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Clydestone Profile

  1. 1. Contacts us:+233 30 2772690+234 708 169 0576+233 26 innovate . develop .suppor t w w w . c l y d e s t o n e . c o m
  2. 2. ABOUT FINANCIAL DOCUMENTS PROCESSINGClydestone is an indigenous Ghanaian company, and first inthe IT industry to be listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange Clydestone installed the first interbank automated Clearing System for the Central Bank in 1996. This was in(GSE). Currently the leading provider of payment systems operation for 13 years until it migrated to the current truncation regime. Under truncation, Clydestone is still marketwith tailored payment platforms for the information leader and supports 12 banks with 43% market market. Clydestone Cheque Truncation and Automated Clearing House (ACH) solution clients include: GTBank, Zenith Bank,Clydestone was established in June 1989 as a private UBA, Access Bank, CAL Bank, Fidelity Bank, National Investment Bank and limited. It is one of Ghanas premier informationtechnology solution companies that develop cutting edgesolutions in the areas of financial document processing,corporate networking, remittance processing andtransaction switching.COMPANY POLICIESQuality comes firstIn all aspect of workCommitments matterHaving made a commitment, we do everything in ourpower to honour itOpenness and honestyClient satisfaction is paramountOur goal is to have long-term relationshipsContinuous advancement of productsCustomers benefit from improved developments and technologyOpen to the enterprise
  3. 3. FINANCIAL DOCUMENTS PROCESSING GLOBAL SWITCH G-switchComprehensive ClydeAiDPS application suitePayment processing applications- Cheque and remittance processing- Image-based and conventional PAYMENT- Integration with third party ICR/CAR components HUBS- Electronic cleaning and truncation- Sorting- Teller application VALUE-ADDED FRAUD SETTLEMENT & CARD AND ONLINE TRADE FUNCTIONS MANAGEMENT RECONCILIATION TOKEN MGT BANKING FINANCEImage archive & research- Local /web-base enquiry COREImage-based signature verification FUNCTIONS TRANSACTION AUTHENTICATION SWITCHING AUTHORIZATION PAYMENT ACQUIRINGImage statements- Paper/CD delivery/web access INFRASTRUCTURE FUNCTIONS MIDDLEWARE, CONNECTIVITY, SECURITY, DATA SYNCHRONIZATION, TESTING AND SIMULATION, ETCImage export to external systems- e.g. office imaging productsImage-based positive pay G-Switch, established by Clydestone, is an Electronic Payment Platform providing Transaction Switching, Third- Anti-fraud application Party Processing and EFT hosting services to Banks, Independent Service organizations (ISOs) and Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs). G-switch operates a secure, real-time, regulatory compliant processing platform located in Accra – Ghana that utilizes state-of the-art technology. G-switch operates a local interbank switch under its brand name – G-switch. Settlement of all G-switch local transactions is through the Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems Company (GhIPSS). G-Switch is certified with China Union Pay (CUP), the Chinese Bankcard Association and is a Global Acquiring Partner for CUP. We are also certified with Verve Nigeria for the acquiring of Verve transactions by G-switch member banks in Ghana and also Kenswitch Kenya, to provide CUP acquiring for their member banks.
  4. 4. GLOBAL SWITCH G-switch CARD ISSUING, PROCESSING AND MANAGEMENTSERVICES G-Switch offers card issuing, processing and management to several financial institutions and private label card issuers. We provide our customers access to our Card Management System through a Web based portal to allowG-Switch offers the following services: them to interface with our Central Issuing System. We also provide in-house card issuing and management capability to customer that prefer to manage their issuing and Card production, but connect to us for card hostingCard Issuing, Processing and Management and authorization services.Card Procurement and PersonalizationCard Hosting and Authorization G-Switch processes all cards issued and hosted on behalf of our hosted institutions. We also process all cards forATM Acquiring members of the G-Switch Network, Private Label Cards and cards supported by China Union Pay.POS AcquiringInterbank Switching and Settlement CARD PROCUREMENT AND PERSONALIZATIONChina Union Pay Global PartnerMicro Finance Services on Demand G-Switch provides card procurement and personalizationUniversal eCommerce Merchant Platform services. Card design and manufacture is coordinated with preferred local and International certified card3D Secure Authentication for (Verified by Visa, MasterCard Secure Code, American Express suppliers. G-Switch also assist clients that prefer toSafeKey and JCB J/Secure and other Alternative Payment Brands. personalize cards internally, by providing assistance with card equipment acquisition, installation, interfacing andOur services are tailored to offer our customers a unique one stop solution for all their card support. Our in house personalization bureau offers cardprogramme’s and transaction processing needs. Our 24/7 call centre ensures that we provide personalization as well as PIN Mailer services.the best support at all times to our valued clients.
  5. 5. CARD ISSUING, PROCESSING AND MANAGEMENT CHINA UNION PAY GLOBAL PARTNERCARD HOSTING AND AUTHORIZATION China Union Pay (CUP) is the only Bankcard association in China. It is a shareholding financial service institution invested by over 80 domestic financial institutions with the approval of the StateG-Switch hosts and authorizes card transactions for all its hosted and connected institutions. G-Switch provides the Council and the Peoples Bank of China. Established in Marchservices and configurations associated with the physical production of plastic cards, including anonymous 2002 and headquartered in Shanghai, CUP has a registered capitaltemporary cards as well as embossed individualised, permanent cards. of RMB 1.65 billion and employs over 3000 people. Clydestone – G-Switch signed a global partnership agreement with CUP in 2009ATM ACQUIRING to expand the acceptance of CUP cards globally, particularly in Africa. Connectivity to CUP by G-Switch is through their international front-end processing system in Hong Kong. G-G-Switch offers ATM driving, management, and monitoring solutions for a wide variety of terminals. G-Switch ATM Switch has completed and certified to CUP and has connected toprocessing, supports directly driven ATMs, as well as advanced-functions ATMs. G-Switch supports most local Banks in ATM Brands. Clydestone can also engage banks interested in issuing Union PayPoS ACQUIRING cards.G-Switch PoS processing offers EMV compliant VERVE NIGERIA ACQUIRING PARTNERPoS devices which are configured to supportmost international card brands. G-Switch canalso drive PoS devices for member institutions Verve Nigeria is a Bankcard Association licensed by the Centralon the G-Switch network. Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and processing its transactions through Interswitchs super switch. G-Switch signed an agreement with Verve Nigeria in 2012 to enable Verve cardholders to use their cards in Ghana on G-Switch members connected devices.
