The Brennan Healing School


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Here you can learn about the school that teaches you to become a healing practitioner. You can also learn how I recovered from blindness and two fatal diseases by visiting

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The Brennan Healing School

  1. 1. ==== ====Hello from Ross Craft. Learn how I recovered from blindness and two terminal diseases here: ====Brennan Healing Science, created by NASA physicist Dr. Barbara Brennan, is about really living. Imean really living. If have the sinking feeling you are not living the life you were meant to live, thenread on. Brennan Healing Science (BHS) combines solid hands-on healing techniques with solidpsychological process work. Its about making miracles happen and being present in this worldwhile communicating with many others. How you get there is amazing.When I stepped through the door of my first BHS practitioner, Rebecca Ellens, I was nervous,excited, curious and filled with at inexplicable feeling of being in exactly the right place. I had seenRebecca speak at a presentation and felt she was the positive, confident role model I needed. Iwas having chronic infections in my pelvic area and chronic problems with my life. I felt I hadexhausted all of the options I could come up with to heal myself, and no drugs, herbs orhomeopathy were helping. Rebecca had an air of infinite patience and genuine warmth. Shenodded patiently as I expertly rattled on about the psychology of my family history and currentproblems. Never breaking eye contact, she responded, "Well, CC, you have an intelligent mind,and a clear, cognitive understanding of your life." I was deeply affected by those words, and Ididnt know why.Somehow, I had experienced so much more in that sentence. I heard, "Well CC, I see who youare and who you will become. You are going to discover so much more than your mind. There ismagic to be had and you are on the right track." Im not even sure if she had to say anything at all,because it was evident to me that this was a woman who had seen many sides of life and hadcome out ahead, come out herself. She resonated that feeling and I just knew that I too, wouldcome out much the same way. Healing my infections would come slowly, sometimes in painfullessons of self care, but I was so inspired by our sessions, the magic Rebecca possessed and theunique and sacred dynamic of the healer-client relationship, that I signed up for the intensive, fouryear training program, The Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH).The first week of school, something really struck me. Everyone was feeling. They were feeling alot of emotions, and they were feeling them in front of me...loudly. I thought this was very rude. Assomeone who lived mostly spaced out, judging everyone quietly, I felt the blatant expression oftheir pain and anger - their humanity, totally invasive. But I was quickly taught that feeling your realfeelings with a groups support was a powerful healing process and I had better get on board withthis human thing or I wouldnt pass the year.Well, I always pass, so when a tragic event happened in my life later that year, I decided to give ita whirl and let out my grief in front of the group. I was sure they would all think I was crazy andweak, but they surprised me by holding me in the most powerful container of unconditional loveand support I had ever experienced. Oh it felt so good, it was incredible, transformative and ofcourse, healing. I felt a strength I had never experienced. There was no spiritual bypass here, this
  2. 2. was a very real environment. Learning how to be yourself involves not just trying live your ideals,but being completely honest about where you are really at - anger, pain, weakness and all.As a healer, when I have a new client come in, my first priority is to help them to feel safe enoughto go into their real feelings, as awful as they may feel, as horrible as they think they might be forhaving them. Forget the bullshit. If you are not truthful, it makes healing very difficult. Thistechnique involves a lot of willingness and participation from the client. While there may besessions that are just straight up energy healings, most sessions involve dialoguing and passingon tools to create pathways for the individual to further get to know themselves, their patterns, andto participate in their own healing process.I found over the next four years that the BBSH was dedicated to training their healers with apersonal and experiential understanding of the healing process. We were groomed to be non-judgmental healers for our clients, no matter where they were in life. We had to pass personaldevelopment skills every year like: Contact, Life Pulse, Higher Self-Lower Self-Mask, Self-Tracking, Grounding, Witness-Asking-Experiencing, Surrender, The Wound, Transference and onand on. We were also required to work regularly with a healer/psychologist to deepen our processand experiential learning of the work. BBSH is very concerned with graduating responsible healerswho not only have a lot of psychic skills and healing techniques, but who are grounded, actualizedpeople. People who can not just access their psychic senses to perform healing techniques, butwho can hold a safe, authentic healing space for the true essence and healing process of theclient to emerge.The foundation of the psychological work is the Characterological Defenses. These are acombination of Pathwork, Core Energetics and Barbara Brennans energy skills. They areSchizoid, Oral, Masochist, Psychopath and Rigid. Dont be scared off by the names! Thesedefenses each have a wound and an energetic pattern/habitual defense structure that can be readintuitively and physically by the healer. The healer is then able to give an energetic healingresponse. For example, in the Psychopathic defense, a client will make the top of their energy fieldenormous, and the bottom