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Walton c collection development2

  1. 1. TitleThe Heart Calls Home (Obi and Easter Trilogy)The Rise and Fall of Jim CrowFreedwomen and the Freedmens Bureau: Race, Gender, and Public Policy in the Age of Emancipation (Reconstructing America)Black Codes in GeorgiaThe Color of Land: Race, Nation, and the Politics of Landownership in Oklahoma, 1832-1929The Origins of Southern Sharecropping (Labor and Change)Speeches of Andrew Johnson, President of the United States: With a Biographical Introduction by Frank Moore (1865)Under the Guardianship of a New Nation: The Freedmens Bureau and the Reconstruction of GA 1865-1870Splendid Failure: Postwar Reconstruction in the American South (American Ways Series) TitleBelovedJubileeWind Done GoneBlack AngelsReconstruction Era Reference Library (Vol. 3)Civil War and Reconstruction: A student companionFrom Reconstruction to the PresentReconstruction Era: AlmanacReconstruction AmendmentsReconstruction TitleAfrican Americans During ReconstructionAfrican Americans in the Reconstruction EraAndrew Johnsons Civil War and reconstructionBlue laws and Black codes : conflict, courts, and change in twentieth-century VirginiaA Separate CountryCarpetbaggers, cavalry, and the Ku Klux Klan : exposing the invisible empire during ReconstructionThe autobiography of Miss Jane PittmanThe Civil War and Reconstruction
  2. 2. The doom of Reconstruction : the liberal Republicans in the Civil War eraOn Agate HillEncyclopedia of the Reconstruction eraThe era of Reconstruction and expansion, 1865-1900Fenians, freedmen, and southern Whites : race and nationality in the era of ReconstructionImpeachment of a president : Andrew Johnson, the Blacks, and ReconstructionInto the land of freedom : African Americans in ReconstructionReconstructionGabriels StoryReconstruction : a primary source history of the struggle to unite the North and South after the Civil WarThe Reconstruction eraReconstruction era. BiographiesThe Reconstruction era : primary documents on events from 1865 to 1877Reconstruction: People and PerspectivesThe Ku Klux Klan: a guide to an American subcultureReconstruction era. Primary sourcesEmancipation Proclamation and the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendmentsBy one vote: the disputed presidential election of 1876Reconstruction : rebuilding after the Civil WarTraveling the freedom road : from slavery & the Civil War through Reconstruction TitleReconstruction : the second Civil WarReconstruction & SegregationReconstruction the NationGilded AgeAfter Shock: Beyond The Civil WarEconomic ChangesBirth of a Nation (1915) Remastered EditionDisneys The American Presidents Civil War and Reconstruction & The Development of the USThe Unfinished Nation: Part I Early Colonization to Reconstruction (Video recording)Alex Haleys QueenIn the Land of Jim Crow: Growing up SegregatedThe autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman
  3. 3. Gabriels StoryI thought my soul would die: the diary of Patsy, a freed girlOn Agate HillA Separate Country (Electronic Resource)ReconstructionReconstruction (Electronic Resource)Total
  4. 4. Amazon Author Publisher Year of Publication Age/Grade LevelJoyce Hansen HarperTeen 2001 Young Adult (YA)Richard Wormser St. Martins Griffin 2004 YAMary J. Farmer-Kaiser Fordham University Press 2010 YADan Moore Sr. & Michele Mitchell CreateSpace 2006 YADavid Chang The University of North Carolina Press 2010 ADEdward Royce Temple University Press 1993 ADFrank Moore Cronell University Library 2009 YAPaul Cimbala University of GA Press 2003 YAMichael W. Fitzgerald Ivan R. Dee 2007 AD Perma-Bound Author Publisher Year of Publication Age/Grade LevelToni Morrison New American Library 2004 6.0/9+Margaret Walker Houghton Mifflin 1999 ADAlice Randall Houghton Mifflin 2001 ADLinda Beatrice Brown G.P. Putnams Sons 2009 4.5/7-12Lawrence Baker UXL 2005 6/7th-12thWilliam Barney Oxford University Press 2001 7/7th-12thDudley, William & Chalberg, John C. Greenhaven Press Inc. 2007 7/9th-12thKelly King Howles UXL 2005 8-12thMichael Burgan Compass Point 2006 7.6/4-7Allen Pierce ABDO Publishing 2005 7.0/4-7 Title Wave Author Publisher Year of Publication Age/Grade LevelRichard Worth Chelsea House 2006 YAChunchang Gao Garland 2000 ADPaul H. Bergeron University of Tennessee Press 2011 ADPeter Wallenstein University of Virginia Press 2004 ADRobert Hiicks Grand Central Publisher 2009 ADJ. Michael Martinez Rowman & Littlefield 2007 ADErnest Gaines Bantam 1971 YARobert Kallen ABDO & Daughters 2001 YA
