Invoking & Banishing Stars


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Those pesky pentagrams & hexagrams: when and how to use them.

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Invoking & Banishing Stars

  1. 1. Invoking & Banishing Stars  Where invoking & banishing figures come from  The forces governed  Why and when to use them  How to do them.
  2. 2. Babylon Edges of the pentagram probably orientations: forward, backward, left, right, and "above" Astrologically represent the five planets Marduk (Jupiter), Ishtar (Venus), Ninurta (Saturn), Nabu (Mercury), and Nergal (Mars) Together with Shamash (Sun) and Sin (Moon) these give sus the days of the week
  3. 3. Pythagorean Elements elemental attributions on the cavities rather than the points udor/water, ge/earth, idea/Platonic Idea, eile/heat, & aer/air UGIEIA · HEALTH (often rendered Hygieia)
  4. 4. Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa Continues popularity of pentagram as a magic symbol Kept Babylonian planetary rulers Arranged in day of the week order
  5. 5. Eliphaz Levi First to declare upright pentagram "good" while inverted "bad", illustrating with an upright pentagram of Microcosmic Man beside an inverted pentagram of Baphomet Largely through occultists inspired by him that Lévi is remembered as a key founder of the twentieth century revival of magic Major influence on the magical theories of the Golden Dawn
  6. 6. Golden Dawn Did much to advance and disseminate roots of modern hermetic Qabala globally (1888– late 30s) Took symbolism of pentagram & its elemental attributes and incorporated them as ritual flourishes to symbolise & focus invoking or banishing of elements Same with hexagram, producing rituals to symbolise & focus invoking or banishing of planetary forces &, by extension, zodiac
  7. 7. Practical Application Raising the plane of a Circle (banish Earth, then invoke element required, opposite to dismiss) Creating a “comfy chair” for a visiting spirit Open window in center of figure to spill that energy into/onto a prepared object or space Planetary & zodiac energies are enhanced by invoking towards current location in sky
  8. 8. The Pentagrams
  9. 9. ✭ Notes: In GD system, all invoking pentagrams drawn towards the point corr. to that element; all banishing pentagrams away from that point Active elements (Fire/Air) preceded by Active Pent. up from R. foot to invoke, towards it to banish; Passives (Earth/Water), up from L. foot to invoke, towards it to banish, then Elemental pent. Suggest hex procedure instead (clockwise from the point to invoke; anticlockwise away from that point to banish)
  10. 10. The Hexagrams
  11. 11. ✲ Notes: In GD system, all invoking hexagrams drawn clockwise from the point corr. to the planet; all banishing hexagrams anticlockwise away from that point Drawn as 2 triangles, first For Active elements (Fire or Air), first draw an Active Pent. up from the R. foot to invoke, towards it to banish Passive elements (Earth or Water) start with a Passive Pent. up from the L. foot to invoke, towards it to banish Then draw the Elemental pentagram
  12. 12. Things to Remember• Start at point representing force you wish to influence• Proceed clockwise to invoke, anticlockwise to banish• Explode Sun from center to invoke, implode to center to banish• Trace sigil of the force in center of completed figure