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CodeIgniter and Business Applications
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  • 1. CodeIgniter and Business Applications
  • 2. What
    • A little bit about what might be useful for anyone creating a business application based on CI.
    • You should prepare all libraries before! you start developing the application.
  • 3. Active Record extended
    • Examples:
      • Overwrite _protect_identifiers: Add a list of well known SQL commands, which are not to escape. (CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, MATCH...)
      • One methode “Insert or Update” (Based on an array of fields to match)
      • Different Subquery methods
      • A method to create WHERE (...) OR (...)
        • Example: Create a helper class which allows you to create any kind of WHERE part as a SQL string
  • 4. XML/XSLT based report engine
      • PDF
        • Create a HTML file and use tcpdf to create a PDF out of it.
      • Styled reports:
        • Smarty/Dwoo or whatever you like
      • Some nice file formats for reporting:
        • ODS, ExcelML
      • SVG
        • Raphael and g.raphael or batik
  • 5. Libraries you might need
    • Ajax Library
      • Assign values (Assign result from model to form elements - XML based config)
    • Registry
      • A central object which takes care of all settings models (Caching, creation)
    • Real Time Communication
    • Reporting system
  • 6. Reporting
    • Use XSLT
      • To speed up big reports: xsltproc
      • Extended Reports
        • Grouping can be done via temporary tables
        • Keep settings as XML, do not hardcode reports
      • Graphics: Use SVG
        • Raphael or batik to support IE8
  • 7. AJAX
    • Map PHP methods -> JavaSript
    • Ideas
      • Have a look at how XAJAX works
      • Object to map PHP objects -> HTML form
  • 8. Compile files
    • Compile the CSS and JavaScript
      • JS: Google Closure Compiler (Compile into one file!)
      • CSS: YUIcompressor