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I International Workshop RFID and IoT - Dia 20 - Visão FIT em RFID - Armando Lucrécio - FIT
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I International Workshop RFID and IoT - Dia 20 - Visão FIT em RFID - Armando Lucrécio - FIT


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Dia 20 - Manhã - Apresentação 6 …

Dia 20 - Manhã - Apresentação 6
Visão FIT em RFID - Armando Lucrécio - FIT

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. AGENDA1. History2. RFID Skills3. RFID Development4. Business Cases5. New trends & Vision6. UHF Brazilian Band Notes7. Conclusion
  • 2. 1RFID CoE History
  • 3. 1st EPCglobal Accredited Test CenterCustomer ExperienceApplication Development•Solutions for HP operations•R&D activitiesNoise & Qualification• Dynamic Door Portal Test• Dynamic Conveyor Portal Test• Static & Tag Performance TestRFID for Future• RFID Community (universities and other labs)• Member of EPCGlobal, leading standard developments• RFID as a part of IoT technology• RFID as a system• Training Center
  • 4. 2RFID Skills
  • 5. RFID CoE conducts research &development, RFID innovativesolutions and cutting-edgeapplications customized for eachclient, including antennas projects,reader design and process’automation.
  • 6. • Process Analysis• RFID Solutions Development• Noise & Qualification Tests• Antennas Development• RFID Hardware Development• RFID Software Development• RFID EducationRFID Skills
  • 7. RFID Development3
  • 8. RFID DEVELOPMENTNoise and Qualification LaboratoryFirst laboratory in the world to be accredited by EPCglobalwithin the scopes of Dynamic Door Portal, Dynamic ConveyorPortal and Static Test MethodNoise & Qualification Portfolio tests: EPCglobal Door Portal Test EPCglobal Conveyor Portal Test EPCglobal Static Test RFID Tag Performance Test HW/SW Performance Test Tag Positioning Test Impact Test Customized Test
  • 9. RFID DEVELOPMENTApplication LaboratoryDevelopment of customized solutions and cutting-edgeapplications using RFID for each clientApplication of Portfolio: RFID CoE Arquitecture Development Service RFID CoE Site Survey RFID CoE Proof of Concept RFID CoE Infrastructure Definition RFID CoE Customized Solution
  • 10. RFID DEVELOPMENTApplied EM & Antennas Lab Antennas Development for RFID Readers Electromagnetism Development solutions Antennas Development for RFID tags Antennas Development 800MHz- 20GHz
  • 11. RFID DEVELOPMENTRFID CoE Education CenterIntroduction to RFID technology and the potentialsof EPC RFID Implementation (four days) RFID Middleware (two days) Case Studies / ROI for RFID (one day) CoE Certification RFID in Company (on-demand)
  • 12. Business Cases4
  • 13. Four RFID stations per line:– Serializing– Bulk Pack– Packing– Palletizing RFID Tag printed by Zebra EPC commissioning Writing EPCRFID E2E (Process & Logistic automation) Reading EPC automatically Writing in UDS testinformation and firmwareversion EPC commissioning Writing EPC (FGI), optioncode and cartridgeexpiration date Reading EPC to processvalidation Building virtual EPC Pallet Creating XML file withpallet information
  • 14. RFID E2E (Process & Logistic automation)Intermediary Portal:– Moving the virtual pallet between stocks– ERP updated on time– Process validation
  • 15. RFID E2E (Process & Logistic automation)Factory general view and RFID pointsSmart Factory Concept
  • 16. RFID Pens (Process automation)
  • 17. RFID Harsh EnvironmentsRejectedContainersCounterCleanContainerTAG CommitioningStationContaineridentificationAuditContainervalidadion &weighingCleaningMachineColdChamberStockOutbound
  • 18. EM Applications & Antennas Development• First Brazilian UHF Tag (Antenna design)• Cartridge UHF Tag (Read/Write highspeed)UHF Tag on metal was design for out sideenvironment (Antenna & Tag design)• Antennas development for reader with duallinear, circular and linear polarization• UHF tags for any application• Antennas design for heart monitor (GPS 1.5G,Penta band GSM-3G)
  • 19. Accredited tests EPCglobal accreditation maintenanceQuality System ControlCertified Professionals on Comptia RFID +Noise and Qualification Lab
  • 20. Providing training for more than 120 companies• 26 classes of RFID Implementation• 09 classes of RFID Middleware• 07 classes of RFID ROI• 2 in company customized courses• Institutional visits to the RFID Lab• University Lectures• Events Organization• Writing papers, articles andpublicationsBook: Implementing RFID inthe Business ChainRFID for Future – Education
  • 21. New trends & Vision5
  • 22. RFID Trends & VisionRFID in Harsh EnvironmentsItem-Level Retail and Apparel WorkshopIT Asset Tracking WorkshopRFID for Warehouse and Inventory ManagementSecurity and Access ControlManaging Medical Devices With RFIDEmbedded RFID WorkshopNFC WorkshopVisibility/TraceabilityRetail/ApparelManufacturingTechnology and InfrastructureDefense/AviationHealth Care/PharmaceuticalSupply Chain/LogisticsRFID Deployment Strategies
  • 23. Smart wasteFGI PRODUCT INBOUNDLOGISTICSWAREHOUSE OUTBOUNDLOGISTICSEND USER TAKE BACK RECYCLINGMATERIAL ANALYSIS BUSINESS INTELLIGENCERFIDinfoProduct infoo Use of RFID as identification on the product end of life.o Software Inteligence for material breakdown focused onproduct compositiono Printer composition caracterization
  • 24. RFID Trends & Vision
  • 25. UHF Brazilian BandNotes6
  • 26. Country Frequency Power TechniqueUSA (fcc) 902 - 928MHz 4WEIRP FHSS - 50 channels - 250kHz902 - 907MHz915 - 928MHzChina 920,5 - 924,5MHz 2WERP FHSS - 16 channels - 250kHz.Japan 916,7 - 920,9MHz 4WEIRP LBT952 - 956,4MHz 4WEIRP FHSS - 4 channels - 200kHz952 - 956,4MHz 0,5WEIRP LBT952 - 957,6MHz 20mWEIRP LBTEurope 865.6 - 867.6MHz 2WERP ETSI 302 308 - 4 x 200kHz.4WEIRP FHSS - 35 channels - 250kHzBrazilJapan(2018)
  • 27. Conclusions7
  • 28. Conclusions• RFID will be adopted in almost everything in the future (IoT)• RFID CoE will seamlessly implement RFID in supply chain at item Level• Standarts will always be a must for development• R&D focused on cost reduction and innovative applications• Explore RFID as a system• Explore RFID as part of security• Change of today´s RFID band and modulation will havea huge impact in on going operations.
  • 29. “The best way topredict the futureis to create it.” Peter Drucker