==== ====Hello from Ross Craft. Learn how I recovered from blindness and two terminal diseases here:http://www.learningtod...
Your brain can reach extraordinary levels of performance not normally attainable without years ofpractice. Research has sh...
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More tips on using technology to improve your health at http://binauralbeats.mobi


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Get tips on stress relief without effort http://www.binauralbeats.mobi

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More tips on using technology to improve your health at http://binauralbeats.mobi

  1. 1. ==== ====Hello from Ross Craft. Learn how I recovered from blindness and two terminal diseases here:http://www.learningtodanceintherain.com==== ====Brainwave Technology ExplainedYou may have heard the terms brainwave technology. I started using it and experiencing itsmeditative aspects when I embedded binaural beats into the background of my guidedvisualization recording and recovered from illness. After I recovered, I learned it is also awonderful tool for relieving stress, facilitating rest andincreasing productivity. Upon furtherresearch, and increased usage, I have learned that there are a variety of additional applications forbrainwave technologies such as: improved sleeping, emotional healing, meditation, and ofcoursehealing physical disorders.In this article I am going to give you a more in depth report on my research findings concerningbrainwave technology. In order to facilitate this information transfer, I am going to use a questionand answer format. I will try to anticipate your questions and then provide answers. In this way Ihope to shed some light on how brainwave technology can improve our lives.You: What exactly IS Brainwave Technology?Me: Well, there are many different types. In a general sense, brainwave technology is comprisedof any type of audio or visual tool that stimulates brain activity in one form or the other. What I useare the audio forms of brainwave technology, and I create and distribute recordings that helppeople get into desired brain states. I also combine the audios with guided visualizations.You: What do you mean by desired brain states?Me: There are several different brainwave states. Your brain continually cycles through each ofthem throughout the day and night. It is a completely natural biological occurrence in every humanbeing, and each of these brainwave states occurs in a specific frequency range:Gamma: bursts of insight and high-level information processing (40Hz and up)Beta: Focused concentration, heightened alertness (13Hz to 40 Hz)Alpha: Relaxed mental awareness, visualization, creativity (8Hz to 12Hz)Theta: Stress Relief, deep relaxation, meditation, dreaming (4Hz to 8Hz)Delta: Deep, dreamless sleep, healing and rejuvenation (0Hz to 4Hz)With the help of audio brainwave technology, you can guide your brain into Beta, Delta, or anyother desired brainwave state based on the activity you are engaging.You: How Does It Work?Me: The recordings are scientifically designed to release one set of frequencies into the right ear,and another set of frequencies into the left ear. When this happens, the brains response is togenerate its own frequency (and the one you desire) to reconcile the difference between the twofrequencies being heard through the ears. This balancing frequency of the brain is called abinaural beat, and is what we are after in brainwave technology.For example, if a frequency of 100Hz is presented to the left ear and a frequency of 105Hz ispresented to the right ear, the brain hears a binaural beat pulsing at 5Hz, the exact differencebetween the two frequencies. Over time, binaural beats can lead to something wonderful calledhemisphere synchronization.You: What is Hemisphere Synchronization?Me: Whole brain synchronization occurs when the two hemispheres of your brain begin to worktogether, resonating at the same frequencies and causing neural pathways to fire more rapidly.
  2. 2. Your brain can reach extraordinary levels of performance not normally attainable without years ofpractice. Research has shown that this type of synchronization is present in the brain at times ofintense creativity, clarity and inspiration. By listening to my recordings you can train your brain tofunction at this high level of synchronization.You: Is there any way to actually see Hemisphere Synchronization?Me: Absolutely! You can track it on an EEG machine, and it is amazing to see how the brainbecomes more cohesive. After about 7-10 minutes of using these products the left and righthemispheres of the brain start working together. Remember, there is 30+ years of science backingthis up.You: Give a reason why someone would want to start purposefully altering their brainwaves?Me: Good question. For starters, people can get all the benefits of meditation without effort. Thelist is very long but another example is people who have trouble sleeping can benefit tremendouslyfrom these products as the recordings can help guide the brain into the Delta brainwave state.Over time,the technologycan train the brain to remember how to emit this critical frequency. Theseare just two of a myriad of reasons to use these products.You: You mentioned before that these products help train the brain. Explain.Me: When you use these recordings every day for a few weeks (for about 15-20 minutes), you willnoticed that the brain starts to remember how to get into desired states more easily. So, if we givesomeone who has trouble falling asleep a recording that takes their brain from the very busy Betastate, down through the more relaxed Alpha state and all the way into Delta, and they listen to itfor a few weeks, their brain actually becomes entrained to get into Delta by itself. What this meansis that you do not have to be tied to a recording for the rest of your life to go to sleep, and is one ofthe great benefits of this technology.You: Are there any more exotic uses of brainwave technology?Me: Yes! Recent research has shown we can use brainwave technology to stimulate the pituitarygland to release more HGH the youth hormone. It has been known for some time that HGHproduction reduces as we age. Research has shown that increased HGH causes the body toactually reverse the aging process. This is very exciting, cutting edge developments.You: Why do more peopleNOTknow about Brainwave Technology?Me: It took a very long time for the traditional medical establishment to accept it as a viable form oftreatment. Plus, for the first 20+ years there was not a lot of money devoted to this research. Butawareness of brainwave technology is growing at an exponential rate, and I am happy to say thata LOT of people are beginning to know about my program! With the confluence of increasingscientific evidence, the internet, and physician recommendations, brainwave technology isexploding.You: Where can we see some of these scientific studies?Me: I am in the process of developing a list of books, scientific studies and articles to publish onmy website. For copyright reasons I cannot publish the actual studies on my site..Ross Crafthttp://www.learningtodanceintherain.com==== ====Hello from Ross Craft. Learn how I recovered from blindness and two terminal diseases here:http://www.learningtodanceintherain.com
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