  5. 5. Andrew Slap Fordham University Press 2006 ADLee Smith Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill 2006 ADRichard Zuczek GreenwoodPress 2006 YAGeorge Stanley World Almanac Library 2005 YAMitchell Snay Louisiana State University Press 2007 ADHans Trefousse Fordham University Press 1999 ADMeg Greene Lerner Publications 2004 YAKatie Marsico Rourke 2010 LLDavid Anthony Durham 1st Anchor Books 2002 ADTimothy Flanagan Rosen Central Primary Source 2005 YABettye Stroud Marshall Cavendish Benchmark 2007 YARoger Matuz UXL ,Thomson/Gale 2005 YADonna Dickerson GreenwoodPress 2003 ADJames Campbell & Rebecca Frasier ABC-CLIO, Inc. 2008 ADMarty Gitlin GreenwoodPress 2009 YABridget Hall Grumet UXL ,Thomson/Gale 2005 YADouglas Rife Teaching & Learning 2002 PFMichael Holt University Press of Kansas 2008 ADJudith Peacock Bridgestone Books 2003 YALinda Barrett Osborne Abrams Books for Young Readers 2009 YA Non-print resources Format/Length Company Year of PublicationDVD/180 minutes PBS 2005DVD/30 minutes Library Video Company 2003DVD/30 minutes Library Video Company 2001DVD/30 minutes Library Video Company 2003DVD/91 minutes Library Video Company 2006DVD/28 minutes Library Video Company 2009DVD/190 minutes Amazon 2009DVD/58 minutes Disney Educational Productions 2010DVD/780 minutes Intelecom 2004DVD/283 minutes Rainy Day Entertainment 2008DVD/27 minutes Phoenix Learning Group Inc. 2008CD/10hr Recorded Books 1994
  6. 6. CD Recorded Books 2002CD/4hr Live Oak Media 2006CD Recorded Books 2006CD Findaway World 2009CD Isis Audio Books 2008CD-ROM Social Studies School Service 2009
  7. 7. ISBN978-0380732944978-0312313265978-0823232116978-14400495267978-080787106978-1566390699978-1112129490978-0820325118978-1-56663-734-3 ISBN978-1-400-03342-6978-0-395-92495-2978-0-618-10450-5978-0-399-25030-9978-0-7876-9216-2978-0-19-511559-8978-0-7377-3184-2978-0-7876-9217-9978-0-7565-1636-9978-1-591-97939-5 ISBN978-0-8160-6139-6978-0-8153-3596-2978-1-57233-748-0978-0-8139-2260-7978-0-446-58164-6978-0-7425-5077-3978-0-553-26357-2978-1-57765-469-8
  8. 8. 978-0-8232-2709-9978-1-56512-452-3978-0-313-33073-5978-0-8368-5836-5978-0-8071-3273-9978-0-8232-1923-0978-0-8225-4690-0978-1-60694-448-6978-0-385-72033-5978-1-40420-177-4978-0-7614-2181-8978-0-7876-9218-6978-0-313-32094-1978-1-59884-012-6978-0-313-36576-8978-0-7876-9219-3978-1-57310-349-7978-0-7006-1608-4978-0-7368-4519-9978-0-8109-8338-0 Grades9th-12th9th-12th9th-12th7th-Adults7th-Adults9th-12thYAYAYAYAYAYA
  9. 9. AD5th-8thADADADPF
  10. 10. ReviewsLibrary Journal, Kirkus ReviewsAmazonAmazonAmazonEditorial ReviewsAmazonHistory: Review of New Books ReviewsBooklistKirkus Review, Library Journal, Multicultural ReviewBooklist, Horn Book, KirkusBooklistBook Report, Booklist, Choice, School Library JournalBooklist, Reference and Research Book News ReviewsHorn Book, Library Media ConnectionChoiceBooklist, Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Kirkus ReviewBooklinks, Booklist, Notable/Best Books (ALA)School Library Journal
  11. 11. Booklist, Kirkus Review, Library JournalBooklist, Choice, Mulitcultural ReviewBooklinks, Booklist, Horn Book, Library Media Connection, MulticulturalBooklist, Kirkus Review. Library Journal, NYPLLibrary Media ConnectionLibrary Media Connection, School Library Journal, Wilsons Children, Wilsons Junior High SchoolBooklist, Reference and Research Book News, Wilsons Senior High SchoolReference and Research Book News, Library Media ConnectionSchool Library JournalMulticultural ReviewBooklist, Reference and Research Book News, Wilsons Senior High SchoolBooklinks, Booklist, Horn Book, Library Media Connection, Multicultural, School Library Journal, Wilson Junior High School, Wilson Senior High School ReviewsVideo Librarian, BooklistSLJ, Booklist, LMCVideo Librarian, BooklistVideo LibrarianAmazonAmazon, Midwest Book ReviewsAmazon
  12. 12. SLJLibrary Journal
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