Overwhelming allergies that can affect you that is least expected fin

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  • 1. OverwhelmingAllergies ThatCan Affect You That is Least Expected
  • 2. Cockroaches Allergy Facts • Cockroaches are considered among the most allergenic of household pests. These insects are usually present in areas that are crowded, like the city. The bodies and droppings of cockroaches contain allergenic proteins as well as its saliva.
  • 3. Insect Sting Allergy Explained Once a person gets stung by an insect, he may immediately notice swelling and redness around the area. Most of the time, these symptoms are accompanied with pain. Symptoms of anaphylaxis may be life threatening. These include difficulty of breathing and swallowing and swelling of the mouth, throat, and face. Other symptoms can also be observed such as dizziness, restlessness, anxiety, and a sudden drop in blood pressure.
  • 4. Pet Allergy Explained Many pets like cats and dogs can make people allergic. According to some researchers, saliva protein can cause allergies. The fur contains the proteins as the animal licks itself. Two of the main sources of allergens are urine and the skin. As the material that holds it dries up, the proteins starts to float in the air.
  • 5. Candle Allergy Overview Dr. Wedner suggests that you cannot be allergic to essential oils. Although they make candles smell like autumn leaves or dune grass, they can actually inflame your nasal cavities. He also says that there is an amplified sensitivity for people having nasal allergies. When they are exposed to candles, they get runny nose and watery eyes.
  • 6. Mold Allergies Info Molds are composed of many cells andthey grow as branching threads calledhyphae. Both can contribute to allergicreactions but there is only a specific typeof molds that can cause mold allergies.and dried fruits will produce allergysymptoms.
  • 7. For more allergy related topics, visit: www.allergysymptomsweb.com