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I International Workshop RFID and IoT - Dia 19 -  Delivering Value through GS1 EPCglobal Standards - Wilson José da Cruz Silva - GS1
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I International Workshop RFID and IoT - Dia 19 - Delivering Value through GS1 EPCglobal Standards - Wilson José da Cruz Silva - GS1


Dia 19 - Tarde - Apresentação 3 …

Dia 19 - Tarde - Apresentação 3
Delivering Value through GS1 EPCglobal Standards - Wilson José da Cruz Silva - GS1

Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. Delivering Value throughGS1 EPCglobal StandardsI International Workshop on RFIDand IoT – CPqDCampinas – 19/06/2013Wilson José da Cruz Silva
  • 2. © 2012 GS1 BrasilGS1 in a nutshellare not-for-profit organizationare neutral from business partnersare user-driven and governedserve all companies, from multinationals toSMEsare a platform for collaborative agreementsbetween business partnersWe
  • 3. © 2012 GS1 Brasil111 Member Organizations.150 Countries served.Local services, global reach.Countrieswith a GS1MemberOrganisationCountries servedon a direct basisfrom GS1 GlobalOffice (Brussels)GS1 Member Organizations
  • 4. © 2012 GS1 BrasilAwarenessEducationBusinessCasesPartnerSelectionExperimentImplementHomepage, Interest Groups, EPC/RFID Events,NewsletterEPC/RFID Training, Access to Standards& PublicationsCase Studies, Advisoring, Public Policy Guidelines,ROI CalculatorEPC/RFID Certified Suppliers DatabaseEPC/RFID Accredited Test CentersElectronic Product Code (EPC), EPC NetworkGS1 EPCglobal Productsand Services(global/local)LearnEvaluate& PlanAdopt
  • 5. © 2012 GS1 BrasilGS1 EPCglobal StandardsArchitecture
  • 6. GS1’s EPC “Gen 2”Air Interface
  • 7. © 2012 GS1 BrasilEPCglobal Transponder ClassesBackwardscompatibilityClass 1• Re-writable, passive transponders• “KILL” function• Password protection• Optional user memoryClass 2• Enlarged memory• Authenticated accessClass 3• Semi-passive transponders with on-board battery• Integrated sensorsClass 4• Active transponders• Tag-to-tag communication (“internet of things”)• Possibility of ad-hoc networks
  • 8. GS1 Numbering SystemIdentification with EPC
  • 9. © 2012 GS1 BrasilGS1/EPC Numbering Systemcentral allocation by GS1 Member Organisations (MOs)GS1 Company Prefix (GCP)encoding onEPC-Transponderencoding inGS1-BarcodeFor self-generation of unique identification numbers . . .
  • 10. © 2012 GS1 BrasilEPCglobal Tag Data Standard (TDS)EPC Identification based on GS1 KeysSGTIN Serialized Global Trade Item Numberretail and standard trade units, individual partsSSCC Serial Shipping Container Codelogistic units(S)GLN Global Location Number (+ extension)exact locations (loading docks, production lines, etc.)GRAI Global Returnable Asset IdentifierReturnable Transport Items (RTIs)GIAI Global Individual Asset Identifierfixed assets (machines, tools, equipment, etc)GSRN Global Service Relation NumberService relationships (event tickets, patient IDs)GDTI Global Document Type IdentifierPhysical and virtual documents (incl. electronic files)
  • 11. © 2012 GS1 BrasilHeaderGS1 CompanyPrefixObject Class Serial Number8 bits 20-40 bits 24-4 bits 38 bitsPartition3 bitsFilter3 bits0011 0000 4012345(decimal)012345(decimal)123456789123(decimal)5(decimal)001EPC CompositionLengthValueidentifies the structure of the EPC(z.B., SGTIN-96, SSCC-96, GRAI-170, usw.)allows the reader to pre-sort EPC’s at item, case and pallet level(Retail Consumer Trade Item, Logistical / Shipping Unit, etc.)indicates length of GS1 Company Prefix(GCP ist 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 Ziffern lang)identifies issuing entity for subsequent parts of the EPC(eg., Sprockets AG, Friedrichshafener Str. 4711, 50823 Köln)identifies specific type of item, location, asset or document(Item Reference / Location Reference / Asset Type / Document Type)serialisation to distinguish between individuals of same typeHeaderFilterPartitionGS1 CompanyPrefixObject ClassSerial Number
  • 12. © 2012 GS1 BrasilIndicator DigitGTIN +SerialNumberGS1 CompanyPrefixItemReferenceCheck Digit Serial Number0 4012345 12345 6 123456789123as EPC (96-bit SGTIN):HeaderGS1 CompanyPrefixObject Class Serial Number8 bits 20-40 bits 24-4 bits 38 bitsPartition3 bitsFilter3 bitsas GS1-128 Barcode:0011 0000 4012345(decimal)012345(decimal)123456789123(decimal)5(decimal)000Interoperability GS1  EPCSerialized Global Trade Item Number (SGTIN)lengthvalue(01)04012345123456(21)123456789123checkdigit
