CloudCamp London 3 - SymetrIQ - Phil Huber


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What to consider when building an Enterprise Cloud

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CloudCamp London 3 - SymetrIQ - Phil Huber

  1. 1. From: CTO To: Personal Guru Subject: Need help!!! I was told by my CEO that I HAVE to do this new thing called Cloud Computing and I have no idea where to start, CAN YOU HELP???? Philipp Huber Cloud Evangelist & Architect Co-founder stealth-mode start-up CloudCamp London #3, March 12th
  2. 2. Flexibility Agility Speed to Market Stack Commoditisation (Hi, Simon ) Simplification Consolidation Step 1 – Why do it Improved Scalability Better Utilisation Remove rarely used overheads Social Responsibility Carbon Reduction Operational Cost Reduction
  3. 3. Review your product portfolio Find suitable application or services Review Risk Security, SLAs Step 2 – What to move into the Cloud Tech Team to review suitability Not every application is suitable ... yet, i.e. heavy DB apps Check Licensing!!!!!! Can be challenging– sockets, cores, instances, users, You need per hour pricing or elasticity goes out the window!!
  4. 4. PaaS e.g., Google App Engine IaaS/HaaS e.g. Amazon EC2, GoGrid Step 3 – The Level SaaS e.g., Netsuite
  5. 5. Public Cloud Federated Cloud Step 4 – Type of Cloud Private Cloud Shared Private Cloud
  6. 6. Virtual Private Data Centre (VPDC) Step 5 – Data Centre Automation OR Federation Management • End-to-end Provisioning • Automated Hardware orchestration • Full self-service • Usage based billing • Asset or Identity Management • Multi-tenancy • Monitoring
  7. 7. Network Fabric is key!!! Impacts Scalability Storage will be 80% of your problems Step 6 – HW decisions Commodity kit vs. HW appliances Load Balancers, Firewalls, IDS Type of servers Cores, power usage, pizza box vs. redundant box, memory
  8. 8. Your mid-level Mgmt will be against it!! Fear of losing control, job, .... Commoditisation, consolidation – expect major pushback – THIS WON’T WORK HERE!!! Humans don’t like change! Step 7 – Staffing Considerations 75% of your staff looking after the lower HW/SW stack will be redundant in 3-5 years! HW folks, staging, installation, provisioning, etc. You need to start planning NOW what you will do with those people
  9. 9. SLAs Mostly marketing driven, e.g. Amazon EC2 Security Concerns Step 8 – Consider challenges QoS Simply missing!!! Interoperability & standards APIs, images, data formats, billing
  10. 10. If you would like a copy of the slides, contact me via: