1622 Chris Slette Composition 2


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Composition 2 project for Freshman Writ 1622 University of Denver

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  • Technology has been heralded as the greatest thing around. People claim that it has made our lives easier and more exciting. WRONG! Technology is evil.
  • We have become slaves to technology. We wait had and foot on our electronic overlords and there is nothing we can do about it. Technology is the boss now, it and only it decides when it wants to do something. As we sit in front of our computers anticipating some innocent Facebookerey with friends the machines are at work, plotting evil deeds under the veil of “loading files.”
  • It’s not much longer until 1984, by my math that was 27 years ago. That means that Big Brother must have had a flight delay, probably because of the computers. I mean face it! We’re being watched. It’s not much longer and we’re going to need some crazy lady to throw a hammer into a screen. And this is NOT an Apple commercial! I’m on to you Steve Jobs, you’re part of this problem.
  • It’s not much longer and the machines will take over the world. Did ya see the Matrix!?!?! It’ll be like that…
  • Except helping the Machines will be Steve and Bill. LOOK INTO THE FACES OF EVIL!!!
  • Do think that we haven’t been warned. The media has constantly portrayed computers and all of technology as evil. So many times do we see a good honest hard-working man in a battle against machines for his life and the love of a big-breasted woman? Answer: about 12% of the time.
  • How do we know technology is evil. It’s simple. Take a nice little kid with Justin Beiber hair, toss in some high tech gadgetry, and you immediately get a mad cyborg hell-bent on conquering the universe!
  • And what things has technology given us? Only the most evil devices known to man. Atomic weapons and guns are merely in this picture to show the audience that not everything is bad. They are there to offset the undeniable evil of Twitter and Facebook; two inventions so heinous that polite people shudder at their mere mention.
  • Fact, with out technology there would be no car wrecks.
  • Terrorists wouldn’t have bombs
  • There would be no meth labs.
  • No pollution.
  • And most importantly, without technology the plague of puppies in microwaves would end forever.
  • Technology may be evil, but the most evil thing it could do at this point is to stop working. So what do we get when technology breaks down and stops?
  • Probably something like this.
  • We will be forced to resort to our ancient ways. It won’t be pretty either.
  • We as a human race need to make sure that we are not completely dependent on technology.
  • There are things that we should be able to do if technology were ever to end. We need to have back ups in place. There is no better way than with intelligence and knowledge.
  • There will be a group of people that are going to be able to survive. I’m proud to say that I would probably be one of them.
  • Growing up in a rural place allowed me to learn some things that citizens of a big city may not know.
  • I feel that all people should have a little survival experience in the event of a crisis. The world is changing quickly and you should be ready.
  • The world is run by technology and I predict thateventually it will fail us. All I am saying is that we MUST be ready when that happens.
  • I have recognized reliance on technologyas its true evil and I am using technology to fight it. There’s no possible way it can go wrong unless….
  • Damn.
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