Ci brasil - brazil s effort to semiconductor s area


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Ci brasil - brazil s effort to semiconductor s area

  1. 1. CI-Brasil – Brazil´s Effort to Semiconductor´s Area - Silicon Photonic Integrated Circuits at CTI III International Workshop on Trends in Optical Technologies Campinas, May 29th, 2014
  2. 2. ICT and Semiconductors Sector Overview in Brazil OverviewOverview
  3. 3. Biotechnology and Nanotechnology Biotechnology and Nanotechnology Information and Communication Technologies Information and Communication Technologies Inputs for Health Sector Inputs for Health Sector Biofuels, electric energy, hydrogen and renewable energies Biofuels, electric energy, hydrogen and renewable energies Oil, gas and coalOil, gas and coal AgribusinessAgribusiness Biodiversity and natural resources Biodiversity and natural resources Development of the Amazon and of the Semi-Arid region Development of the Amazon and of the Semi-Arid region Meteorology and climate change Meteorology and climate change Space ProgramSpace Program Nuclear ProgramNuclear Program National Defense and Public Security National Defense and Public Security InnovationInnovation What is strategic for BRAZIL?What is strategic for BRAZIL?
  4. 4. Fonte: Brasscom e IDC Brazilian ICT MarketBrazilian ICT Market
  5. 5. Information Technology Telecom Consumer electronics Transportation & Auto Parts Local Manufacturing and/or R&D Operations 4th largest market in Cell Phones (133,83/100) 5th largest market in Automotive 3rd largest market in Computers (behind US and China) 55 M households with TVs (16,809 M with cable TV 8,5/100) Market Size (world comparison) Automation & Medical Equipment 3rd largest market in ATMs and 5th largest in Medical Equipments 3.63 M vehicles sold in 2012 (world #5) 14 M TV units manufactured in 2012 272 Million lines of mobile access turned on (Jan 2014) 10 M computers and 8 M tablets sold in 2013 A high potential semiconductor (memory and others ICs…)A high potential semiconductor (memory and others ICs…)
  6. 6. Brazilian Electronics Market [B$] Fonte: Aliceweb/MDIC …driven by a growing domestic electronics market:…driven by a growing domestic electronics market: o Brazilian Market (% world): Electronics: 4% Semiconductor: 1.4% o Semiconductors: penetration will increase more than 7% CAGR until 2014 PC penetration will jump from 30% to 66% in the next 3 years (140M PCs in 2014) Government initiatives can leverage this growth even more (education, digital inclusion, smart grid, RF ID etc.) *Estimated by the MCTI Integrated circuits US$ 4.736 Billion Diodes, Transistors, LEDs US$ 0.514 Billion Semiconductor products US$ 0.317 Billion Semiconductor Imports – 2013 US$ 5.567 Billion DRAM memory US$ 0.653 Billion Flash memory US$ 0.555 Billion Memory Imports - 2012 US$ 1.2 Billion Total Semiconductor Market* US$ 12 Billion Total Semiconductor Market: Semiconductor + Memory Cards + Flash Memory
  7. 7. Customer Service Back End IC’s – VALUE CHAIN MARKETSUPPLIERS Projeto Manufatura Front EndDesignConception •CEITEC •SIX •Aegis e Semikron (discrete power devices) •Smart •HT Micron (JV Hana Micron •MULTILASER •Gemalto, Morpho e LC (Smart Card) Companies Operating in Brazil •25 IC Design Companies •IC DHs Internacionais -Freescale (EUA) -Perceptia (EUA) -STI Semiconductor Design (JV Toshiba e STI) -Jasper (USA) •DHs locals -15 IC DHs públics -4 IC DHs privates e -2 IC DHs independents Our ecosystem of semiconductors under constructionOur ecosystem of semiconductors under construction
  8. 8. CEITEC – Wafer Fab and IC Design Center (State-owned Company) SIX – IC ASICs Front End HT Micron - IC back-end IC Fabs in BrazilIC Fabs in Brazil
  9. 9. IC Design Houses Government financial support (CNPq and FINEP) – Infrastructure CPU, servers and EDA software – Training in design tools – Scholarships for designers – CI Projects Results – HRs: more than 500 designers trained – Projects and services: design services, IP, digital, analog, mixed-signal (applications in power management, automotive, audio and video, telecommunications, RFID, medical equipment, automation, . etc..) Network of Project Centers
  10. 10. Actions to promote ICT Sector in BrazilActions to promote ICT Sector in Brazil 1. Incentives and Benefits 3. R&D and Projects Support 4. Attraction of Investments and Promotion of Exports 5. Intellectual Property 2. Education and Training HR 6. Purchasing Power Fostering and Financing ICT Sector INDUSTRIAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL POLICY (PBM – Plano Brasil Maior + ENCTI)
