 1050 2-5 150 10.3 1000 1350 2-5 200 13.7 1200 1600 2-5 125 8.6 1200HP 1600 2-5 300 20.0 1500HP 2000 2-5 300 20.0 1800HP 2000 2-5 350 20.0 Length Width Height Weights Connections mm mm mm kg 800 1700 800 1600 450 2” NPT 1000 1950 800 1600 500 2” NPT 1200 1950 800 1900 550 2” NPT Twin 1200HP 2000 800 1900 550 2” NPT Twin 1500HP 2200 1000 2000 600 2” NPT Twin 1800HP 2200 1000 2000 600 2” NPT Twin 15
  16. 16. Air Treatment EquipmentDesiccant DriersCoates Offshore offer a range of reliable desiccant driers capable of achievingminus 40°C pressure dew point with after-cooled compressed air.Operation of the drier is simple and fully automatic once set; there is no needto switch this unit on or off and comes complete with an air-blast after-cooler.The whole package will be enclosed in a crash frame to either BS7072 or DNV2.7-1 with slings and fork lift pockets depending on requirements.Features Specifications• Open framed design 400-2900cfm @ 100-500psig• Stacking capability• Totally pneumatic operationAncillariesAir filtrationAir moversBreathing air packagesFlow metering and monitoringHose and piping packages- 3/4" to 4" diameter hoseHose ReelsPressure controlFuel Storage tanksHose baskets and containersWorkshop ContainersNitrogen Production
  17. 17. 17
  18. 18. We now have dedicated operations and/or facilities in:// Aberdeen// Great Yarmouth// Norway// Netherlands// Brazil// Angola// Malaysia// Indonesia// Australia designed and produced by 6, Kirkhill Commercial ParkDyce Avenue, DyceAberdeen AB21 0LQUnited