  • 13. Data-Carrier-Agnostic:The EPC URI
  • 14. © 2012 GS1 BrasilUniform Resource Identifier (URI) encodingURI Forms for Pure IdentitiesURI forms for pure identities contain only the EPC fields that distinguish one object from another a different URN namespace is allocated for each pure identity typeurn:epc:id:sgtin:CompanyPrefix.ItemReference.SerialNumberurn:epc:id:sscc:CompanyPrefix.SerialReferenceurn:epc:id:sgln:CompanyPrefix.LocationReference.ExtensionComponenturn:epc:id:grai:CompanyPrefix.AssetType.SerialNumberurn:epc:id:giai:CompanyPrefix.IndividualAssetReferenceurn:epc:id:gsrn:CompanyPrefix.ServiceReferenceurn:epc:id:gdti:CompanyPrefix.DocumentType.SerialNumber
  • 15. © 2012 GS1 BrasilURI encoding for pure identityurn:epc:id:sgtin:4022536.042458.123456789123Serialised Global Trade Item Number (SGTIN)URI encoding for EPC tagsurn:epc:tag:sgtin-96:1.4022536.042458.123456789123SGTIN for 96-bit EPC tag filter value for “Retail Consumer Trade Item”URI encoding for EPC patterns (range of EPCs)urn:epc:pat:sgtin-96:1.4022536.[042450-042500].*range of EPC tags with an item reference between 042450 and 042500URI encodings
  • 16. EPC Tag Memory
  • 17. © 2012 GS1 Brasil “Kill” password (optional) Access password (optional) supplementary information supports GS1 Application Identifiers (AIs)as well as ISO Data Identifiers (DIs) issued by chip manufacturer not for product identification purposes extended TID (XTID) offers optional serialization Cyclic Redundancy Check-16 Protocol Control (PC) Bits inkl. “Hazmats” Bit Electronic Product Code Extended Protocol Control Bits (XPC)EPC Gen 2 Memory BanksMB 11: User Memory11 User10 TID01 EPC00 ReservedHeader GCP Object Class Serial NumberPartitionFilter
  • 18. © 2012 GS1 Brasildata content format*01 GTIN n2 + n14400 Customer’s Purchase Order Number n3 + an..3000 SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) n2 + n1810 Chargennummer n2 + an..2011 Production Date (YYMMDD) n2 + n613 Packaging Date (YYMMDD) n2 + n615 Best Before Date (YYMMDD) n2 + n617 Verfallsdatum (JJMMTT) n2 + n620 Product Variant n2 + n221 Serial Number n2 + an..2030 Count of Items n2 + n..8310** Net Weight in Kilograms n4 + n6314** Area in square metres n4 + n6315** Net Volume in litres n4 + n6410 “Ship To” GLN of the addressee n3 + n13AI421 “Ship To” Postal Code with 3-digit ISO country code n3 + n3 + an..9Extract from the list of currentlystandardisedGS1 Application Identifiers (AIs)10 Batch or Lot Number n2 + an..2017 Expiration Date (YYMMDD) n2 + n6
  • 19. EPCISSupply Chain Visibility
  • 20. © 2012 GS1 BrasilWHY•Business Step (e.g., Pick-Up)•Disposition (e.g., In Transit)WHATIndividual object instances(e.g. SGTIN, SSCC, GRAI...)WHERE•Read point (SGLN)•Business location (SGLN)WHENTime stamp of the event(date + time + time zone)...recorded as an EPCIS EventEPCIS Events at supply chain read points
  • 21. © 2012 GS1 BrasilFour Core EPCIS Event TypesObject Events• Observation of EPCsSGTINs are moved into storageAggregation Events• Physical association of EPCs with parent EPCSGTINs are picked and assigned to an SSCCQuantity Events• Inventory of an object class (item reference)a total of ___ of GTIN 56789 are currently in storageTransaction Events• Link one or more EPCs to a business transactionSGTINs corresponding to DESADV 4711 are shipped
  • 22. © 2012 GS1 Brasilstorage commssioning shippingEventEventEvent EventEPCIS RepositoriesEPCIS Capture of supply chain eventsproductionTransactionEventWHAT: SSCC 4001356.5900000817GTIN 4026800.010421.101GTIN 4026800.010421.102bizTransaction: desadv 471150825WHERE: SGLN 4012345.00050.0WHEN: 23.10.2009  14:47:00  UTC+1ObjectEventWHAT: SGTIN 4026800.010421.101SGTIN 4026800.010421.102WHERE: SGLN 4012345.01010.0WHEN: 22.10.2009  09:25:00  UTC+1WHY: packingQuantityEventWHAT: GTIN 4026800.010421QTY: 5WHERE: SGLN 4012345.00031.0WHEN: 22.10.2009  11:20:00  UTC+1AggregationEventWHAT: SSCC 4001356.5900000817SGTIN 4026800.010421.101SGTIN 4026800.010421.102WHERE: SGLN 4012345.00040.0WHEN: 23.10.2009 13:40:00 UTC+1WHY: commissioning