  11. 11. Brazil Package of Incentives for R&D - ICTBrazil Package of Incentives for R&D - ICT Taxes Incentives Funding and Grants Fellowships+ + States FellowshipsIT Law Innovation Laws 10.973/04, 11.196/05, States & Cities Laws IC & Displays Law (PADIS, 11.484/07) FINEP Federal Fellowships States & Cities Funding & Grants BNDES IP Protection Industrial Policy (PBM – Plano Brasil Maior)
  12. 12. Joint Venture - Toshiba Semic, Semp Toshiba and W. von Braun– IC DH SIX - Project in State of Minas Gerais - Foundry ‘99 ‘05 ’09‘03 ’10‘07 ‘11 Government Efforts Market Response National Program of Microelectronics Launch Industrial Policy (PITCE ‘03-’07): IC became top priority PADIS: Specific law for IC and Displays Industrial Policy (PDP ‘08-’10): IC and Display are priorities Industrial Policy (PBM ‘11-’14): IC and Displays remains top priority SMART S.Paulo start of production in Brazil: memory module Freescale – IC DH start- up in Brazil Hana Micron JV w/ Teikon: BACK-END IC Brazil: 22 DHs - 500 designers CEITEC - R. G. Sul Foundry start of production SMART Start of production: BACK-END Gemalto : investment announcement: BACK-END ‘12 ‘13 PADIS updated to meet additional industry needs Industrial Policy and Market response - Recent TimelineIndustrial Policy and Market response - Recent Timeline
  13. 13. CI-Brazil Program OverviewOverview
  14. 14. Overview – Created in July 2005; Approved by CATI / SEPIN / MCTI – Initiative of Academy, Government and Productive Sector To promote the development of microelectronics ecosystem in Brazil and enter the country in the semiconductor market – Promote the creation and implementation of companies – Attracting international companies – Promoting innovation in Electronic Complex: RFID, Digital TV, instrumentation, automation, … Synergy with other incentives, mechanisms and instruments: – IT Law; PADIS; PDP; FINEP Economic Subvention – Innovation Support - BNDES… CI Brasil Program – Vision and ObjectivesCI Brasil Program – Vision and Objectives
  15. 15. Financial Support: – Fellowships for designers – CNPq – EDA tools – FINEP Wafer fabrication: – Internationals Foundries – CEITEC-SA (starting operation) – SIX Semiconductors (soon) Packaging: – Internationals Services – CTI Test: – Internationals Services – CTI CI Brasil Program – Design / Diffusion / Test / PackageCI Brasil Program – Design / Diffusion / Test / Package
  16. 16. CI Brasil Executive Secretary HR Subcommittee Business Subcommittee Coordination Commission Technology Subcommittee Training Centers Design Houses Industry & Microelectronic Innovation Centers (SIBRATEC network) UniversitiesandResearch Institutes CI Brasil Program – OrganizationCI Brasil Program – Organization
  17. 17. Cooperation with Cadence Company for Development Partnership for Curriculum Two Training Centers : CT1/UFRGS e CT2/CTI Training on three areas (Design) – Digital – Analog & Mixed Signal (AMS) – Radio Frequency (RF) Traning Contens – Fundamental Theory – Cadence tool training – Applications and design practices CI Brasil Program – Training Program FeaturesCI Brasil Program – Training Program Features
  18. 18. The Challenger and Motivation OverviewOverview
  19. 19. After years, Brazil chose to rebuild the semiconductor ecosystem in the country Semiconductor has been one of the priorities since 2003 The ChallengeThe Challenge
  20. 20. For Brazil, the semiconductor industry is important because: – it impacts other segments of economy – high turnover – exporting potential – platform for innovation, … The ChallengeThe Challenge In the 1980´s there were more than 20 semiconductor companies in Brazil (discrete and integrated)!!!
  21. 21. Brazilian economy and Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) Industry momentum A fast growing IC and display market Growing volumes of imports of semiconductors and displays The MotivationThe Motivation
  22. 22. Specific policy for Semiconductors and Displays PBM/TIC Forming and Empowering Human Resources – CI Brasil Program and otters initiatives Promoting investments in Private and Public R&D R&D Projects – Digital TV, RFID, Smart Grid, Telecomm, Education, ... Cooperation with internationals partners Financing and loans on favorable terms (BNDES e FINEP) Package Incentives and Competitive Benefits (PADIS) What we're doing?What we're doing?
  23. 23. Campinas, May 29th, 2014 Thank You for Attention