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ALA New Orleans 2009

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  • 1996Automatic Notificationshttp://www.ams-legal.com/home/index.ashxUse Sun GuardConnection with dms
  • The answer is 2 or 3.Most firms that start out with a SharePoint Extranet end up buying and converting to a specific legal extranet product.Most firms that use a DMS Extranet move to a hosted solution
  • Server Costs $4424.00Client Access License Standard $94Set Costs. 50 Hours at 125 an hour50GB of Sharepoint $275.00 a Month25 Sharepoint Users $50.00 a Month
  • Check in and Checkout, Comparison bills and invocies
  • Extranet Security Links:http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc262834.aspxhttp://easyurl.net/2e20
  • The Firm hosts the documents and the client has to download them
  • Have clients log into to sees bills and pay them. Online Banking.
  • AMS Collaborator: http://www.ams-legal.com/home/index.ashxXerdict: http://www.xerdict.com/products.phpTrialnet.com: http://www.trialnet.com/NetDocs: http://www.netdocuments.comWorldox: http://www.worldox.com/Worksite: http://www.interwoven.com/components/pagenext.jsp?topic=PRODUCT::WORKSITEexplain dms closed.Explain saas
  • NetDocs is a hosted solution while Worldox and Interwoven are in-house solutions.
  • Extranets Presenatation For Ala

    1. 1. Electronic Client Service Extranets Craig Bayer Law Office Technology May 18th, New Orleans, LA
    2. 2. Updated Slide Show  http://www.lawot.com/resources.htm
    3. 3. What is an Extranet? An extranet is a web portal that is used to share various information with non firm employees. An intranet shares information with employees.
    4. 4. Details  Available in a web browser.  Secure and not opened to the public.  First uses in Law Firms in the mid 1990s.
    5. 5. Standard Features  Document Versioning.  Check In / Check Out  Notification when new documents added to the system.  Shared Calendar's with Attorneys and Extranet Users.  Full text searching.  Shared Contact Information.
    6. 6. What It is Not  Google Docs  Microsoft LiveSync  Sync Tool
    7. 7. Uses in the Law Firm 2 Types of Legal Extranets 1. Share Information with Clients (Client Extranet) 2. Collaborate with Outside Counsel, Experts (Collaboration Extranet)
    8. 8. Client Extranets • Bills and Client Costs • Documents • Firm Newsletter • FAQ Questions Some Firms charge for this service.
    9. 9. Collaboration Extranets  Share Documents with Versioning EX: Tobacco Case with 22 states and 60 law firms  Upload / Download Large Files (Pics) EX: Trouble sending large pictures and scanned documents through email. Email is not secure.
    10. 10. Extranets Solutions • Microsoft SharePoint (Quickbooks like approach). • Document Management Systems (DMS) that have Web portals. (Worldox Web, Interwoven’s Worksite, NetDocs, and Clio). • Specific Extranet Software: Xerdict, Trialnet.com, AMS Collaborator.
    11. 11. What is SharePoint Microsoft’ s DMS and Collaboration tool.  Host Documents, Blogs, and Wikis.  Intra and Extranet solution
    12. 12. SharePoint  Good Chance you might have it already at your firm.  Like Quickbooks, very general, will need customization for it to work with the firm.  Can be hosted or in-house.
    13. 13. SharePoint Demo
    14. 14. DMS Extranet •Do not buy a DMS because you want an extranet, however, you should have a DMS. •Best DMS are Closed Systems. •Your Extranet should either be your DMS or work with it so you don’t have to use separate systems.
    15. 15. Worldox  Law Office Technology resells Worldox.  Worksite and Net Documents are great products!  Law Office Technology uses one of two methods to implement an extranet into worldox web.
    16. 16. Worldox: Separate Profile  A separate profile group is established and designated as quot;Externalquot;.  The internal staff picks and chooses which documents are made available to the clients by publishing documents to and from this external group.  External clients are given access to this group, and their particular subset of files.
    17. 17. Separate Profile: Example
    18. 18. Worldox: Field Code  An extra field code is added to an existing profile group, usually called WDWEB.  If an internal user profiles a document and chooses EXTERNAL as a value for this field for example, this document will automatically be available to the client logging in based on security rules that allow this.
    19. 19. Field Code: Example
    20. 20. Worldox: User View  From the client point of view, the initial welcome screen after login is usually populated with predefined bookmark buttons that will automatically display all of the files that client has access to.  Access to those files can be restricted to the point where ONLY view access is allowed, to a full control environment where the client has power to review the documents, and even upload new material (and everything in between). If material is uploaded or modified by the client, nothing needs to be done to make this available to the firm, those documents will be instantly available via the standard Worldox client on the workstations.
    21. 21. User View: Example
    22. 22. Clio  Practice Management Software  SaaS  Has Extranet Capablities
    23. 23. Clio Client Connect
    24. 24. Legal Specific Extranets  These are usually hosted solutions.  Offered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) Model.  Pay a monthly fee.  Much lower security risk because the extranet is not at your site.
    25. 25. AMS-Legal: Collaborator • Hosted SaaS Solution.  Connects with most DMS  99.7 Uptime  Started In 1996  Price???  http://www.ams- legal.com/home/index.ashx
    26. 26. Example 1
    27. 27. Example 2
    28. 28. Example 3
    29. 29. Build vs Buy vs Host Should you: 1. Build from scratch with SharePoint? 2. Buy a DMS and set it up in your office? 3. Used a hosted product?
    30. 30. Skills needed to Build  SSL Certificates  Firewall  Active Directory  Web Server  Security  Document Management  Probably some SQL
    31. 31. Cost Analysis 25 Users of SharePoint for the First Year In-House vs Hosted Hardware/Software In-House Hosted Front-end Server $2000.00 Included Hardware $2000.00 Included Server License $4424.00 Included 25 User Licenses $2350.00 Included Set Costs ($125.00 hour) $6250.00 Included $17,024.00 $3900.00
    32. 32. Hosted Extranet Features  No Downtime (99.7%)  No Installation, Configuration or Ongoing Maintenance  No Backups (Co-Locations)  No Upfront Investment  No need for an IT Services  Natural Disaster Proof
    33. 33. Security An Extranet allows non-law firm employees access to your firm network (in-house extranet). This is why you install firewalls in the first place!
    34. 34. Security (Hosted)  Hosted Solutions are better in a security sense because the users are not connected to your work network.  Just need to need have usernames and passwords.  Complex Passwords, Lockout policies, ect.
    35. 35. Security (In-House)  Use Custom Port #s  Consider using 2 Factor Authentication like Smart Cards or One Time Password Tokens.  Separate Web Server from Document Server
    36. 36. Resources List of Links to Blogs, Articles and Vendors on Extranets: http://delicious.com/craigbayer/Extranet Tiny URL: http://tiny.cc/gXtWl
    37. 37. Thank You For Listening! Law Office Technology www.lawot.com www.lawotblog.com Craig Bayer Cbayer@lawot.com