Train research


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Train research

  1. 1. This may be a drawing but is a very good representation of a cable/train car. It is very open and big for passengers. With the wheels so close together is would seem as though the car may get tipsy when the weight is too far forward or back. With this commuter train we can see how modular it is and the big doors allow the passengers plenty of room to move from car to car. This looks to be a train from the Chicago area. The lights help let the train be seen in the dark.
  2. 2. The very thin walls and height of these train cars let them carry a whole lot of coal. When combined together as in the picture they can ship tons of stuff. Despite the people standing in front of the car, we can still see the caboose as a whole. With the extra section on the roof the conductor in the rear of the train could see all the other cars in the train making sure they were lined up properly.
  3. 3. This train car is streamlined becauseit would be more aerodynamic andfuel efficient if this is a coal or fuelpowered train. This particular train looks to be a high speed train because of the aerodynamic shape and the shape of the front car creating downforce so the train will not become airborne. The box around the front of the train looks like it could be used to connect another train car to the front or as a battering ram demonstrated in this picture.
  4. 4. The overall design of this engine is pretty god considering the age of this picture. The high center of gravity and the smoke stack being shorter than the window creates problems. Being tipping around a corner and smoke inhalation. This train has windows that are covered with a white material. If this is a passenger train car the covered up windows were a bad idea. It would be very dark in the train and you would not know where you are going.This passenger car is now a house.For this to be a house means this caris sealed very well. The roof is slopedfor water to run off the house, asthey are in a forest area, where itrains a lot.
  5. 5. The train must be very compact to fit in the airplane or the airplane must be big. ( A front loading plane!) The train looks like a brick that slaps the wind. This does not look very aerodynamic.The shape of the train does not lookvery aerodynamic, but because it isnot the first car I can see the benefitsof this shape. Also I like theadvertisement on the side of the car.They get profit from the ad and thetickets.
  6. 6. This is a very streamlined train carand is not very attractive looking.Therefore we can conclude it is not apassenger car. Even though this a model train, the car looks cool. It is streamlined, colored well and will pass as a suitable passenger car for anyone. I also like the glass on the roof. Maybe this is a caboose? I am questioning the placement of the train tracks being so close together? Or why did this guy think this is a parking spot? The train is built very strong as I do not see any damage.