deflates, they will be angry, powerful, and they will project theirperception out of their 6th chakra. They are usually very angry about an injustice, betrayal, ordeception (originating from early childhood) and feel they have the right answer. This is not a timefor arguing, or appealing to the mental level, its a fight no one can win as someone in theirpsychopathic defense will always have another angle- the world is a battleground.A trained BHS practitioner will ground deeply into the earth by opening their first chakra, feel theirown power, then make the outside of their auric field like Teflon, a very firm boundary, all the whilehonoring the place in the client that needs to be seen with respect and integrity. The healer muststay with themselves and their own integrity, see the client for who they really are, despite thembeing in rage. Its not always easy, but this in itself can cause a deep healing in the client. It maybe the first time they are not rejected for being angry, or it may be the first time they are not able toengage someone else in their own controlling, confusing deception.Combining psych skills with psychic skills can be powerful. The client is affected cellularly,energetically, emotionally and mentally. These responses create an atmosphere of self-respect,something a person in the psychopathic defense must learn to possess. At this point, the clientmay begin to trust the healer and the environment is set for them to go into their deeper feelings ofrejection or betrayal, early childhood trauma can be cleared, opening the space to receive more
  3. 3. authentic love.Over time, the healer will work with the client in the psychopathic defense to teach them how tobring energy into the bottom of their field. They must connect with their inner authority and senseof belonging, ultimately taking responsibility for their anger, getting out of blame and coming intocontact with others. Each characterology also has a positive expression. For the psychopathicdefense it would be genuine leadership, charisma, power, a tremendous amount of energy and anextraordinary capacity for love.In that first session with Rebecca, I was in a Rigid defense. I was trying to sound perfect and smartand was afraid to be in my feelings and my true self. Rebecca met me at my intellect while holdingan energetic healing response of Core Essence (divine within) and an open heart connected to thephysical and creative energies (strong connection between the heart chakra and second chakra).She emanated self-love. It was so simple, but it somehow connected to my own Core Essenceand potential on a subtle level, to the magic within.Brennan Healing Science is not just putting your hands on someone and running energy. Itinvolves being so present and in contact with yourself, that you are able to be present and incontact with the client. From a place of love, you get in there with them. When this level of contacthappens, fear dissolves and the divine steps in. Psychic abilities are magnified as you enter intoaltered space through a loving heart. It naturally opens up your chakras and High SensePerception (HSP). Once the healer gets in that space, guides, angels and ascended masters willjoin in and co-create the healing (you could think of them as energies if you are not comfortablewith those terms).After 4 years of being in such a strong learning template, the healers guide team will be familiarwith the techniques and know when to guide you to do what. By now I am able to trance channelguides for extended periods of time, and often see them, although I prefer not to. The healing skillsinclude: Chelation, Organ and Chakra Restructuring, Repairing Lines of Light, Spiritual Surgery,Cord Healings, Time Capsule (Past Life) Healing, Multidimensional Healing, Channeling, Hara andCore Star Healings and more! These techniques are based on the Four Dimensions ofHumankind: Physical, Auric, Haric and Core Star. The Physical and Auric are dualistic while Hara(Intention) and Core Star (Essence) are oneness planes.Brennan Healing Science believes that all disease begins as a distortion of a belief system at the7th level of the auric field, working its way down into the physical, blocking the creative impulsefrom the Core Star. So we cannot ignore the psychology of a client when working energetically.We work intimately with the levels of the field and the chakras. In Organ Restructuring we repairthe organ on each level of the field, reconnecting energy lines, tuning into any limiting beliefs andclearing clogged energy. After a liver restructuring clients can experience physical symptoms ofdetox. The ability to sense and work on all levels of the field is an important foundation for allphysical healing work, and can take years of practice. Along with guidance, it makes it possible towork with cancer, tumors, broken bones and most any illness. A Time Capsule Healing deals withfrozen time conglomerates. However, there is no need to label whether a time conglomerate isfrom this life, a past life (if you believe in such things) or a fantasy, the release of the energycreates massive healings all the same. Life-changing emotional releases occur.In Spiritual Surgery, we open up and allow a guide(s) on the 5th level to come into our being and
