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Vietnam War Presentation

  1. 1. The Vietnam WarBy Rohan A. Rastogi and Nathan Beningson
  2. 2. French Colony • French colony since 1840s • Japanese takeover • French receive colony back • Ho Chi Minhrevolt in North nationalist leads o Fight for 8 years o Drive out French • Geneva Conference divides on 17th parallel • US increases influence in South
  3. 3. North Vietnam vs. SouthVietnam• Democratic • State of Vietnam Republic of Vietnam (DRV) • Corrupt, dictatorial regime under Ngo• Communist Dinh Diem• Led by Ho Chi Minh • Anti- communist• Bring "an era of • US backed right and justice" to all of Vietnam • "Crusade" against communism
  4. 4. Causes of the Vietnam War1. French Colonialism• Creates disdain for West• First Indochina War- split countries4. Domino Theory• US belief• If one country "fell" to communism, then rest of countries in that region will fall in turn (like dominos)
  5. 5. Causes (cont.)3. US policy of containment• Prevent spread of communism• Korean War4. North/ South Vietnamese tensions• Contrasting governments• Diems anti-communism leads to guerrilla fighting near border- Vietcong• South receiving US aid, advisors
  6. 6. Short Term Cause: Gulf of Tonkin The USS Maddox
  7. 7. Gulf of Tonkin Resolution • Uses excuse to pass resolution • Allows president to control military without Congress • Johnson sends troops • US Air Force
  8. 8. Rolling Thunder US Air Force unloads tons of bombs on North Vietnam
  9. 9. Guerrilla Warfare• Vietcong: South Vietnamese communists o Fight US with guerrilla tactics o Hide in dense forests o Supplied by Ho Chi Minh Trail• US use bombs, napalm, Agent Orange• North Vietnamese Army (NVA)• Army of Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) o US backed South Vietnamese army o Desert in increasing numbers after US involvement
  10. 10. Ho Chi Minh Trail
  11. 11. Tet Offensive • Vietcong, NVA join forces • Attack Urban centers • Try to spark rebellion • US, South eventually halt
  12. 12. US Attitudes• Draft• Tet Offensive o Thought US winning• Anti-war protestors o Protest casualties o 500,000 people march on Washington• Conservative support
  13. 13. Nixons Vietnamization • US offers training, equipment to South Vietnam • US soldiers presence gradually reduced • Fails with corrupt officers, lack ofNixon announces troop withdrawals motivation
  14. 14. End of War• Paris Peace Talks result in a fragile peace• Broken with North offensive- sweep across South• Saigon falls- later becomes Ho Chi Minh City
  15. 15. Effects of the Vietnam War1. Casualties North Vietnam South Vietnam United States Soldiers Killed 1,100,000 223,748 58,219 Soldiers 600,000 1,169,763 304,704 Wounded Civilians Killed 2,000,000 415,000 N/A2. Vietnam devastated• Bombing destroys cities• Chemical warfare leads to starvation• 1.5 million refugees
  16. 16. Effects (cont.)3. United States• Disillusionment with government• Less militaristic foreign policy• Veterans face hostility4. New Communist Regimes•Cambodias Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot kill 1 million "bourgeoisie" in communist revolt• Laos• Motivated by US attacks during war