The Power of Radio


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The Power of Radio

  1. 1. Target, Engage, Motivate and Develop One-to-One Relationships Through the Power of Radio And the Reach of WMRC. Presented to: Kevin Meehan
  2. 2. The Power of Radio…
  3. 3. Radio is Pervasive… Radio is an Essential Part of Nearly 75% of U.S. Consumer’s Day… – 71% of All U.S. Consumers Listen to the Radio Every Day… • Consumers Listen to the Radio In the Car, At Work and At Home… • Consumers Listen to the Radio Throughout the Day and Evening… – The average consumer spends 32 days per year listening to the radio • Despite the increasing selection of media options, listeners continue to turn to radio for News, Weather, Information and Entertainment
  4. 4. Radio Transcends Demographics… Radio’s Power is Fueled by the Needs of Individuals, Communities and Regions – Radio stimulates spending at an unprecedented level! – 94% of Affluent Consumers listen to the radio each week – 93% of African Americans Consumers listen to the radio each week – 93% of the Hispanic American Consumers listen to the radio each week
  5. 5. Radio Empowers Decision Makers Radio Powers Spending by providing decision makers with valuable information on virtually every category of products and services – Every week Radio reaches consumers who are buyers • 92% plan to purchase real estate in the coming year • 91% plan to visit retail outlets in the coming week • 88% plan to purchase or lease a new car
  6. 6. Radio Strengthens Brand Awareness Combined with other media, radio powers increased recognition, builds brand awareness and drives ROI – Radio increases ROI 49% over Television – Radio increases brand recall 4.5X when used in conjunction with internet-based online efforts – 85% of the consumers who read the front page of newspapers listen to the radio
  7. 7. Radio Has a Loyal Audience Effective Use of Radio creates an emotional engagement which holds listeners attention and creates loyalty – On average, commercial breaks hold 92% of the lead in audience • Commercials and sponsored segments are an important part of the experience – and radio listeners stayed tuned in. – Over the last five years radio had retained 90% of its time spent listening • Compare that to other media options
  8. 8. Radio is One-to-One… Only Radio Provides Targeted, Interactive Opportunities that are Exclusive, Measurable and Affordable! – The personal nature of radio is reflected in the expectation that radio advertising is directed personally to the listener, and that radio advertisers are “trying to reach me personally.” – Compared to other mediums, Radio’s USP is hand’s down the most efficient marketing platform:
  9. 9. Why Radio? 1. It’s Pervasive • Radio is virtually everywhere and is the most accessible media option to consumers 2. It Transcends Demographics • Radio crosses economic and social barriers 3. It Empowers Buyers • Radio provides consumers timely information from a trusted source 4. It drives and supports other media endeavors • Used exclusively or in tandem with other media, Radio is the most efficient way to promote your business 5. It Builds Your Business • Radio is the key to developing one-to-one relationships with local consumers
  10. 10. The Reach of
  11. 11. WMRC…Community-Driven Radio The area’s pioneer radio station… • Operated continuously since 1956, WMRC is one of the oldest locally owned and operated commercial radio stations in the state. Three Time Winner of the MBA “Station of the Year” Award… • Presented for overall excellence in all facets of operation including growth of audience, client base, and service to the community, WMRC is the only station to win on three separate occasions (a record never duplicated). The one station everyone can agree on... • At home, in the car, or at the office - CNN Radio News at the top of every hour, outstanding variety of today’s hits throughout the day and overnights with favorites from yesterday • Professional, Colligate and Local Sports coverage • Special Weekend programming geared for the community The communities’ choice… • For local news, weather, sports, traffic, event information, local - collegiate and professional sports coverage and “what’s going on” throughout the region.
  12. 12. WMRC Coverage Area… From Marlborough to Woonsocket and Millbury to Walpole, WMRC’s coverage provides reach to a diverse population and communities that represents the fastest growing market in Massachusetts – and one of the most consolidated areas of car-buyers in the state
  13. 13. WMRC’s Audience… WMRC targets the coveted Adult 25-54 demographic – providing Imperial Cars reach to the most active group of demonstrated car buys – Every week Radio reaches consumers who are buyers • 34% do not read a daily newspaper on a regular basis • 41% earn more then $50,000 annually • 48% professional management, technical sales and administrative • 62% attended and/or completed college or trade school • 71% own homes • 87% listen to radio while commuting • 92% commute to work by car
  14. 14. WMRC’s On-line Extension On July 1st, WMRC’s New Site Goes Live…Providing Imperial Cars An Unprecedented Opportunity to Extend Radio Messaging… On-air promotion guarantees immediate traffic – which will continue to grow to support Traditional CPM-based opportunities • ROS Leaderboards, IMUs, Skyscrappers, text, etc… Exclusive CPC-based opportunities • Video, Section Takeovers, Page Peels Custom opportunities • Integrated across on-air and on-line
  15. 15. Why WMRC Radio? WMRC provides Imperial Cars a full portfolio of promotional services designed to overcome challenges and achieve objectives 1. Creates Competitive Advantage • Rise above competitive chatter • Creates positive image 2. Generates Continuous Business: • Attracts New Customers • Encourages Repeat Customers • Creates Buyer loyalty • Integration with new site provides powerful new reach 3. Solidify Imperial’s Future • Businesses that advertise consistently (especially in economic down-turns) grow. Business that don’t advertise (or cut back during and economic down- turn) remain flat – or end up like Post Toasties
  16. 16. Recommendation… More often than not, people think about buying new cars when they’re actually driving…Imperial Cars should leverage Drive Time opportunities to promote its individual brands… 1. Aggressive Weekly Schedule of :30 Second Spots From June 15th through September 1st: • 60 spots per week: 10 spots per weekday placed during morning and afternoon drive times, 5 spots per weekend day 2. Exclusive Sponsorship of weekly “If You Can Dream It, You Can Drive It” Segment • Special segment aired each Friday at 4:00pm promoting offers for upcoming weekend • Heavy promotion on 3. Two Saturday “Celebrate the Imperial Way” Remotes during Holiday Weekends • 4th of July: • Labor Day
  17. 17. Power + Reach = Continued Success! Thanks!