Legal Software You Need


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Mississippi Bar Association, 11/20/2008
Craig Bayer and James Province

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Legal Software You Need

  1. 1. Essential Law Firm Software What You Really Need to Have Mississippi Bar Association Pearl, MS November 20, 2008
  2. 2. HARDWARE IDEAS Windows Small Business Server Scanner Network Printer Gigabit Switch Firewall Backup System Electrical Protection Systems Computers (Desktops, Laptops, Tablets)
  3. 3. Peer-to-Peer Network
  4. 4. Local Area Network
  5. 5. SMALL BUSINESS SERVER Microsoft Exchange Microsoft SharePoint Automatic Patching Faxing SQL 2005 Backup Solution Built in Software Firewall Outlook 2003 to all Users Monitoring Reports Access to Workstation And Data Remotely Cheaper then Server 2003
  6. 6. SERVER Choose over Workstation 4GB Ram Redundant Systems Affordable Harder to Setup Must have Warranty Software include in Price Need someone to Support it!!! Server: $2000
  7. 7. DESKTOP PC Speed RAM (2GB) Monitors (19inch) DVD-ROM Hard Drive Operating System Must have Warranty OEM Software Dell OptiPlex: $1000 Price Brand
  8. 8. NOTEBOOK Speed RAM Sound DVD-ROM Hard Drive Network Card Weight/Size Price Brand
  9. 9. THE CLOUD
  10. 10. PRACTICAL USES HOST MICROSOFT EXCHANGE (OUTLOOK) AND SHAREPOINT (DOCUMENTS). No Downtime (99.7%) No Installation, Configuration or Ongoing Maintenance No Backups (Co-Locations) No Upfront Investment No need for a IT Services Natural Disaster Proof Cost for 10 Users is around $200 a month
  11. 11. ONLINE BACKUPS Must use Online Backups  Mozy Pro and BackupMy Business 
  12. 12. TABLET PC’s
  13. 13. Paperless Office You will not cure an alcoholic by  putting a bottle of whisky on his desk. You will not cure a Law Office of paper  by putting a printer on every Desk. Put a scanner on every desk and have  1 or 2 networked printers.
  14. 14. SCANNER ● Paper Handling ● OCR Considerations ● Brand ● Model Suggestions ● Price ScanSnap: $339
  15. 15. PORTABLE SCANNER ● USB Powered ● Light ● Small Footprint Fujitsu ScanSnap S300 ● Holds around 10 Sheets
  16. 16. SOFTWARE OVERVIEW “OFFICE” SOFTWARE • Microsoft Office • Word, Outlook, OneNote • Adobe • “MOBILE” SOFTWARE • VPN connections • SharePoint • Outlook Web Access
  17. 17. MICROSOFT OFFICE WORD Sign Docs OUTLOOK Write Emails ONENOTE Write Notes Capture Everything Share Notebooks
  18. 18. ADOBE Inking Within Adobe Pro Available! Sign Pleadings/Other Documents Annotate /Highlight Draw Attention to Points
  19. 19. Instant Messaging PROS: Substitute for Phone, Email, and Face To Face Meetings. Less Disruptive form of Communication Made Popular by AOL, Yahoo, and Google CONS NOT SECURE!!! No Electronic Record (Discovery)
  20. 20. Enterprise Instant Messaging Secure Creates an Archive of Communications Microsoft Communication Server
  21. 21. Dictation Dragon Natural Speaking Has a legal edition ($1200) Get Preferred ($199) or Pro ($899) Vista has Dictation Software Built into it. Tips Must Train Software Use a Quality USB Headset Learning Curve
  22. 22. Phone Tag I have not checked a Voice Mail This Year. All Voicemails to my Office Phone and Cell are Dictated Creates an Archive of VMs. Allows my Assistant to monitor my Voicemails. Do not have to write down someone’s #. Cost $29.95 a month
  23. 23. Does it Work?
  24. 24. Smartphones ● BlackBerry ● Smartphones (Palm) ● Smartphones (Windows Mobile) ● iPhone (Apple) ● Considerations ▸ BlackBerry syncs with Outlook and to check more than e-mail, you need the BlackBerry Enterprise Server software and Exchange Server! ▸ Palm Smartphones - 100% Palm devices - maximum sync ability with legal apps - real-time email with software like VersaMail ▸ Windows MobileSmartphones sync with Outlook and Microsoft apps primarily – Easiest to setup and has Push Synchronization BEWARE BLUETOOTH SECURITY ● Pricing: Anywhere from $200 to $600 depending on the cell service provider and available rebates
  25. 25. LEGAL SPECIFIC SOFTWARE ●WHY? ● Gather critical file Information from anywhere ● Be able to tell the Judge when you are free ● Bill for cell phone and email calls from your Smartphone ●VENDORS ● PCLaw TE ● Amicus Mobile ● AirTime ● Worldox Web ● TimeMatters
  26. 26. WIFI NETWORKING Configurations The most common type is now the faster 802.11g - many laptops come with it already 802.11n (now called “Pre-N”) is the system to buy when it becomes formally available Causes problems running client server applications Cost WAP - $10 to $750 WiFi PC Access - $5 to $100 Wireless Print Servers - $50 to 300
  27. 27. ANTI-VIRUS Trend Micro Client Server Messaging Includes anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-spyware Available in small office and “Corporate” editions ZoneAlarm: Norton Anti-Virus Buy corporate not Internet Security McAfee VirusScan: TrendMicro: $330 CA eTrust and Trend PC-Cillin:
  28. 28. File Sharing Software Microsoft Grove  FolderShare  These programs allow you to sync your files with multiple workstations.
  29. 29. Thank You For Listening! TabletLawyer, LLC Law Office Technology Craig Bayer James Province