  6. 6. G-SECURE AUTHENTICATION PLATFORM FOR ISSUERS, G-SECURE AUTHENTICATION PLATFORM FOR ISSUERS,ACQUIRERS, MERCHANTS AND MOBILE WALLET ACQUIRERS, MERCHANTS AND MOBILE WALLETClydestone has partnered with Cardinal Commerce Corporation the global G-secure connects Internet Merchants to a secure Hosted Checkoutleader in enabling authenticated payments, secure transactions and page at the point of purchase to enable all the functions and features thatalternative payment brands for both eCommerce and mobile commerce, to are traditionally available on a Payment Gateway. It enables merchants tooffer the G-secure Authentication Platform. accept a variety of online payment brands:The G-secure Authentication Platform was designed to support the card G-secure * Visaassociations 3D-Secure authentication programmes: Verified by Visa and * MasterCardMasterCard SecureCode. The Platform also supports JB/Secure and will * American Expressinclude the American Express SafeKey 3D-Secure payment and the * DinersDiscover/Diners 3D-Secure brand by 2012. By selecting the G-secure * JCBAuthentication Platform, a bank can, in a short period of time, provide the * China Union Pay (CUP)3D-Secure programmes to its customers. The Platform can support most payment brands provided by a processor;The Platform service is available for credit, debit, prepaid/stored value, and so G-secure can enable the brands available to the banks Merchanteligible commercial cards. G-secure is built to support customized screens Customers today. Authorization, Authentication, Settlement andthat a banks customers see, making it easy to adapt the programme properly for the differed card type and/or regions. The Reporting can all be enabled for Clydestones Bank Clients and theirPlatform is also designed to apply the correct level of authentication for different card programmes and region, based on Merchant Customers.multiple factors. G-secure is intended to provide a highly customized Platform that will look and feel like a banks own website.The proper presentation of the service to a banks customer makes a significant difference in how they will adopt and then usethis new service. Strong adoption by the banks customers is step 1 in effective fraud prevention. Our ability to uniquelycustomize each Platform for each bank is the key to making this a successful service for a bank’s clients and their customers.The Platform includes a “Cardholder Self-Service Module”. Once a cardholder has registered his or her card for Verified by Visaor MasterCard Secure Code, he or she can log in and update their own credentials or Personal Message. Often customersprefer the self-service option (versus contacting the Call Centre) to manage their own credentials once they have signed up forVerified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode.G-secure enables a bank to quickly launch a full scale eCommerce solution for their Merchant Customers who would like to selltheir goods and services over the Internet.
  7. 7. G-SECURE MOBILE BANKING G-SECURE MOBILE BANKING SERVICE DELIVERY: SMS AND APPLICATION The mobile service can be provided to the end customer using either SMS or an application that is downloaded to the customers phone. Some customers will have phones that only support simple SMS messaging; other customers will have phones that support data services, but still may prefer a mix of SMS and/or application options for their mobile service. G-sec ure THE G-SECURE MOBILE WALLET The G-secure Mobile Wallet (the Wallet) is designed to support secure transactions for payment brands and cards, processors, banks, merchants and their customers, leveraging the convenience of the mobile channel. The Wallet is built on reliable, eCommerce transaction processing philosophy that can be rendered to operate on any smartphone that is capable of downloading and launching an application. The G-Secure Wallet and Cardinal MAX Data Vault: When a bank customer signs for the Mobile Wallet, the information provided, as defined by a bank, will be stored in the MAX data vault. This information can include a funding source(s), billing/shipping address, username/password, mobileThe G-secure Platform enables a variety of mobile services, broadly grouped into three categories: number and an email address. Whenever a customer uses his mobile wallet to make purchases he will only need to authenticate using a password, and choose his funding source stored in the Data Vault. The customer will not need to re-1) Mobile Banking enter credit card information or a billing/shipping address. The Data Vault receives, translates and assembles the2) Mobile Bill presentment and Payment information, to produce communication in the appropriate format, whether it is intended for bank to request information, or3) Mobile Merchandising and Mobile Commerce for the customers mobile phone to provide information. No information collected by the Data Vault is shared or viewable by the merchant, and MAX communications performed in the background are transparent to the customer.Leveraging the G-secure Mobile App functions and features built into our Mobile Banking App, customers could adddifferent options to its Wallet such as store locator service, special offers, mobile coupons and vouchers, the ability to checkcard balances and other customer value-added services.
  8. 8. PAYPOINT BILL COLLECTION SERVICESClydestones subsidiary Remittance Processing (Ghana) Limited offers the Paypoint bill payment service in Ghana.Under its agreement with Multichoice Ghana, Paypoint appoints banks to collect DSTv subscriptions .The following Banks offer the service:1. Access Bank2. Fidelity Bank3. Unibank4. HFC Bank5. Agricultural Development Bank6. Merchant Bank