  • 23. © 2012 GS1 BrasilWhat?When?Where?Why?Example: Aggregation Event<AggregationEvent><eventTime>2009-10-23T12:27:11Z</eventTime><recordTime>2009-10-23T12:27:11Z</recordTime><eventTimeZoneOffset>+01:00</eventTimeZoneOffset><parentID>urn:epc:id:sscc:4001356.5900000817</parentID><childEPCs><epc>urn:epc:id:sgtin:4026800.10421.101</epc><epc>urn:epc:id:sgtin:4026800.10421.102</epc></childEPCs><action>ADD</action><bizStep>urn:epcglobal:cbv:bizstep:commissioning</bizStep><disposition>urn:epcglobal:cbv:disp:core:active</disposition><readPoint><id>urn:epc:id:sgln:4012345.01020.0</id></readPoint><bizLocation><id>urn:epc:id:sgln:4012345.00020.0</id></bizLocation></AggregationEvent>
  • 24. © 2012 GS1 BrasilEPCIS Read Point and BusinessLocation• Read Points are often doorways;Business Locations are often rooms:Business Location: Store #23Business Loc: Store #23 Back Room Business Loc: Store #23 Front RoomRead Point:Store #23 Dock #1Read Point:Store #23 Dock #2Read Point:Store #23 Interior Door #1 Product entering sales floor: Read point = Store #23 Interior Door #1 Business location = Store #23 Front Room Product returning to storage: Read point = Store #23 Interior Door #1 Business location = Store #23 Back Room
  • 25. © 2012 GS1 BrasilEPCIS Business Step• Business Step - specifies the business contextof an event: What business process step wastaking place when the event was captured?• A Business Step answers the question: “Whatbusiness process was being executed during thisevent?”Example: “Receiving”
  • 26. © 2012 GS1 BrasilCBV Business StepsCore Business Vocabulary accepting arriving assembling collecting commissioning decommissioning departing destroying disassembling encodingrepackagingrepairingreplacingreservingretail_sellingshippingstaging_outboundstockingstoringtransforming Each CBV-compliant EPCIS event SHALL include a bizStep field The value of the bizStep field SHALL be a URI as follows:urn:epcglobal:cbv:bizstep: followed by a string below...entering_exitingholdinginspectinginstallingkillingloadingotherpackingpickingreceivingremoving
  • 27. © 2012 GS1 BrasilEPCIS Disposition• Disposition - specifies the business conditionof the object subsequent to the event. Thedisposition is assumed to hold true until anotherevent indicates a change of disposition.• Disposition answers the question “What is thestatus of the product subsequent to the event?”Example: “Available for Sale”
  • 28. © 2012 GS1 BrasilCore Business Vocabulary active container_closed destroyed encoded inactive in_progress in_transit non_sellable_expired non_sellable_damaged non_sellable_disposednon_sellable_no_pedigree_matchnon_sellable_othernon_sellable_recalledreservedreturnedsellable_accesiblesellable_not_accessibleretail_soldunknown Each CBV-compliant EPCIS event MAY include a disposition field The value of the disposition field SHALL be a URI as follows:urn:epcglobal:cbv:bizstep: followed by a string below...
  • 29. © 2012 GS1 BrasilEPCIS Query of supply chain eventsQuery&ResponseQuery&ResponseQuery&ResponseQuery&ResponseEPCIS Repositoriespharmaceuticalplantlogisticsproviderpharmacy  customs regulatory consumers“Where are the drugs we ordered?”“Which serialised blister packs were produced on line 33F in week 37?”“Who had custody of these articles at any given point?”“What has been commissioned and is waiting for us to pick up?”
  • 30. © 2012 GS1 BrasilObject Name Service (ONS)pointer to source ofinformationEPCIS RepositorymanufacturerDS requestauthentication of access rightsDiscovery Servicesauthentication of access rightslocatesseveralsources ofinformationInformation pertaining to individual EPCs, and rules governing this accessDiscovery Services vs. ONSONS requestEPCIS RepositorydistributorEPCIS Repositoryretail
  • 31. Additional EPC CaptureStandards
  • 32. © 2012 GS1 BrasilOther EPC Capture standardsReader Management•Protocol for monitoring of RFID reader status•DO / SET / GET commands issued to and confirmed by readerLow Level Reader Protocol (LLRP)•Defines interface between client and reader•Enables execution of air interface commands (e.g., read/write, lock, etc.)Discovery, Configuration and Initialisation (DCI)•Protocol for automatic addition of RFID readers to a running system•Uses IETF Control & Provisioning of Wireless Access Points (CAPWAP)Application Level Events (ALE)•Reduces volume of data from readers to applications•Insulates applications from device details
  • 33. ContactWilson José da Cruz!!!