I International Workshop RFID and IoT - Dia 20 - More than Moore - Antonio Luis Pacheco Rotondaro - CTI
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I International Workshop RFID and IoT - Dia 20 - More than Moore - Antonio Luis Pacheco Rotondaro - CTI



Dia 20 - Manhã - Apresentação 3

Dia 20 - Manhã - Apresentação 3
More than Moore - Antonio Luis Pacheco Rotondaro - CTI



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I International Workshop RFID and IoT - Dia 20 - More than Moore - Antonio Luis Pacheco Rotondaro - CTI I International Workshop RFID and IoT - Dia 20 - More than Moore - Antonio Luis Pacheco Rotondaro - CTI Presentation Transcript

  • More Than MooreAntonio L. P. RotondaroCTI Renato Archer
  • R&D Total PersonnelPhDMSBSTechCentro de Tecnologia da Informação Renato ArcherFigures:– Total area = 320.000 m2– Built area= 14.000 m2– Personnel = 6002010 Budget:– OGU: R$ 12M– Projects: R$ 22M– Total: R$ 34M
  • Microelectronics Software ApplicationsR&D AreasHW and IC DesignMicrosystemsPackagingQualification ofElectronic ProductsSurface Interactionand DisplaysSoftware Qualityand ProcessImprovementInformationSystem SecuritySoftwareDevelopmentRobotics andComputer VisionDecision SupportSystems3D TechnologiesMISSION: Create, apply and disseminate knowledge in Information Technology, inarticulation with other social and economic agents, promoting innovations according tosociety demands.
  • Final CommercialProductDigital, Analog and RF0,18 µm Technology1st batch from FoundryEngineering PhaseTest on ProtoboardBackend & Final TestsGeometrical DescriptionFunctional blocsSymbolic language descriptionSimulationDesign House
  • Main Tools:Mask Fabrication Wet benchMask aligner MJB3Magnetron sputtering Balzers BAS 450Optical profilemeter ZygoPattern Generator Heidelberg DWL66Clean rooms:400 m2, Class 1000 & 100 w. tunnel class 10Microfabrication and MicrosystemsInfrastructure
  • OpticalMicroscopeSEM w.EDX/WDSTeradyne MicroFlextesterWafer prober –Micromanipulator 6400Logic analyzer-HP16500BFIB/SEM dual beam (@UNICAMP)Characterization and Failure AnalysisFocused-Ion-Beam Scanning Electron Microscope
  • Burn-inClimatic chamber– Vötsch 7033SamplepreparationThermal cyclingchamber Vötsch7012Reliability and Certification Lab
  • IC Packaging GroupPrototypes;Components 01005;Printer, Pick&Place, Reflow;ProjectFailureAnalysisMulti ChipModules (MCM)SMTAsemblyPCB, Hybrid Circuits,Multi-Chip-Modules;Chip-on-board (COB);Wire Bonding of Au or Al;Custom Capsules;X-Ray & Ersascope;BGA & µBGA reballing;Wire-bonding;Alumina or Silicon substrates;3 Metal Levels;Embedded Components:Resistors, Capacitors e Inductors;
  • Available IC Packaging TechnologiesTechnologies Bump Deposition Stud Bump Wire Bonding Flip Chip Wafer Thinning Stacked Dies  IR Sensors RFID MEMS &BioMEMS MemoriesAplications
  • IC Packaging TechniquesWire BondingBGA assemblyChip-on-board Assembly
  • Customized Capsules and ConnectorsTechnologies Hermetic Sealing Metal/Ceramic Joint IR Sensors RFID MEMS & BioMEMS MemoriesAplications
  • Organic ElectronicsFlexible Solar CellsBulk-heterojuctionSolar CellsPET ITO PEDOT P3MET/CdSe QDAl/Ag
  • NanomaterialsNanostructures Fabricated by SputteringApplications:Electrodes; Sensors; Memories; Surface Functionalization
  • [1] R. R. Tummala,MOORES LAW MEETS ITSMATCH, IEEE Spectrum, p.44, June 2006.IC Packaging: More-than-Moore14
  • DSL CO Linecards19961st GenSingle Channel19982nd GenDual Ch19993rd GenDual Ch20004th GenQuad Ch20015th GenOctal Ch20026th GenOctal ChIC Packaging: SOC – Saving Space15
  • AR5BOMManufacturingProcessTechnology20005 chips740 discretesu CMOSu Analogu Flashu SDRAM2005 – AR53 chips415 discretesu CMOSu Analogu Flashu SDRAM1 chip<50 discretesu CMOSu Analogu Flashu SDRAMMemoryCommsProcessorDigitalPHYAnalogCodecLineDriverLineReceiver740DiscretesMemoryCommsProcessorDigitalPHY415DiscretesAFEMemory<50DiscretesSingle-ChipDSL ModemIC Packaging: SOC Integration16
  • IC Packaging: 3D SoP[1] R. R. Tummala, MOORES LAW MEETS ITS MATCH, IEEE Spectrum, p. 44, June 2006.17
  • IC Packaging: Mobile Requirements18• Decreasing Thickness• Decreasing Weight• Increasing Functionality• Increasing Complexity• Increasing I/O ports
  • 1971 – First Microprocessor 40042.3x103 transistors, 108Khz, 10μm,pMOS, 12V, 0.3W, 4 Bits, 16DIP2006 – Dual-Core IntelItanium “Montecito”1.7x109 transistors, 2GHz,65nm, CMOS, 1.2V, 130W,64 Bits, 775 Flipchip MCMIC Packaging: MCM Evolution19
  • IC Packaging: 3D Packaging• Achieves Packaging Efficiency greater than 1.020 J.U. Knickerbocker et al., ECTC2012, pg.1068 (2012)
  • 5 years Goal: Chip EmbeddingTechnologies Multi Chip Module (MCM) Flip Chip Through Silicon Vias (TSV)
  • Conclusions• Packaging integration– RFID IC– Antenna– Energy Harvesting– Battery– Sensors• Flexible substrate– Organic Electronics
  • Antonio L. Pacheco RotondaroHead IC Packaging Divisionantonio.rotondaro@cti.gov.brTel.: +55 19 3746-6195 - Fax: +55 19 3746-6028www.cti.gov.br