  4. 4. perform etheric surgery. We are trained to shift our vibrational rate to align with energies on thatplane. Its an amazing experience of surrender to Divine Will and takes an extraordinary amount ofgrounding, trust and positive intention. I actually fell down the first time I tried to do it because Icouldnt maintain the vibration. Eventually, after a lot of surrender work, I was able to pull it off! In aHara Healing we infuse an intention into your "hara line."The hara line connects you from the spiritual planes down to the center of the earth, and the mainportion runs through the center of your body. It is a place of non-dualistic intention that is strong,and it takes all of fourth year to fully develop this healing skill, although we practice the haricdimension all four years. And finally Core Essence, the divine spark in all of us that brings us intoblissful individuation and oneness. We bring Core Essence into the Hara Healings to create adivinely inspired intention, and an everlasting connection with your true self.For clients with medical problems, all of these techniques can be considered serious healing tools.Healers are required to study college level anatomy and physiology and there are three additionalA&P courses they can take should they want to delve deeper into the connection between thephysical and energetic bodies. Each year medical experts give 10 lectures on the efficacy ofenergy healing with medicine (Healing, Medicine and Disease). Some topics have included eatingdisorders, diabetes, naturopathy, heart disease, and cancer. Healers are required to pass thecourse Integrative Care, which deals with specific diseases and their treatments. For example weare taught an energy healing protocol for dealing with clients going through chemotherapy. Wealso learn strict professional boundaries and ethics. On staff there are doctors, nurses,naturopaths, artists, accountants, psychologists, acupuncturists, teachers, etc. - all of themhealers. Brennan Healing Science is considered complimentary medicine, to be used with respectto all other medical and healing traditions.It took me two years to heal my chronic pelvic infections. They healed not just on the healing table,although we had done so much preliminary work there, but at our second year ceremony. I had avision of leading a very sexy dance and second year was the time to really get your life back andlet your light shine. I was coming out of the dark and living as the artist I was. So, I took on the jobof actualizing my vision and choreographed this very sexy dance. I rehearsed with my dedicateddancers every free moment and when we went on, in front of the whole school (about 450 peopleincluding teachers, teacher trainees and Barbara), we ROCKED it!Although I had a history of dance that spanned my lifetime, I had never let my true sensualessence be seen full on, nor let myself be the leader I had always dreamed of. Well, I let it rip, thedancers killed, the teachers were screaming, the men were hooting, I moved a huge amount ofenergy and by the end of that dance, my infection was gone. I had successfully connected myheart and second chakras (which is what the dance was about!), a true healing for the Rigiddefense. I was so altered and freaked out afterwards, I had to have two friends hold my feet toprevent me from flying out of my body (Schizoid defense-another one of my favorites)! So, instanthealings do happen, but sometimes as a result of a process. As a healer I encourage my clients tostep out and live the life of which they secretly dream. The work I do on the table creates thetemplate for the client to take action in the world.To me, Brennan Healing Science is just incredible. I have seen miracles of people essentiallyclaiming themselves and their life, healing physical, emotional and psychological problems beyondtheir expectations. When people connect to the deepest part of themselves and begin to feel how
  5. 5. beautiful they are, they start to believe they have the power to heal themselves. They start tobelieve they can have the life they want, that living in a joyful, connected way is possible. They seea life they never knew could exist for them. They stop participating in negative patterns, putting upwith abusive behavior and start believing in themselves. This is the foundation for miracles. Newjobs come in, new loves, new houses or old situations transform into healthy expressions of theirhighest good. Sicknesses heal. Ive seen people heal cancer, autoimmune disorders, thyroidproblems, heart problems, digestive disorders and on and on. Its hard to describe how inspiring itis to witness and be a part of anothers healing process.What I felt in my first session was that I was so seen for my true self that I had no choice but toactually be it. What it takes to arrive at that point can be a lot, but in the end, that is the greatesthealing. To be seen in our essence, our true self, the potential of that true self and to be loved forall the things we are not: our mask, our defense and our shadow. Dr. Barbara Brennan hascreated a technique that incorporates all of who you are and are meant to be. It is an extraordinarylearning process, invoking the richness of your being, the creative possibilities of life, the joy andpain of relationship, and the miracle of healing.I could write a book about it, but luckily Barbara has already written two, Hands of Light and LightEmerging, and she will be coming out with a third soon. If you are interested in more of thescientific studies behind the work, Hands of Light does a good job of explaining it. She also has aseries of channeled books called Seeds of the Spirit. There are now certificate programs inGermany and Japan as well as Miami, FL. In Miami you can get a Bachelors of Healing Science,as well as continue your studies with a teacher training program and an advanced psychologicalprocess and leadership program called Brennan Integration Practitioner (BIP)/Supervision Training(STP).My own practice is based in Brennan Healing Science, but it is an ever-evolving expression of whoI am and who my clients are. I continue to learn new techniques, sharpen the old ones, and studywith a supervising healer. Most importantly I continually challenge myself through the work andthrough life, to deepen my understanding of living in my heart.CC Treadway is an energy healer, channel and counselor. She maintains a private practice inNew York and Sedona, AZ and works long distance. Visit her website for more articles on healingas well as events and workshops. ====Hello from Ross Craft. Learn how I recovered from blindness and two terminal diseases here: ====